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Bird Flocking Simulator by Inderpreet PablaBird Flocking Simulator

Rated 5.00(2) — Inderpreet Pabla

Bird flocking simulator uses the 3 main principles of flocking to create a visually appealing flocking behavior of birds. Users can add up to 300 birds and have them simulate in a flocking behavior. The simulation can also be switched to intensity heat...

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Database Access by Inderpreet PablaDatabase Access

Rated 4.00(1) — Inderpreet Pabla

----------------IMPORTANT: YOU MUST HAVE WEB-SERVICE EXTENSION (Server Side PHP Scripts) IN ORDER FOR IT TO WORK. Link: code is open source--- --------

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Rocket Crash by Inderpreet PablaRocket Crash

Rated 4.70(10) — Inderpreet Pabla

Fly through space and complete fun and challenging levels! Rocket Crash is a FREE space game where you pilot a rocket and go from one point of the level to another in order to complete it. Rocket Crash also features fluent physics-based gameplay. Each...

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Cannon Mania by Inderpreet PablaCannon Mania

Rated 3.81(16) — Inderpreet Pabla

Control a cannon and use it to fire various kinds of ammunition at enemies. Each level contains different ammunition and level structures to destroy. Levels are completed when all enemy rag-dolls are destroyed. Each rag-doll has 5 joints connecting 6...

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Particle Physics by Inderpreet PablaParticle Physics

Rated 2.94(36) — Inderpreet Pabla

Quick Description: Simple particle physics game (my first game). Particles get attracted towards the gravity well and collide fluently with blocks around its environment. - Particles can be created by dragging your finger across the screen. - Gravity...

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