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iGames Entertainment published 84 applications on Google Play, 289,610 people rated these apps with an average rating of 4.02!

18 Wheeler Truck Simulator by iGames Entertainment18 Wheeler Truck Simulator

Rated 3.78(315) — iGames Entertainment

18 Wheeler Truck Simulator is an enjoyable and hard car parking simulator game in a real city and highway locations.Be the real car transporter expert and drive your massive truck containing various loads to transport.Be a part of the mega simulation...

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3D Ice Run - Christmas by iGames Entertainment3D Ice Run - Christmas

Rated 4.13(385) — iGames Entertainment

RUN in the beautiful city of wonderland, this Christmas experience the ultimate fast paced run game – 3D Ice Run – Christmas! Never slow down, Never crash, Never fall off and most important Never give up! Keep on running through ice city of wonderland...

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Angry Bull Simulator Attack 2017 by iGames EntertainmentAngry Bull Simulator Attack 2017

Rated 4.24(80) — iGames Entertainment

Become ANGRY BULL - a powerful beast to attack and ramp everything on your way!Angry Bull Simulator Attack 2017 is one of the latest bull simulator games to play and experience the bull run. Attack, rampage, run furiously and win the bull race. It's...

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Apple Shoot 3D Archery Shooting by iGames EntertainmentApple Shoot 3D Archery Shooting

Rated 5.00(9) — iGames Entertainment

Apple Shooter 3D Archery Shooting is an exclusive bow and arrow shooting game for all archery lovers. Drag your bow to shoot the apple in this shooting game. Practice your shot with your favorite bow and arrow to become master in archery shooting game...

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Apple Shooter 2016 by iGames EntertainmentApple Shooter 2016

Rated 3.77(12,940) — iGames Entertainment

Being one of the most addictive game, Apple Shooter 3D, here comes yet another instalment to the series.Apple Shooter 2016 delivers real archery shooting experience. Grab the bow and arrow to shoot the apple on the head of your friend. Get ready for...

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Apple Shooter 3D by iGames EntertainmentApple Shooter 3D

Rated 3.43(47,040) — iGames Entertainment

Apple Shooter in 3D, exclusive for archery lovers. Drag your bow to shoot the apple in this apple shooting game. Practice your shot in your favorite shooting game of archery. You have limited arrows to shoot the apple. Be a good archer, hit the right...

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Apple Shooter by i Games by iGames EntertainmentApple Shooter by i Games

Rated 4.36(53) — iGames Entertainment

Apple Shooter by i Games - The Best Archery Shooter Series for FREE!Get ready with your favorite Bow and Arrow (Choose from weapon selection) set your aim, hold your breathe and release the arrow to shoot the apple (placed on head) to qualify for next...

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Archery Shooter 3D by iGames EntertainmentArchery Shooter 3D

Rated 3.96(1,449) — iGames Entertainment

One of the World's #1 Archery game is now on Android! Archery Shooter 3D is the hottest and fun game to play. Enjoy the most realistic Archery Shooter 3D game with stunning 3D graphics and control. Shoot arrows at the target and become archery master...

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Beach Ice Cream Delivery by iGames EntertainmentBeach Ice Cream Delivery

Rated 3.74(16,267) — iGames Entertainment

Paddle your way around the beach selling Ice Creams to the tourist. Delivering Ice Creams in the scorching sun is never an easy job. Ride the Tricycle around to find the customers.Make sure you reach the Ice Cream freezing points on time so the Ice Cream.

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Beach Moto Racing by iGames EntertainmentBeach Moto Racing

Rated 3.90(342) — iGames Entertainment

Download to PLAY the new game BEACH MOTO RACING in racing category on Google play now!Welcome to Beach Moto Racing: Race, Drift, Stunt and Win..! If you are crazy about racing game and crazy about bikes, then try this game to enjoy. Shift your gear and...

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2048 v/s 2048 - Multiplayer by iGames Entertainment2048 v/s 2048 - Multiplayer

Rated 4.09(252) — iGames Entertainment

iGames Entertainment brings to you 2048! Are you ready to explore the deep challenge? In this simple puzzle free game, all you have to do is swipe to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, then they merge to one! Sum the same numbers..

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3D Sniper Assassin - FREE by iGames Entertainment3D Sniper Assassin - FREE

Rated 3.79(8,919) — iGames Entertainment

Simply AIM and SHOOT the bad guys out there. Show no mercy to kill all in this amazing game - 3D SNIPER ASSASSIN – FREE. Eliminate the mob of enemies, full of passion that you can’t resist, can’t stop shooting until you kill them all. Be one of...

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Angry Shark Attack Simulator 2017 by iGames EntertainmentAngry Shark Attack Simulator 2017

Rated 4.22(18) — iGames Entertainment

Become a brutal angry hungry shark and hunt to survive in Angry Shark Attack Simulator 2017.Play and live shark's life, which is on rampage - attacking and destroying everything on the way. Become ruthless and endless while fighting with other sharks...

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Apple Shooter by iGames EntertainmentApple Shooter

Rated 4.27(64) — iGames Entertainment

Loved by Millions - The Apple Shooter Game is back again!Thank you all for loving Apple Shooter 3D - The classic game of shooting the apple. The shooting game for family and friends - have loads of fun playing it!Apple Shooter 2017, an exclusive game...

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Apple Shooter 3 by iGames EntertainmentApple Shooter 3

Rated 3.37(4,612) — iGames Entertainment

Being one of the favorite game, Apple Shooter 3D and Apple Shooter 3D – 2, here comes yet another instalment to the series. Download and play the most admirable and challenging game in a new updated version. Apple shooter - 3 delivers ultra realistic...

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Apple Shooter 3D - 2 by iGames EntertainmentApple Shooter 3D - 2

Rated 3.27(14,645) — iGames Entertainment

From the makers of Apple Shooter 3D, here comes the second version of the game with amazing Game Play – Apple Shooter 3D - 2 in Casual Game Category. APPLE SHOOTER 3D – 2 is the best archery game ever, let’s try this exciting game now on Android...

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Apple Shooter: Halloween by iGames EntertainmentApple Shooter: Halloween

Rated 4.01(86) — iGames Entertainment

Apple Shooter Halloween: A new apple blast game with classical and unique action game play. You can enjoy the various shooting locations and challenging gameplay while playing this action game. Have an unlimited fun, enjoy playing the Apple shooter game..

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Basketball 3D by iGames EntertainmentBasketball 3D

Rated 3.55(340) — iGames Entertainment

Basketball 3D is a simple yet addictive game with excellent graphics & fun. Enjoy the ultimate real basketball experience in a comical action packed puzzle Game play. Basketball 3D is an addictive game designed for real basketball lovers, where you can...

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Beach Ice Cream Delivery 2 by iGames EntertainmentBeach Ice Cream Delivery 2

Rated 3.72(2,337) — iGames Entertainment

Beach Ice Cream Delivery is back with an amazing sequel! Drive into a wonderful, surprise filled city of Beach Ice cream. Race against time with your own unique Ice cream buggy and reach out all the customers to make money. Test your skills driving the...

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Bike Racing Moto by iGames EntertainmentBike Racing Moto

Rated 3.89(1,953) — iGames Entertainment

Bike Racing Moto is #1 Racing Game with insane stunts action!Take the challenge on as Mexico, Morocco and other highway bike racing tracks. This crazy bike racing game is filled with action and fast paced gameplay. This game is easy to pick up but hard...

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