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3D Baby Day Care by Gameiva3D Baby Day Care

Rated 3.75(208) — Gameiva

There are 4 little cute baby who now needs your attention and care with various needs. Choose a baby in your day care and take care of all his needs like feeding, bathing, dressing, etc. You can also play many fun games with baby with many different...

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ABC & 123 For Toddler by GameivaABC & 123 For Toddler

Rated 4.50(10) — Gameiva

ABC & 123 for Toddler is the latest game for toddlers by Gameiva featuring lot of different educational activities. Enjoy the fun math game at the first level with the flying unicorn. Help the unicorn to blast the balloon with his horn but make sure...

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ABC Bubbles Popup For Toddlers by GameivaABC Bubbles Popup For Toddlers

Rated 4.26(23) — Gameiva

If you are tired of learning your ABC through simple ways then you must surely try this entertaining way of to learn all the alphabets. Enjoy playing lot of different fun educational activities for toddlers. Choose your favorite animal character and...

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ABC Class Books For Toddlers by GameivaABC Class Books For Toddlers

Rated 3.20(5) — Gameiva

Learn different alphabets and numbers in a fun way with this kids educational game by Gameiva. This game learns your kids basic numbers and alphabets in the same time. Do color on the figures of all alphabets from A-Z and numbers. There are so many differ

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ABC Flashcards For Toddlers by GameivaABC Flashcards For Toddlers

Rated 4.00(19) — Gameiva

Learn all the alphabets from A to Z in a totally new and fun way in this educational game for kids. Start the game and choose the alphabet and learn different words starting from each alphabet. All the different words from each alphabet will be shown...

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ABC Learning Game For Toddlers by GameivaABC Learning Game For Toddlers

Rated 3.67(9) — Gameiva

This educational and Alphabet learning game for toddlers is probably the best way to learn all the alphabets and so many different words starting from it. Begin the game and learn the different alphabets and learn many different words starting from it...

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Alphabets Flashcards For Kids by GameivaAlphabets Flashcards For Kids

Rated 1.00(1) — Gameiva

Learn all the alphabets with the help of all the flash cards. Start the game and learn to write each alphabet from 1 to z and also learn a word for each alphabet. To make this educational alphabet game for toddlers more interesting each of the word for...

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Animal Counting Touch & Play by GameivaAnimal Counting Touch & Play

Rated 3.79(19) — Gameiva

Learn the names of animals, names of different modes of transportation, vegetables, birds and much more in this educational game for toddlers and more than that also learn to count in each and every fun activity in this fun game. Choose any of the categor

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Animal Hair Salon For Kids by GameivaAnimal Hair Salon For Kids

Rated 3.72(191) — Gameiva

Lot of different animal are waiting in queue at your Animal Hair Salon for their hair design and dressing. Their hair have become too big and also not so good looking so it is your duty and a challenge to do a perfect makeover for all those animals...

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Animal Sound For Toddler Kids by GameivaAnimal Sound For Toddler Kids

Rated 3.71(7) — Gameiva

Enter the zoo of education where you can learn the names of all the animals and also learn how differently they sound. Touch the animal and listen to the sound they make. If you donít know the name of that particular animal then touch it again to know...

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A Day At School : Kids Game by GameivaA Day At School : Kids Game

Rated 3.63(16) — Gameiva

The days at school are the most memorable times of our life. Let's have some fun at the school with some amazing games and learning activities that the kids will enjoy to the fullest in this latest school educational game by Gameiva. Clean the picnic...

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ABC 123 For Toddlers by GameivaABC 123 For Toddlers

Rated 4.30(54) — Gameiva

Lot of different funny characters are here to help all the toddlers with their educational activities and help them learn the alphabets and numbers in a totally fun and entertaining way. Start the game and choose your category of alphabets or numbers...

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Abc Carnival by GameivaAbc Carnival

Rated 3.75(8) — Gameiva

The ABC carnival is here to teach all the kids to learn all the alphabets in a totally new and fun way. Learn many different words starting from each of the alphabets and then draw on them. Play the cannon of alphabets where you will be shot with a volley

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ABC Flash Cards For Kids by GameivaABC Flash Cards For Kids

Rated 3.69(42) — Gameiva

If we teach anything with fun to kids they will learn very fast without get tedious & capture all the things very quickly. ABC Flash Cards is a very nice game for toddlers to teach them alphabets in different way. Different words for each alphabet will...

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ABC For Kids Learn Alphabets by GameivaABC For Kids Learn Alphabets

Rated 3.67(9) — Gameiva

Learning ABC will be now much easier and much more fun. With the latest alphabet game for kids by gameiva we bring you some amazing activities where the kids can learn all the alphabets and also lot of different words at the same time. There are animated.

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ABC Song: Kids Nursery Rhymes by GameivaABC Song: Kids Nursery Rhymes

Rated 3.98(1,519) — Gameiva

Learn lot of new words for each and every alphabet from A-Z from this educational toddler game. Learn the alphabet first and then learn to pronounce them after that you will learn lot of different words for each and every alphabet. The funny animation...

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Alphabets Preschool Activities by GameivaAlphabets Preschool Activities

Rated 4.30(10) — Gameiva

Have you ever enjoyed while studying? If not then Gameiva brings you some amazing Alphabet games for kids and toddlers featuring lot of amazing educational and learning activities. You will surely fall in love with studying after you have been through...

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Animal Farm For Toddlers by GameivaAnimal Farm For Toddlers

Rated 3.00(5) — Gameiva

The beautiful farm is full of friendly animals who are totally ready to play lot of fun games with you. Open the book of education and start learning lot of different things. Enjoy reading amazing different stories for kids with a moral and a tip to...

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Animal Hair Spa & Salon by GameivaAnimal Hair Spa & Salon

Rated 3.55(11) — Gameiva

Now even the animals want to have some beauty make over at your salon and become totally cute and beautiful. All the animals from the jungle are waiting in line at your salon. Begin fast and choose your animal customers one by one and start all the makeov

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Animal Sound For Toddlers by GameivaAnimal Sound For Toddlers

Rated 3.63(43) — Gameiva

The animal sound game for kids and toddlers is a unique animal learning game having lot of amazing educational activities for kids. Start the game learning all the different voices of many different domestic and wild animals and birds that you know about.

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