Game Studio Abraham Stolk

Game Studio Abraham Stolk published 7 applications on Google Play, 83,334 people rated these apps with an average rating of 3.39!

Brainiac Match3 by Game Studio Abraham StolkBrainiac Match3

Rated 2.40(5) — Game Studio Abraham Stolk

A Match-3 game with a twist.Line up Emojis that share a feature.This puzzle game will give your brain a thorough work-out.Can you spot the matches?Find out in this free-to-try game.

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Little Crane World Editor by Game Studio Abraham StolkLittle Crane World Editor

Rated 3.28(145) — Game Studio Abraham Stolk

This is the companion app to 'The Little Crane That Could'.With this editor, you are able to design and build your own levels.Building a level is easy and fun for all ages.Just snap different building blocks together.The game itself is free and available.

Six Wheels and a Gun by Game Studio Abraham StolkSix Wheels and a Gun

Rated 3.82(25,183) — Game Studio Abraham Stolk

Enjoy some tank versus tank action in this exciting simulation.Your six wheeled buggy is capable of climbing any terrain and it will be a pleasure to drive.The high accuracy of the physical simulation is unmatched.You can enjoy this game completely for...

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The Little Plane That Could by Game Studio Abraham StolkThe Little Plane That Could

Rated 3.43(51) — Game Studio Abraham Stolk

Board your biplane for some chivalrous dogfights in the sky. Partake in aerial battles with up to 60 planes and show them how is ace!May the best pilot win. And in case you are not the best pilot: don't despair, we have flight school lined up for you...

Children of Orc by Game Studio Abraham StolkChildren of Orc

Rated 3.63(123) — Game Studio Abraham Stolk

Build up your Orc planet in this relaxing simulation.Instruct the AI controlled population on how and where to build.STORYLINEGenerations of conflict have wiped out the Orcs.Humans, weak as they are, could not bear the thought of killing the Orc children.

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Racing Feathers by Game Studio Abraham StolkRacing Feathers

Rated 3.17(36) — Game Studio Abraham Stolk

If you were a bird, wouldn't you like to zip through a back yard, and race for the fastest time?Now you can, in this most excellent racing sim for avians.Compete with friends for the fastest time on the leader boards.The flight controls are oh so natural:

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The Little Crane That Could by Game Studio Abraham StolkThe Little Crane That Could

Rated 4.02(57,791) — Game Studio Abraham Stolk

Cranes are fun! In Little Crane you can operate a wide ranges of cranes.You can even fly a sky crane if you want.Over 14M users can't be wrong: the challenges are entertaining. The incredibly realistic simulation gives you full control over your crane.Rep

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