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Color Memory Fun by Just!GamesColor Memory Fun

Rated 3.14(7) — Just!Games

Color Memory Fun is classic color memory game where you need to remember right colors in same order as displayed before.This is fun & addictive memory game where you first have to remember 4 colors in same order. Every time you remember right order...

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Maze block - Fun labyrinth by Just!GamesMaze block - Fun labyrinth

Rated 4.59(17) — Just!Games

Maze block - Game offers fun and challenging way to resolve moving maze. Can you keep up with maze if it has a mind of its own? Maze block currently has total of 18 labyrinths and hopefully more to come! Enjoy fun game and musicsGame idea:Game idea is...

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Sanoja suomeksi by Just!GamesSanoja suomeksi

Rated 4.14(7) — Just!Games

Opettele suomen kieltä kuvien avulla. Sanoja suomeksi pelissä sinun tulee yhdistää suomenkieliset sanat oikeisiin kuviin. Peli soveltuu erityisesti suomen kieltä opetteleville ihmisille, jotka haluavat kartuttaa sanastoaan ja oppia uusia sanoja...

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Matikkapeli by Just!GamesMatikkapeli

Rated 3.33(18) — Just!Games

Matikkapeli on opettavainen suomenkielinen ohjelma / Matematiikka peli jolla matikkaa on helppo oppia. Pelissä olevat perinteiset matematiikka harjoitukset auttavat etenkin nuoria oppimaan laskemaan matematiikkaa. Pelissä on 2 vaihdettavaa tasoa ja...

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Rollme: The ball by Just!GamesRollme: The ball

Rated 3.85(13) — Just!Games

Rollme: The ball is interesting puzzle solving platform game where you are Rollme, lonely ball trying to find way home.> What is Rollme: The ball? Rollme takes you to 2D world where you have to find the goal. Roads might be blocked but luckily you have...

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