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Any Random Generator by CodeXploreAny Random Generator

Rated 5.00(1) — CodeXplore

This is a simple random generator application. You can use this application to generate 4 digit number, Shuffling the list, and pick a winner randomly. Lightweight, simple and easy to use app. More feature is about to come and you can request feature...

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CDX SMS Gateway by CodeXploreCDX SMS Gateway

Rated 3.00(2) — CodeXplore

CDX SMS Gateway server is app to make your android phone as a SMS gateway server. You can send sms using http request to our server and will be forwarded to your phone. This app is lightweight, bandwidth friendly and battery friendly.

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Kids Car by CodeXploreKids Car

Rated 3.72(39) — CodeXplore

Adventure game using the car for your child. Driving a car at some great and fun places.How to play it easy, to deflect by tilting the phone left or right, you are required to take the fruit, cake, or ice cream, do not let you get the trash because it...

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Kuis Family Seratus by CodeXploreKuis Family Seratus

Rated 3.80(2,725) — CodeXplore

Kuis Family Seratus adalah sebuah permainan kuis yang cara memainkannya adalah menjawab sebuah pertanyaan dimana jawaban tersebut berdasarkan hasil survei kepada 100 orang. Cara memainkannya mudah kamu hanya perlu menyimak pertanyaan lalu ketik jawabanmu.

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Mengenal Suara by CodeXploreMengenal Suara

Rated 3.78(18) — CodeXplore

Aplikasi yang membantu anak anda belajar mengenal suara. Sambil bermain sekaligus belajar mengenal suara. Selain belajar anak anda bisa bermain sebuah piano sederhana dan drum sederhana. Mudah dimainkan oleh anak anda tanpa bantuan dari anda. Biarkan...

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Online Shop Manager by CodeXploreOnline Shop Manager

Rated 5.00(1) — CodeXplore

Online shop manager is app to manager your small online shop. If you have a small online shop you can manage your shop using this app. You can manage your product, product stock and customer orders. Also you can monitor your order so you won't be forget..

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VapeLab - E-Liquid Calculator by CodeXploreVapeLab - E-Liquid Calculator

Rated 4.00(1) — CodeXplore

Vape lab is a tool app to mix your own DIY Liquid. Vapelab has e-liquid calculator, ohm's law calculator. You can save your recipe, edit and share.

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Be Ball - Soccer Betting Games by CodeXploreBe Ball - Soccer Betting Games

Rated 4.75(4) — CodeXplore

This app is perfect for soccer lovers, for you who likes match predictions, and for you who want to challenge your friends to betting the soccer, but use the fake money, so have fun.You can make a bet to be accepted by your friends or others. Or you...

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Horror Escape 3D by CodeXploreHorror Escape 3D

Rated 3.85(73) — CodeXplore

Suddenly awakened after unconsciousness. In nowhere place. In a dark place, creepy and haunted. Find a way to get out of that place. Solve some puzzles to be free. Find a way to get through all the obstacles, find shelter, looking for help. Yes, what...

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Kids Cute Kitten by CodeXploreKids Cute Kitten

Rated 3.40(20) — CodeXplore

This is a virtual pet app for your kids. You can feed your kitten, also you can play a ball with your kitten.

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Meme Maker by CodeXploreMeme Maker

Rated 3.73(11) — CodeXplore

Simple application to make your own meme picture. You can download your image and edit it to be a Meme. You can also using your camera to take a picture then edit it to be a Meme. You can share the image directly from the app.

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Monster Invasion : Defense (Unreleased) by CodeXploreMonster Invasion : Defense (Unreleased)

Rated 0.00(0) — CodeXplore

Monster Invasion : Defense is a tower defense style game. There will be a lot of monsters coming to town. Your responsibility is to protect your town, prevent the monsters to arrive at the town. Build your defense by using 4 kind of tower. Each tower...

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Piano Anak by CodeXplorePiano Anak

Rated 3.86(525) — CodeXplore

Piano Anak adalah sebuah aplikasi virtual piano untuk anak anda. Caranya mudah seperti piano biasa saja, tinggal tekan lalu keluar bunyi. Kids Piano is a virtual piano application for your child. It's easy as a regular piano course, just press and then...

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