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Ballerina Dress up Doll Dancer by LD Games StudioBallerina Dress up Doll Dancer

Rated 3.97(436) — LD Games Studio

The newest doll games from our collection of ballerina games is called Ballerina Dress up Doll Dancer where all modern girls can think that they are on the real stage and look like a true princess ballerina . Of course, the princess doll must be very...

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Beauty Makeup and Nail Salon by LD Games StudioBeauty Makeup and Nail Salon

Rated 3.80(13,755) — LD Games Studio

Because all girls like to play makeup games, we decide to offer you today one of the newest makeup salon games called Beauty Makeup and Nail Salon , were all girls can see their dream comes true : a nice and professional beauty salon, with a lot of cosmet

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Bride and Bridesmaid Makeup by LD Games StudioBride and Bridesmaid Makeup

Rated 4.25(292) — LD Games Studio

If you like to play makeup games our wedding games collection offer you the chance to have one of the biggest makeup salon with everything you need for a complete beauty treatment. The newest wedding makeup games in our collection is called Bride and...

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Cheerleader Makeup - High School Fashion by LD Games StudioCheerleader Makeup - High School Fashion

Rated 4.50(4) — LD Games Studio

All little girls want to be one of the most popular cheerleader in the high school. For this reason we think that you will like to try one of our newest princess makeup games called Cheerleader Makeup - High School Fashion, where you should use your...

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Cooking Tasty Birthday Cake by LD Games StudioCooking Tasty Birthday Cake

Rated 4.23(22) — LD Games Studio

We invite you to try one of our newest cooking games for girls called Cooking Tasty Birthday Cake where you should prove your cooking skills in our virtual kitchen and see if you can make a delicious birthday cake.First level in this genre of cooking...

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Doll High School Dress up by LD Games StudioDoll High School Dress up

Rated 3.74(1,354) — LD Games Studio

Our dress up games collection has today a new challenge for you . One of the newest doll dress up games called Doll High School Dress up, where you have the chance to show your fashion skills and change your favorite doll in one of the most popular girl..

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Doll Shopping for Valentines by LD Games StudioDoll Shopping for Valentines

Rated 4.17(6) — LD Games Studio

Our shopping games collection is bigger today with the newest valentines day games called Doll Shopping for Valentines where you can imagine a perfect Valentines Day, with gorgeous decorations and special clothes with matching accessories which may change

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Fresh Pasta - Cooking games for girls by LD Games StudioFresh Pasta - Cooking games for girls

Rated 4.14(29) — LD Games Studio

All those girls that want to play new cooking games will be glad to see our newest idea for pasta cooking games. It's called Fresh Pasta - Cooking games for girls and there you will look like your mom in the kitchen, because there is everything you like..

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Heart Wedding Cake Cooking by LD Games StudioHeart Wedding Cake Cooking

Rated 3.82(8,451) — LD Games Studio

Our collection of wedding cake games is bigger today with another type of cooking games called Heart Wedding Cake Cooking, where all girls that want a gorgeous and delicious wedding cake can try to cook it and also decorate it with beautiful and elegant..

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Ice Princess Ski Dress up by LD Games StudioIce Princess Ski Dress up

Rated 4.00(2) — LD Games Studio

Looking like an ice princess is a dream for each little girls, a dream with beautiful clothes and a very colorful makeup. So, we decide to increase our collection of ice princess dress up games for girls with another genre of princess games called Ice...

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Beach Ice Cream Restaurant by LD Games StudioBeach Ice Cream Restaurant

Rated 4.00(4) — LD Games Studio

If you like to play restaurant games we will be glad to show you one of the newest ice cream games for girls called Beach Ice Cream Restaurant , where you can imagine that you spend an entire summer vacation on the beach and manage your own ice cream...

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Best Friends Fashion Dress up by LD Games StudioBest Friends Fashion Dress up

Rated 4.03(445) — LD Games Studio

Our collection of fashion games is bigger today with one of the newest dress up games called Best Friends Fashion Dress up, where you should find the perfect combination of dresses and accessories for the two BF princesses. We try to improve all our...

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Car Wash Salon and Repair by LD Games StudioCar Wash Salon and Repair

Rated 3.72(438) — LD Games Studio

If you like a convertible car, our car wash games will give you the chance to wash, repair and clean up one of the most pretty convertible car that you have seen before . Car Wash Salon and Repair is the newest car wash games and there you have your...

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Complete Makeup - Princess Hair Salon by LD Games StudioComplete Makeup - Princess Hair Salon

Rated 4.57(28) — LD Games Studio

Our collection with princess games is bigger today with a different kind of princess makeover games called Complete Makeup - Princess Hair Salon where all little girls can dream to be like a real makeup artist and fashion adviser. First level in these...

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Doll Hair Salon and Fashion by LD Games StudioDoll Hair Salon and Fashion

Rated 4.26(128) — LD Games Studio

Our collection with hair salon games started today with one of the most complete hair games called Doll Hair Salon and Fashion, where all little girls can show their hairstylist and fashion skills in a big hair salon and fashion studio . First level...

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Doll Makeup - Summer fashion by LD Games StudioDoll Makeup - Summer fashion

Rated 4.50(2) — LD Games Studio

We are very happy to invite you to try our newest collection with princess makeup games and this time we bring you another kind of dolls games. The first is called Doll Makeup - Summer fashion, where you can show if you are a really good makeup artist...

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Dress Designer Doll Tailor by LD Games StudioDress Designer Doll Tailor

Rated 3.88(212) — LD Games Studio

All girls like to be in the fashion trends, so they also need to be a very good dress designer. Our newest sewing games for girls is called Dress Designer Doll Tailor and there are one of the biggest fashion studio for all girls that like to play dress...

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Groom & Bride Wedding dress up by LD Games StudioGroom & Bride Wedding dress up

Rated 3.89(945) — LD Games Studio

Our collection of wedding games is bigger today with our newest wedding dress up games called Groom and Bride wedding dress up, where you will have the chance to imagine the perfect wedding day for each girl . This time you can make your princess to...

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High Heel - Shoe Designer by LD Games StudioHigh Heel - Shoe Designer

Rated 3.91(1,294) — LD Games Studio

Girls like all kind of design games because they can customize clothes or shoes and make them look as they wish. LD Games Studio brings you the newest design games called High Heels - Shoes Designer where each girl can design and customize fancy and...

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Makeup - Face Painting Salon by LD Games StudioMakeup - Face Painting Salon

Rated 4.05(21) — LD Games Studio

Today we will invite you to discover the newest genre of princess makeup games which will start with one called Party Makeup - Face Painting Salon . You will be the owner of one of the well known beauty salon in town and a pretty princess wants an elegant

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