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Falplayer (alpha2 release) by atsushienoFalplayer (alpha2 release)

Rated 4.00(2) — atsushieno

Falplayer is a specialized Ogg Vorbis player that takes loop information embedded in .ogg files. You can play songs infinitely as long as this application runs, like when you are playing video games.Technically, those .ogg files that have LOOPSTART:...

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FluidMIDIDeviceService (Unreleased) by atsushienoFluidMIDIDeviceService (Unreleased)

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Fluidsynth MIDI Service, named as FluidMidiDeviceService on Google Play, is a virtual MIDI device service. It works as a MidiDeviceService so that any MIDI API application should be able to use it.It comes with some proof-of-concept examples within the...

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