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Beacon by kwattsBeacon

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This app is part of a project creating a beacon app that will broadcast all device information (gps, sensors, bluetooth/ble devices, wifi, etc) to anyone that can hear it. The goal is to have it configurable and run on any type of hardware/device, includi

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Droid Command Pro by kwattsDroid Command Pro

Rated 4.08(75) — kwatts

Droid Command Pro gives you access to the hidden system commands that came with your phone.- AD FREE and works on both rooted and non-rooted devices- Easy way to access and run system commands such as top, logcat, disk usage, rooted commands, purty colors

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Network Caller ID by kwattsNetwork Caller ID

Rated 3.23(30) — kwatts

NetCallerID gives you control of knowing your callers by giving you the information that matters. 1.4: + font size option + company info from addressbook (thanks mike!)- Find addresses, spam calls, caller relatives, FB status, using online resources...

Color Finder by kwattsColor Finder

Rated 3.00(2) — kwatts

A simple program I made because there wasn't another out there. If you know the color of the object you lost, this app will allow you to set the color and highlight objects that match the color as you move the camera around.If your keen to check out...

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NetScanner by kwattsNetScanner

Rated 3.22(51) — kwatts

NetScanner is the easiest way to find and listen to the scanner sources around you.-All feeds (2000+ including police/airports/fire/ems) are in a map based on location-Police codes and can stream in background (always on)-look at

pOnewheel by kwattspOnewheel

Rated 4.88(16) — kwatts

(Note that this application is not officially endorsed by the OneWheel company!)Looking for extended and hidden stats from your fancy new OneWheel? And what about logging of these stats to figure out where exactly did things go wrong and cause you to...

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