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Clickers by GeoThings 究心科技Clickers

Rated 3.64(11) — GeoThings 究心科技

MicroMappers is a collaboration with the United Nations (UN) to engage digital volunteers in positive and constructive ways. MicroMappers is a collection of apps (called Clickers) that enable volunteers to tag tweets, images and videos to provide the...

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FS2 Clicker by GeoThings 究心科技FS2 Clicker

Rated 4.29(7) — GeoThings 究心科技

The satellite images from Formosat-2, launched by National Space Organization (NSPO) have already applied to National Spatial Planning, Resource Exploration, Environment Protection, Disaster Preparedness and Response. FS2 Clicker is designed for crowdsour

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geoMapTool by GeoThings 究心科技geoMapTool

Rated 4.00(13) — GeoThings 究心科技

geoMapTool is an OSM Tool for volunteers/mappers to add/edit POI, line/way, area and polygon. Users can edit OSM on smartphone anywhere/anytime, and the change-set will be uploaded to OSM Sever right away.

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WhereToMeet by GeoThings 究心科技WhereToMeet

Rated 4.24(17) — GeoThings 究心科技

WhereToMeet is an app for you to quickly search restaurant, cafe, movie theater, all kinds of POIs using keywords, or even specify the place on map by yourself, then send the meet up message to your friends with location information.Going out with a...

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Find Me Maybe by GeoThings 究心科技Find Me Maybe

Rated 5.00(2) — GeoThings 究心科技

“Find Me Maybe” allow users to text with location to Facebook and Twitter via SMS. Let your friends and family know that everything is fine or ask for help. Find me maybe ^^Service activation and message posting are all in SMS. Depending on your...

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geoBingAn by GeoThings 究心科技geoBingAn

Rated 5.00(21) — GeoThings 究心科技

geoBingAn is a crowdsourcing-base disaster information coordination platform linking command and control with frontline workers and volunteers. It can help the internal communications and reports of disaster relief organizations more timely and efficientl

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Open GeoSMSer by GeoThings 究心科技Open GeoSMSer

Rated 4.18(85) — GeoThings 究心科技

Open GeoSMSer is an app for you to share, forward, or exchange location information with your friends. Most of the Taiwan map and navigation service providers such as DaYu, GPSStar, hiPage, Mio, NaviKing, PAPAGO!, URMap, and more support Open GeoSMS.With.

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喔喔企業牧心平台 by GeoThings 究心科技喔喔企業牧心平台

Rated 5.00(2) — GeoThings 究心科技

由究心公益科技開發的「喔喔企業牧心平台」提供企業組織的公益性社團發動志工活動與義賣活動,並可透過平台跨企業舉辦活動,讓公益更貼近每個使用者! Public service provided by the study of science...

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