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Be Here Now: Relax & Meditate by DOORMAT SOFTWAREBe Here Now: Relax & Meditate

Rated 4.33(45) — DOORMAT SOFTWARE

Feel like taking a break to relax and meditate? This app is what you are looking for.«Be Here Now» is a book on buddhist spirituality, yoga and meditation written by Ram Dass.This book inspired Steve Jobs in his youth.This app will help you breathe...

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Pinky Toe Smasher (Unreleased) by DOORMAT SOFTWAREPinky Toe Smasher (Unreleased)

Rated 0.00(0) — DOORMAT SOFTWARE

Destroy your pinky toe as fast as possible by slamming it into furniture.

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Clifford Attractors by DOORMAT SOFTWAREClifford Attractors

Rated 3.29(7) — DOORMAT SOFTWARE

This app allows you to draw awesome Clifford Attractors. Discover the beauty of randomness. Is it hard? No! Just tap "Random" and the app will generate a new colourful attractor!You'd like to change it a bit? Adjust the shape and colour of the graph...

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