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Awesome Switch Vehicles Race by Games Edge StudioAwesome Switch Vehicles Race

Rated 4.29(86) — Games Edge Studio

Drifting cars are in waiting for you in this drift car racing game become a drift legends and assume the aspiration Dubai racing. Jump in this real racing game perform the amazing gt racing stunts from car customization you can become a car chaser in...

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BMX Stunts Racer 2 by Games Edge StudioBMX Stunts Racer 2

Rated 3.94(18) — Games Edge Studio

Are you crazy about doing and make the extreme stunts race. Try this amazing and adventures game in the event of Christmas enjoy this stunts game on racing tracks which covered with full of snow. Become a BMX rider and accomplish spectacular tricks in...

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BMX Top Racer Stunts by Games Edge StudioBMX Top Racer Stunts

Rated 3.80(5) — Games Edge Studio

BMX Top Racer Stunts is the No.1 xtreme BMX game with crazy and stunt action! Hide the competition as you drive over a variety of unfaithful tracks while enjoying the realistic bicycle physics and fast-paced gameplay. Many boys are taking interest in...

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Car Driving School 2018 by Games Edge StudioCar Driving School 2018

Rated 3.94(323) — Games Edge Studio

Car Driving School 2017 is the modern driving simulator that will demonstrate you to drive various different real cars. Car Pouring School 2017 has some amazing environments like capitals, country roads, public road, deserts, highlands, and parking places

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City Formula Racing 2017 by Games Edge StudioCity Formula Racing 2017

Rated 4.34(232) — Games Edge Studio

Warning!!!! This game could be dangerous drive your formula cars your own risk. In this game, you will drive in the elimination round and you have to drive your car in the incredibly sports cars rally. The racing tracks are placed upon the city and after.

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Death vs Runner by Games Edge StudioDeath vs Runner

Rated 5.00(2) — Games Edge Studio

Survival is your success in this death vs runner game, basically, this game based on the two modes one mode in which you are the runner and in second mode you will be the death of the runners. Run and reach the final destination without being hit in...

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Extreme Concept Cars Stunts Driving by Games Edge StudioExtreme Concept Cars Stunts Driving

Rated 4.50(271) — Games Edge Studio

The fastest and new concepts of this game you will be amazed after playing this game. you have played many car games like racing cars sports cars games and much more. This time you will see the imaginations cars which you can say that the concept cars...

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Furious Formula Racers by Games Edge StudioFurious Formula Racers

Rated 4.60(10) — Games Edge Studio

have you ever played the mind blowing and the extreme furious racing game no? let's start your racing journey from this furious formula racers game. nitro sports cars are involved in this thrilling game and also the racers which are your rivals will...

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Heavy Mountain Bus simulator 2017 by Games Edge StudioHeavy Mountain Bus simulator 2017

Rated 5.00(5) — Games Edge Studio

Public transportation on off-road and hills areas is the very big problem nowadays because everybody is trying to shift in the cities but the life in villages is very easy and healthful. You have played many school bus driving games and it is very amazing

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Insane Galaxy Ball by Games Edge StudioInsane Galaxy Ball

Rated 4.45(33) — Games Edge Studio

Insane galaxy ball the game with amazing 3D graphics, animation effects, Challenging and addictive gameplay. The game combines the elements of retro arcade ball-balancing games of the early 90s and the figment of imagination taken from marble madness.The.

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Banana Racing by Games Edge StudioBanana Racing

Rated 4.20(5) — Games Edge Studio

Monkey games and the banana games are very favorite games for children and all girls and boys. This game will provide you a different concept of gaming the new concept game is here for boys and girls choose the color banana and the favorite superhero...

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BMX Stunts Racer 2017 by Games Edge StudioBMX Stunts Racer 2017

Rated 4.67(3) — Games Edge Studio

Become a BMX rider and accomplish spectacular tricks in breathtaking places all over the world. Just like in real BMX or finger BMX, BMX Stunts Racer 2017 is a game of skill that takings a few actions to realize but a lifetime to master. This game is...

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Car 3D Parking 2017 by Games Edge StudioCar 3D Parking 2017

Rated 4.08(13) — Games Edge Studio

literally build to your parking skills in Multi-storey Parking in the year of 2017this is a parking game like you’ve never seen before! discover ways to navigate a practical parking surroundings. Steer the car meticulously and trap the bridge in time...

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Cars Stunts Battle Into Cargo Plane by Games Edge StudioCars Stunts Battle Into Cargo Plane

Rated 3.75(618) — Games Edge Studio

The top cargo flight model game is here. Time to fly in the sky with Shipment Airplane Car Transporter Flight. Take off the city airport flight transport cars in your big airplane and route the arrivals correctly. This game is one of the best game ever...

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Crazy City Roof Stunts by Games Edge StudioCrazy City Roof Stunts

Rated 4.15(47) — Games Edge Studio

Drive your racing car around an imaginary city where highways are not essential. Jump from rooftop to rooftop as you jump your car around this shadowy terrain. It’s madly addictive and cool! This game has it all! There are great jumps, mid-air ramps...

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Extreme Bike Stunts Mania by Games Edge StudioExtreme Bike Stunts Mania

Rated 0.00(0) — Games Edge Studio

Extreme Bike Stunts Mania is the No.1 xtreme bike game with silly and stunts action! Enter the race as you drive over a variety of unfaithful tracks while enjoying the realistic bike physics and fast-paced gameplay. Express ultimate bike thirst skills...

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Formula Driving kings & Fast Road Racing 3D by Games Edge StudioFormula Driving kings & Fast Road Racing 3D

Rated 3.80(10) — Games Edge Studio

Push the speeding up and test your and your car edges on area and highway roads racing through traffic. Become formula race professional driver on the standard road, earn money for near miss hits. Receive money for your rewards and devote them on upgrades

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GT Stunts Race-Off Drive by Games Edge StudioGT Stunts Race-Off Drive

Rated 4.61(28) — Games Edge Studio

GT Stunts Race-Off Drive is the best car racing simulator of 2017, thanks to its progressive real behavior engine. Be a furious racer on an entire city for you. Not essential to brake because of traffic or racing other rival cars, so you can do illegal...

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Highway Police simulator 3D by Games Edge StudioHighway Police simulator 3D

Rated 4.25(44) — Games Edge Studio

Have you ever played police and criminal games in your childhood? Chase the criminals on the highway around the city with the police cars. Take down bad guys and become a real cop this game is specially designed for those who want to be a police officer..

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Invisible Highway Car Racing by Games Edge StudioInvisible Highway Car Racing

Rated 4.01(94) — Games Edge Studio

Asphalt fast racing or nitro nation drag racing games are very popular nowadays here we are going to give you the experience of the new racing game which is designed in two environments like the city and the desert. Become an endless racer with the endles

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