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Check pregnant women labor by kYaEnter_AppCheck pregnant women labor

Rated 3.20(5) — kYaEnter_App

Birth signs of labor olttaeIf so jinjintong regular intervals as short as analgesic,You can prepare.function:- Pain measurement record- Labor time recording- Labor interval recording- Save past labor record[false labor]The distinction between real pain...

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English-Korean translator chat by kYaEnter_AppEnglish-Korean translator chat

Rated 3.35(37) — kYaEnter_App

- English made it convenient for everyone to study the Korean language.- Allows quick search.- Please interpreter quickly translated through voice recognition.- Korean English interpretation, translation errors can be checked- To be used as a chat Even...

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Japanese Hiragana Practice by kYaEnter_AppJapanese Hiragana Practice

Rated 3.78(9) — kYaEnter_App

[feature]Hiragana alphabet pronunciations offerAudio output capabilitySpeed ControlSMS transmission function

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Learning piano code by kYaEnter_AppLearning piano code

Rated 4.09(79) — kYaEnter_App

[advantage] - Harmonics, chords - Provides various code - Provides key image - Provide sound

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Light Magnifying Glass! by kYaEnter_AppLight Magnifying Glass!

Rated 4.19(32) — kYaEnter_App

- Expanding telescope has a light, brightness, light function.- The zoom function better than normal camera.- Easy stuff you find the furniture back.(Bed, wardrobe, washing machine, sink, refrigerator, TV, table, etc.)- It matchulsu focus through the...

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Multi Smart Translator by kYaEnter_AppMulti Smart Translator

Rated 4.04(24) — kYaEnter_App

MS-Translator Advantages.1. Two languages at once, simultaneous translation.2. Correct translation results confirmed3. Forty Language Support.4. Message translator and Voice translator Support.

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Professional magnifying glass by kYaEnter_AppProfessional magnifying glass

Rated 4.18(91) — kYaEnter_App

This is useful in professional life.Focusing, screen save, using an illumination function, is really useful.- Magnifying glass lighting, focus, it has a camera function.- Excellent zoom function than typical camera is excellent.- There is no shaking...

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The default metronome Free by kYaEnter_AppThe default metronome Free

Rated 3.00(6) — kYaEnter_App

Beat, beat, tone it matchwot everything to default.characteristic:♫ it seems to be seeing the actual metronome.♫ convenient and simple.♫ easy-to-use is possible.♫ You can operate easily.

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Worldwide Bunting by kYaEnter_AppWorldwide Bunting

Rated 3.64(14) — kYaEnter_App

[[advantage]]- Olympics, World Cup cheering Tools- Countries around the world study- Check at a glance- Neat design- Easy interface[[National Register]][Abkhazia] [Afghanistan] [Albanian] [Algeria] [American Samoa] [Andorra] [Angola] [Anguilla][Antigua...

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영어 암기왕 어플 (단어편) by kYaEnter_App영어 암기왕 어플 (단어편)

Rated 4.75(4) — kYaEnter_App

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------영어 공부에 있어서 가장 필수적인 단어! 매번 외워도 까먹고 외우기도 힘들고단어뜻이 무엇일지, 발음은 어떻게 될지 힘드시죠?영어...

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English kid song by kYaEnter_AppEnglish kid song

Rated 4.29(17) — kYaEnter_App

English kid song (English song) isThis application was created to help children learn English easily seen entertain tough.English song that is simple and enjoyable 35 is included.Simply listening to the song, not the application, when you select the...

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GCD LCM calculator by kYaEnter_AppGCD LCM calculator

Rated 4.20(5) — kYaEnter_App

The greatest common divisor, least common multiple of two numbers found quickly and easily!

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Kid Voice Translator by kYaEnter_AppKid Voice Translator

Rated 4.00(3) — kYaEnter_App

Children are made simple and easy to use.Children as well as adults no problem with this.[feature]Clean design screenMultilingual voice outputEasy to useChat-type layout[Supported languages]Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian...

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Light Magnifying Glass Pro by kYaEnter_AppLight Magnifying Glass Pro

Rated 4.05(22) — kYaEnter_App

The dark is a useful app you find the best things.- Zoom, you have a telescope, light, brightness, light function.- The zoom function better than conventional cameras.- Easy to find a household things behind.(Bed, wardrobe, washing machine, sink, refriger

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Magnifying Glass by kYaEnter_AppMagnifying Glass

Rated 3.76(50) — kYaEnter_App

The application to extend the camera.Try to use simyeon know, really positive ...! Say! Greatly expanded.Do not be surprised: DCommon applications include camera application did not experience a magnifying glass,What did you a lot of hassle because you...

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PERFECT telescope by kYaEnter_AppPERFECT telescope

Rated 3.99(1,473) — kYaEnter_App

- Lighting to the function of the telescope, it has focus, the camera function. - Enlargement function than typical camera is excellent. - We focus using the focus button. - Use the button on the camera, and save the photos.-------------------------------

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Screen Light by kYaEnter_AppScreen Light

Rated 4.46(26) — kYaEnter_App

1. The application to control the phone screen brightness.2. It can be used through a simple operation.3. In the liquid crystal easily check the status damage.

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Trigonometric calculations by kYaEnter_AppTrigonometric calculations

Rated 4.29(7) — kYaEnter_App

Trigonometric Features- Sine, cosine, tangent easily calculated- The number of decimal places displayed- Calculate the decimal place- Easy to use interface- More convenient design

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민주주의의 등불 촛불 (집회, 시위) by kYaEnter_App민주주의의 등불 촛불 (집회, 시위)

Rated 4.36(114) — kYaEnter_App

대한민국 헌법 제 1조 2항대한민국의 주권은 국민에게 있고, 모든 권력은 국민으로부터 나온다.민주주의의 국가임에도 불구하고, 모든 권력은 대통령, 최순실, 대기업에 몰려있고,국민알기를 개돼지로 아는 정권...박근혜대통형의 하야를 진심으로 원합니다.#박근혜#대통령#최순실#퇴진#하야#탄핵

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영어 암기왕 어플 (숙어편) by kYaEnter_App영어 암기왕 어플 (숙어편)

Rated 4.50(10) — kYaEnter_App

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------간단한 숙어, 회화 어떻게 배워야 할까요?영어 암기왕 어플을 통해 해결하세요 ^^외국 여행을 준비중이거나 여행중, 워킹 홀리데이...

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