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Baby Care Salon: Chic Makeover by Beauty IncBaby Care Salon: Chic Makeover

Rated 4.05(3,175) — Beauty Inc

Be the best babysitter in this fun game where you can dress up the caregiver and the cute newborn in adorable fashion. Start by taking the babysitter to a spa where she can get the royal treatment before she spends the day with the little one. Give her...

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Beauty TV: Be A Hollywood Star by Beauty IncBeauty TV: Be A Hollywood Star

Rated 3.93(1,530) — Beauty Inc

You love watching reality TV and have always dreamed of having your very own show. You’ve been given a huge opportunity to host a new sitcom!You are so stoked that you’ve been chosen to be the host of this new reality TV show and are ready to become...

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BFF Salon - Tea Room Party by Beauty IncBFF Salon - Tea Room Party

Rated 4.03(4,053) — Beauty Inc

Get ready for a proper delicious tea time with your BFF in this fun makeover and dress up game themed around English Tea Time. Choose from four fun girls – Diana, Victoria, Gorgina and Fiona – and prepare for afternoon tea. Take your girl to the...

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Celebrity Fashion Award Show by Beauty IncCelebrity Fashion Award Show

Rated 4.04(4,382) — Beauty Inc

It’s not easy being an A-list celebrity, but you’ll give it a shot in this fun awards themed dress up and makeover game. You get to play an A-list star who has been nominated for the highest acting honor in Hollywood. There’s a big chance you...

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Dance War - Ballet vs Hiphop by Beauty IncDance War - Ballet vs Hiphop

Rated 3.91(5,814) — Beauty Inc

What's better - Ballet or Hip hop?!Get ready for the biggest dance battle competition of the year and show the world which dancers rule!Who will be the winners of the big show - ballerinas or hip hop dancers?Help your squad and show 'em what you got...

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Engineer Girls Cyber Adventure by Beauty IncEngineer Girls Cyber Adventure

Rated 3.83(1,085) — Beauty Inc

Have you ever wanted to make all those cool robots they use in space? Robotic engineers like you work hard to use their knowledge of science and safely send astronauts to and help astronauts in space. After working hard for years, you’ve been given...

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Face Paint Beauty SPA Salon by Beauty IncFace Paint Beauty SPA Salon

Rated 3.93(28,251) — Beauty Inc

Design your own cool, funny, cute and chic face doodles with this amazing face painting app! Kids can create their own funny party designs from scratch, then paint pictures using a variety of themes. If you've ever wanted to doodle on your own face but...

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Fashion Artist: Clay Art Party by Beauty IncFashion Artist: Clay Art Party

Rated 3.97(4,177) — Beauty Inc

The biggest art exhibition of the year starts next week! You’ve worked all year to create beautiful ceramic art for your personal exhibit, but if you want to sell them all to buyers from all over the country, you’ve got to impress them yourself...

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Fashion Doctor 2:Celeb Salon by Beauty IncFashion Doctor 2:Celeb Salon

Rated 3.92(1,625) — Beauty Inc

Fashion Doctor is back for the hot summer season and it’s up to you to help the celebrities look their best on the red carpet. Choose your favorite celebrity and start with a lovely and relaxing trip to the high-end spa. Give her a facial using only...

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Fashion Family: Sibling Models by Beauty IncFashion Family: Sibling Models

Rated 3.86(3,947) — Beauty Inc

In this beautiful family, both the boys and girls are super models! To prepare for their show tonight, the brother and sister need your help to dress up and be stars on the run way! Give them a makeover in your beauty salon so they can make their family..

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Ballet Dancer: Show Time Salon by Beauty IncBallet Dancer: Show Time Salon

Rated 3.77(12,132) — Beauty Inc

It's time to step out on stage, dress up like a swan beauty, and show your dance moves to the world! Ballet Salon is an amazing dress up and makeup game that lets you turn ordinary princesses and princes into swan beauties! Four girls and their four...

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BFF Salon - Luxury Spa Hotel by Beauty IncBFF Salon - Luxury Spa Hotel

Rated 4.15(8,749) — Beauty Inc

The weekend is finally here! Grab your bags and hop in the taxi because it’s finally time for your girl’s trip! Your BFF made reservations for a special weekend at the hottest luxury hotel in the city, so you can have a fun girl’s weekend full...

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Bowling Date - Love Strikes! by Beauty IncBowling Date - Love Strikes!

Rated 3.91(1,293) — Beauty Inc

Get perfect strikes for love! Play Bowling Date Salon to create the perfect bowling date night.Customize your date for the best evening out ever. Can you create the perfect date night experience?There is nothing better than that first date. You have...

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Cheerleader QUEEN - Girl Salon by Beauty IncCheerleader QUEEN - Girl Salon

Rated 3.66(3,184) — Beauty Inc

It's March Madness in this exciting cheerleading themed game. Prepare the lead cheerleader for the big game to keep the team motivated to win. High school sports are fun and the cheerleading squad has a big job ahead! Play through three design levels...

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Dream Builder: Architect Girls by Beauty IncDream Builder: Architect Girls

Rated 4.02(1,465) — Beauty Inc

From tall skyscrapers to weird shaped museums, there are tons of different cool buildings everywhere you go. It’s fun to see them, but how would you like to design them? Architects have a very neat job: they design all the cool buildings you see! You’ve..

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Explorer Girl: Dino Fossil Lab by Beauty IncExplorer Girl: Dino Fossil Lab

Rated 3.97(664) — Beauty Inc

It’s time to leave the big city behind and follow your dreams! There’s a big dig outside the city, and now’s your chance to learn how to be a paleontologist like you’ve always wanted. Say goodbye to mom and dad. Don’t worry, you’ll see them...

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Face Paint Beauty SPA Salon 2 by Beauty IncFace Paint Beauty SPA Salon 2

Rated 4.07(2,382) — Beauty Inc

Nothing tops an outfit off better than beautiful makeup. Fashion means you have to take risks, and sometimes that means adding a little face paint to your style. With a steady hand, a creative eye, and a cute outfit to match, you can pull off any look...

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Fashion Beauty Sporty Makeover by Beauty IncFashion Beauty Sporty Makeover

Rated 3.84(1,236) — Beauty Inc

Help the physically fit and talented athlete couple look their best in this sports themed makeover and dress up game. Every athlete works hard to develop their physical and mental skills. It’s nice to take a break from the hard training schedule and...

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Fashion Doctor:Celebrity Salon by Beauty IncFashion Doctor:Celebrity Salon

Rated 4.10(16,843) — Beauty Inc

GET READY FOR THE RED CARPET NOW! Welcome to the show~This is a special night for all the superstars.OH NO! There is an emergency! The stars are not ready yet~Can you be the Fashion Doctor and help them to dress up for the show?There are thousands of...

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Fashion Girls Pool Party Salon by Beauty IncFashion Girls Pool Party Salon

Rated 3.91(2,273) — Beauty Inc

Summer is here and you've been invited to the biggest pool party in town! The boys will be there splashing and having fun, and it's the perfect time to show off your beauty to win one's heart! Before you go, you must get ready! Visit the spa to fix your..

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