Brandon Stecklein

Brandon Stecklein published 53 applications on Google Play, 151,129 people rated these apps with an average rating of 3.32!

Ant Squash by Brandon SteckleinAnt Squash

Rated 3.23(162) — Brandon Stecklein

Ant Squash is a fun free game where your objective is to use your finger to smash as many ants as you possibly can. If you love ant smasher type games, you will love Ant Squash. Don't let the bugs take over your house. This free game will cure hours...

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Ape City by Brandon SteckleinApe City

Rated 3.87(23) — Brandon Stecklein

Note: Ape City is currently in Beta and in the early development stages. Things might not work as expected, so I apologize in advance for any errors you find in the game, but thank you for playing and helping me test!Ape City is a a fresh city simulation.

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Asteroid Impact by Brandon SteckleinAsteroid Impact

Rated 2.92(38) — Brandon Stecklein

Asteroid Impact is a fun and free arcade space shooter game set in the future on the moon. A barrage of Asteroids falls from the sky and you must shoot them down by firing missiles at them. Tap on the screen to shoot a missile. Watch out so you don't...

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Barrel River by Brandon SteckleinBarrel River

Rated 2.61(28) — Brandon Stecklein

Flow down the brutal water of the mighty barrel river with nothing but your wits and a rickety old barrel to guide you! Barrel river is a fun filled action game where you must flow down the river avoiding rocks and deadly jumping fish. As an added bonus..

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Bright Lights by Brandon SteckleinBright Lights

Rated 2.75(4) — Brandon Stecklein

Bright Lights is a unique drawing app for kids and adults of all ages. It is fun for kids and adults of all ages, but older users will instantly feel the nostalgia when they load up the app.In Bright Lights, you draw pictures by placing colored dots...

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Coloring Book by Brandon SteckleinColoring Book

Rated 3.00(2) — Brandon Stecklein

Coloring Book is a fun and free coloring sheet and finger painting app for kids (and adults) of all ages! Featuring many bright and fun colors, along with fun and engaging coloring sheets, coloring book will allow your kids to draw to their hearts content

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Doorways Launcher by Brandon SteckleinDoorways Launcher

Rated 4.11(104) — Brandon Stecklein

Doorways is a launcher for Android devices. It works on all versions of Android.Doorways is ultra small, ultra lightweight, and ultra basic. Why use up valuable phone memory on your launcher app? Doorways simply presents you with your app list. That's...

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Find My Car by Brandon SteckleinFind My Car

Rated 3.00(3) — Brandon Stecklein

Find My Car is a handy and free app that helps you locate your car in a parking lot. Uses your devices GPS radios to tag and retrieve your vehicle location in a parking lot. Very simple to use. When you park your car, open the app and tap on the blue...

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Ginko by Brandon SteckleinGinko

Rated 3.95(80) — Brandon Stecklein

Ginko is a fun new take on the classic card flip and match memory game! At the beginning of each round you are briefly shown all of the cards face up. They are then flipped over and you must rely on your memory to flip them over and match them up in...

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GPS Speedometer by Brandon SteckleinGPS Speedometer

Rated 4.00(3) — Brandon Stecklein

GPS Speedometer is a free and handy app that turns your device into a fully functional Speedometer. It works by using your device's GPS radio and calculates your speed based on time and distance traveled. The app updates in real time, supports Imperial...

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Antiquitas by Brandon SteckleinAntiquitas

Rated 4.54(35) — Brandon Stecklein

Antiquitas is a Roman city builder and simulation game. It is basically the game you have always been waiting for. Transport yourself back to ancient Rome where you are given an empty plot of land and a few coins. Transform the land into the ancient...

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Ape Punch by Brandon SteckleinApe Punch

Rated 0.00(0) — Brandon Stecklein

Go APE with Ape Punch! The original fast paced button masher has returned with a fresh, clean, and modern interface. Your objective is to earn top score by going ape and tapping the button as fast as you can before the time runs out! Compete against...

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Balloon Tunes by Brandon SteckleinBalloon Tunes

Rated 3.13(8) — Brandon Stecklein

Balloon Tunes from Ape Apps is the ultimate musical balloon popping game! Geared towards kids but fun for adults, you will have fun as you create music by popping colored balloons in this incredible hand eye coordination game. Blast your way through...

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Boom Feed by Brandon SteckleinBoom Feed

Rated 3.00(2) — Brandon Stecklein

Boom Feed is a free RSS, Podcast, news reader and aggregation app. Just tell the app what topics you want to follow, and it will always keep you up to date on the latest headlines! It's just a good old fashioned news reader with a clean and easy to use...

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Colonial Tycoon by Brandon SteckleinColonial Tycoon

Rated 4.36(22) — Brandon Stecklein

Colonial Tycoon is an idle money making and business management simulation game.The year is 2060 and you are one of the first colonists on the Red Planet. Some people are moving there to start a new life. Some for political and religious freedom. You...

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Deimos RPG by Brandon SteckleinDeimos RPG

Rated 3.59(93) — Brandon Stecklein

Deimos is an old school style roleplaying adventure game based on the Level Up! RPG engine. You and a team of Marines must travel to the Martian moon of Deimos and investigate recent events at a science station. Progress through the game by making choices

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End of the Earth RPG by Brandon SteckleinEnd of the Earth RPG

Rated 4.50(10) — Brandon Stecklein

When an evil AI construct threatens the destruction of humanity and of the very earth itself, there is only one man who can save the world from certain doom. Sarge and his elite team of space marines return to duty in this action packed linear role playin

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Finger Paint by Brandon SteckleinFinger Paint

Rated 3.36(515) — Brandon Stecklein

Finger Paint is an awesome finger painting application that is fun for kids and adults alike! You start off with a blank canvas, your imagination, and 42 fun colors to choose from.Tapping on the pen icon will bring up the tools menu which lets you choose.

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Gone Rogue by Brandon SteckleinGone Rogue

Rated 3.73(33) — Brandon Stecklein

Gone Rogue is an epic roguelike roleplaying adventure game! From the makers of the popular RPG Level Up, Gone Rogue is an all new roguelike endless dungeon crawler. Explore randomly generated dungeons, collect loot, defeat monsters, and level up!Gone...

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Helios File Manager by Brandon SteckleinHelios File Manager

Rated 3.92(3,084) — Brandon Stecklein

Helios file manager, formerly known as File Browser, is an all encompassing file management solution from Ape Apps. Helios contains an ever expanding list of features, while striving to maintain a clean simplistic look and feel. Helios is a file manager..

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