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About Presents by Bauer-LiveAbout Presents

Rated 5.00(5) — Bauer-Live

This is all about your presents - the ones you would like to get and the ones you give.With AboutPresents you can manage your own wish list, collect present ideas for your friends and relatives and manage the events where you will need presents. You...

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Gravity Mission by Bauer-LiveGravity Mission

Rated 4.33(21) — Bauer-Live

Tap your spaceship carefully through asteroid fields, space mines and laser barriers, always keeping an eye on your fuel and planetary gravitation. Different collectable power ups can help you, but mastering the challenges and crossing the fields requires

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Music.IO - Music Battle Game (Unreleased) by Bauer-LiveMusic.IO - Music Battle Game (Unreleased)

Rated 0.00(0) — Bauer-Live

Music.IO plays songs for you and shows you their musical scores. Your goal is to play the song exactly like you just heard it and can read it from the scores. If you can not yet read scores - don't worry, you'll learn it automatically in the game.In...

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Ur-Land: Raise your Empire by Bauer-LiveUr-Land: Raise your Empire

Rated 3.83(109) — Bauer-Live

Raise your villages and transform them into cities. Upgrade your heroes, form gigantic troops and research new technologies. Dangerous missions are waiting for you and your people!Trade with other players, establish alliances and defeat your enemies...

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Zombie Wars: Apocalypse CCG by Bauer-LiveZombie Wars: Apocalypse CCG

Rated 3.63(43) — Bauer-Live

The end came faster than anyone expected. Within a few days, almost whole mankind got extinct by the virus that turned man into zombies. The few of us being immune against the virus left the cities and hid... for decades...Then our genes started to mutate

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Bubble Guide by Bauer-LiveBubble Guide

Rated 4.31(13) — Bauer-Live

Tap the bubbles with your finger and guide them through exciting levels. Navigate them carefully through labyrinths and around obstacles. Find and collect items and evade enemies. And all of this with limited time...One of the best free agility games...

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Jump the Wall - The Droolians' Game (free) (Unreleased) by Bauer-LiveJump the Wall - The Droolians' Game (free) (Unreleased)

Rated 0.00(0) — Bauer-Live

The Droolians are Mexican creatures that love to eat ... but since long they had the dream of tasting American hamburgers. They decided to move to USA but their spaceship crashed against a huge wall... Pick your side and help the Droolians jumping over...

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Quick Reference for Pokemon Go by Bauer-LiveQuick Reference for Pokemon Go

Rated 2.90(10) — Bauer-Live

Here you can find all information about each Pokemon that you need. Where to find which Pokemon, what are its weaknesses, which values you can reach at maximum.The developments of each Pokemon are linked, so you can quickly jump between them. The overview

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Zombie Clash by Bauer-LiveZombie Clash

Rated 3.63(30) — Bauer-Live

Have lots of fun crushing the zombies before they reach your house with this free, easy action game. Smash more zombies than any other and publish your score !Easy, but thrillingMaximize your fun by turning on the sound.Watch out: The higher level you...

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