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Dusky Dolphin published 4 applications on Google Play, 205 people rated these apps with an average rating of 3.98!

Kids Cooking - Cake Maker by Dusky DolphinKids Cooking - Cake Maker

Rated 3.93(69) — Dusky Dolphin

A cake baking and cooking game for kids that will help them learn basics about cooking in the real kitchen.Cook bake and design delicious birthday and wedding cakes.- Mix required ingredients in right quantity to make a perfect mixture for your cake...

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Space Shooter by Dusky DolphinSpace Shooter

Rated 3.93(30) — Dusky Dolphin

A Space shooter game with awesome space graphics.You are in charge of the spaceship. Your mission is to save planets of our solar system from falling asteroids and debris. Beware of the friendly satellites orbiting around the planets.As a member of astero

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Ninja Soccer by Dusky DolphinNinja Soccer

Rated 3.68(87) — Dusky Dolphin

Ninja Soccer is not about just ninja running or ninja jumping. No sword No fighting No Infinite running instead our Hero Football Ninja decided to challenge its enemies in a soccer world this time.You play as a Ninja Soccer Star against an opponent team..

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Spy Pigeon - Escape by Dusky DolphinSpy Pigeon - Escape

Rated 4.37(19) — Dusky Dolphin

You will be playing as a Spy Pigeon, a special member of Security and Intelligence Branch.You have been deployed behind the enemy lines for collecting Intel on army deployment. Unfortunately, you have been shot by a bird hunter and later caught by the...

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