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Dank Soundboard by loquatsDank Soundboard

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Ugandan Knuckles - Do You Know de Wae Game by loquatsUgandan Knuckles - Do You Know de Wae Game

Rated 4.21(29) — loquats

We must go back to ????????Uganda???????? ! Do you know de wae?Find your lost bruddahs and sistas, and show dem de wae!Bring all the true warriors of Uganda to witness the wedding of the Commanda????️and the Queen ????. But beware of non-believers...

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Psychomotor Vigilance Task by loquatsPsychomotor Vigilance Task

Rated 3.29(7) — loquats

Psychomotor vigilance task (PVT), is the "gold standard" of measuring sleepiness. The PVT measures your sustained attention using a short, 2-minute task. You can log your performance over time, and see how your PVT performance changes compared to how...

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