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Honor Block Training by letgflyHonor Block Training

Rated 5.00(4) — letgfly

Easy training reaction time to block enemy's attack for for honor3 Level to training with different reaction times.Have Unlimited mod to training. End game when you press END button用來練習格擋反應時間的小遊戲 使你玩榮耀戰魂時 反應更靈敏!LV1:適合新手LV2:適合普通玩家LV3:高手專用左上角可以開啟無限模式...

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來場賓果吧! by letgfly來場賓果吧!

Rated 3.67(6) — letgfly

每位玩家輪流喊一個數字 把喊到的數字標記起來連成五條線的玩家 看誰先喊出賓果 誰就獲得勝利! Each player in turn call a number to mark up digital criedEven into five lines of players to see who could shout bingo will come to win!

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吹風機 by letgfly吹風機

Rated 3.00(11) — letgfly

用嘴巴偷偷吹風 Hair secretly with the mouth

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喝杯水吧 by letgfly喝杯水吧

Rated 5.00(1) — letgfly

出門在外 渴了就可以拿出來喝! Away from home you can come up with thirsty to drink!

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學數字 by letgfly學數字

Rated 5.00(1) — letgfly

最適合陪同小朋友一起學習數字的教育APP The most suitable for accompanied children with learning digital education APP

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成就拉霸機 by letgfly成就拉霸機

Rated 4.67(3) — letgfly

使用拉霸(-1金幣)可透過上下按鈕改變花色 (-1金幣)解鎖成就(+1金幣)每完成10個成就(+5最大金幣上限)完成所有成就 即可通關! Use of slot (-1 gold)May change color (-1 coins) through the down buttonUnlock achievements...

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指尖陀螺 by letgfly指尖陀螺

Rated 5.00(2) — letgfly

全國最炫的指尖陀螺上線拉! The country's most unusual lines on fingertips gyro pull!

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泡泡紙 by letgfly泡泡紙

Rated 3.78(46) — letgfly

無盡泡泡讓你可以一直按下去 Endless bubbles so that you can always press down

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煎顆蛋吧 by letgfly煎顆蛋吧

Rated 5.00(8) — letgfly

你能煎出甚麼蛋呢? You can fry an egg does what?

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神奇海螺 by letgfly神奇海螺

Rated 4.56(9) — letgfly


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丟骰子 by letgfly丟骰子

Rated 3.78(9) — letgfly

丟丟骰子 18拉! 18 Diudiu dice pull!

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刮鬍刀 by letgfly刮鬍刀

Rated 0.00(0) — letgfly

讓你隨時隨地刮個夠! Make you scratch your fill anytime, anywhere!

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哈雷路亞 by letgfly哈雷路亞

Rated 2.50(8) — letgfly

你有辦法見證奇蹟嗎? You have a way to witness the miracle?

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大聲扳手 by letgfly大聲扳手

Rated 5.00(1) — letgfly

只要起爭議 大聲就搞定! As long as the dispute played out loud to get!

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恭喜你答... by letgfly恭喜你答...

Rated 2.89(18) — letgfly

當朋友回答問題時 就可以恭喜你答...不論是答對還是答錯 只要能說得出口的 都是好回答! When the friend can answer questions congratulate you answer ...Either answer or wrong answer as long as it can it is a good answer!

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打火機 by letgfly打火機

Rated 5.00(1) — letgfly

隨時隨地掏出來 就有火了! Out there anywhere to fire!

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樂透幸運選號 by letgfly樂透幸運選號

Rated 4.00(3) — letgfly

選出幸運號碼! 祝你中大獎! Elect lucky number! I wish you the jackpot!

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炸彈快傳 by letgfly炸彈快傳

Rated 2.20(10) — letgfly

每個玩家輪流說出題目的答案後傳給下一位玩家看炸彈在誰手中爆炸誰就輸了!!詞語接龍類的例如 猴子 -> 子孫 ->孫悟空玩家出題則是由一位玩家自訂題目大聲講出來後就開始遊戲 Passed to the...

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真的很亮很漂亮 by letgfly真的很亮很漂亮

Rated 3.67(3) — letgfly

真的很亮很漂亮 Really very bright, very beautiful

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終極密碼 by letgfly終極密碼

Rated 3.43(7) — letgfly

三五好友一起猜 猜中的人要做一樣懲罰 Guess a few friends together to guess people to do the same punishment

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