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Airport Professions: Kids Games by Hippo Kids GamesAirport Professions: Kids Games

Rated 4.65(2,217) — Hippo Kids Games

There is a huge airport in the Hippo town. A lot of passengers use its services every day. Airport must have a lot of workers and managers to satisfy the passengers' needs. Airport is the place where people of different professions are working together...

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Baby Beach Cafe: Cooking by Hippo Kids GamesBaby Beach Cafe: Cooking

Rated 4.41(8,721) — Hippo Kids Games

Sea vacation is the seaside and relax for somebody. But for Hippo family it is also profitable family business. Who will sell ice cream, Pop corn and soft drinks? Who will be the manager and seller in the food truck (Baby Shop)? Of course it will be...

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Baby Car Traffic by Hippo Kids GamesBaby Car Traffic

Rated 3.47(862) — Hippo Kids Games

Hippo. Funny Trip on a new car.Hippo Daddy bought a new car. It's not just a automobile - it's a convertible automobile, it is possible to raise and lower the roof. Hippo and her family went to the new car on a trip. During the journey, on your way will..

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Baby Fitness Games: Hippo Trainer by Hippo Kids GamesBaby Fitness Games: Hippo Trainer

Rated 4.68(273) — Hippo Kids Games

What a disaster! Hippo's cousin has a wedding soon. She was very nervous and ate a lot that's why she gained some weight! Excess weight before such an important day is not a good sign. A diet could not help her to loose weight so fast. Only skilled and...

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Baby Railway-Train Adventure by Hippo Kids GamesBaby Railway-Train Adventure

Rated 4.22(3,278) — Hippo Kids Games

We are happy to present you a long-expected update of free educational games for boys and girls series. Baby Hippo have prepared a nice surprise for you. A big railway adventure is waiting forus! Kids’ games have never been so exciting. Today we get...

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Baby Supermarket - Kids Shopping Games by Hippo Kids GamesBaby Supermarket - Kids Shopping Games

Rated 4.64(486) — Hippo Kids Games

Great news! Hippo supermarket opens new departments and has a lot of new sales! Buy a sale product and get a secret present! New Kids shop is open, shopping mania is in its full swing! Welcome to the best supermarket for kids in our Hippo town!Shopping...

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Bedtime Stories by Hippo Kids GamesBedtime Stories

Rated 4.42(5,632) — Hippo Kids Games

We continue to release incredibly popular game series Bedtime Stories! This time, free educational games for kids are expanded with a new game Lullaby. Heroes of our story will be amusing characters from our favorite seaside Hippo town. And it will be...

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Cafe Mania: Kids Cooking Games by Hippo Kids GamesCafe Mania: Kids Cooking Games

Rated 4.69(78) — Hippo Kids Games

Do you like cooking, inventing new recipes and create cooking masterpieces? Do you want to be like a real cook? Or maybe you like to manage cafe and your vocation is to be a manager? Do you want to have your own restaurant? Are you fond of ice-cream...

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Clara Puzzles by Hippo Kids GamesClara Puzzles

Rated 3.90(784) — Hippo Kids Games

Educational animated puzzles for baby. Hippo and Clara go on an exciting trip. Learning logic games for boys and for girls.Little girl Clara and Hippo on a trip. They will need your help. Help them get home. In order to move quickly they need a vehicle...

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Doctor Surgeon: Hospital games by Hippo Kids GamesDoctor Surgeon: Hospital games

Rated 4.31(841) — Hippo Kids Games

Doctor Hippy likes to cure animals! Her ambulance is always ready for a call, where surgeon or vet are needed. All best games for boys and girls where player could find hospital, games, where you need to save, cure and help, all of them are collected...

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Baby Airport Adventure 2 by Hippo Kids GamesBaby Airport Adventure 2

Rated 4.04(5,426) — Hippo Kids Games

Travelers find adventures by themselves! Today Daddy Leo bought a lottery ticket. What a pleasant surprise awaits our Dad, Mom, boys and girls at this time? Baby Hippo scratches the protective coating and wins Super prize - a great trip for the whole...

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Baby Car Racing by Hippo Kids GamesBaby Car Racing

Rated 3.85(1,216) — Hippo Kids Games

Funny racing game with baby Hippo.Baby Hippo sat in the baby car and hit the road. Steer around obstacles that will meet on your way - that car traffic and logs scattered along the road and the puddles and other obstacles. On the way baby Hippo rides...

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Baby Cooking: Kids Cafe by Hippo Kids GamesBaby Cooking: Kids Cafe

Rated 4.57(120) — Hippo Kids Games

Our beloved Hippo likes to cook, create new dishes and share them with friends. It is so funny and exciting to feed animals! Kids kitchen and funny canteen are waiting for you! Everybody likes to eat something tasty. There are so many different dishes...

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Baby Games for Girls: Cooking School by Hippo Kids GamesBaby Games for Girls: Cooking School

Rated 4.48(13,671) — Hippo Kids Games

Every child likes to help hisher parents. They especially like to help in preparing food. But cooking is a complicated process and often it ends up with a huge chaos in the kitchen. But what if children are so eager to cook pancakes, cake or cupcakes...

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Baby Shop by Hippo Kids GamesBaby Shop

Rated 3.93(19,176) — Hippo Kids Games

Favorite kids educational games. Hippo and her friends are playing baby shop.Hippo and her friend Pig will be sellers at the shop. Raccoon, Giraffe and Cat will be buyers. Baby shop sells a variety of goods: toys, foods, fruits, vegetables, horses and...

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Baby Surprise Eggs by Hippo Kids GamesBaby Surprise Eggs

Rated 4.55(97) — Hippo Kids Games

Kids like Kids Eggs with Surprises. The more eggs, the better is your mood! Every kid would like to get a lot of toys and surprises. What do kids need more? Of course they need adventures, fairy tales and exciting stories! And what if these surprises...

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Bicycle Racing: Kids Games by Hippo Kids GamesBicycle Racing: Kids Games

Rated 4.72(54) — Hippo Kids Games

Hippy has her new bike now and started her journey. Exciting bicycle racing, unbelievable tricks, leaps and adventures, of course! If you like competitions, parkour and have fun - choose any kids bike you like and try yourself together with hippy in...

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Christmas Gifts: Advent Calendar by Hippo Kids GamesChristmas Gifts: Advent Calendar

Rated 4.50(125) — Hippo Kids Games

Winter is here, and it means that Christmas 2017 is up to come. Kids and their parents wait for a real miracle to happen. Santa Claus has prepared exciting presents for every member of the family. While Santa Claus is gathering all the presents in his...

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Cooking games: Valentine's cafe for Girls by Hippo Kids GamesCooking games: Valentine's cafe for Girls

Rated 4.53(148) — Hippo Kids Games

There is a real panic and flutter in all cafes in Hippo town! Even Hippy school is empty, nobody wants to learn anything today. Everybody is celebrating Saint Valentine's day! Could you imagine Saint Valentine's day without a romantic dinner, lunch and...

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Emergency Hospital:Kids Doctor by Hippo Kids GamesEmergency Hospital:Kids Doctor

Rated 4.47(10,422) — Hippo Kids Games

Emergency medicine is a very important profession. When something wrong has happened, ambulance and traumatologist are here. Doctor need to make decisions very quickly, because you need to treat the patient urgently. And when the urgent operation is...

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