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Ahorcado by MacaqueAhorcado

Rated 4.04(8,495) — Macaque

Ahorcado: ¿Quién va a ser ahorcado?El ahorcado es un juego maravilloso, que probablemente recordarás de tu infancia. Antes necesitabas una hoja de papel o una pizarra, ahora lo puedes jugar en tu teléfono o tablet!Adivina la palabra oculta escogiendo...

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Fern Flower by MacaqueFern Flower

Rated 4.79(68) — Macaque

Once a year blooms a flower…It is said that it brings fortune to the one who finds it...Fern Flower is very atmospheric and compelling game.Climb mystic mountains in search of those esoteric flowers.Gameplay:Touch left or right part of the screen for...

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Hangman 2: Online by MacaqueHangman 2: Online

Rated 3.65(81) — Macaque

The new version of the popular word puzzle game. Hangman2 not only has all the advantages of the previous version - „Hangman. Who's going to hang?”- but it also allows you to play with friends online. Now you don't have to sit next to each other...

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Henker 2: Online by MacaqueHenker 2: Online

Rated 3.77(22) — Macaque

Neue Fassung des bekannten und beliebten Wortspieles. Henker 2 hat alle Vorteile der vorherigen Fassungen - "Henker: Wer wird gehängt?" – und ermöglicht, mit den Freunden online zu spielen. Jetzt muss man nicht am gleichen Ort zu sein, um miteinander...

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Hungry Bunny by MacaqueHungry Bunny

Rated 4.02(4,501) — Macaque

Meet Mr. Bunny. He is a friendly little fellow, famous for his great love of fresh carrots. One morning, just when he started to feel hungry, fortune smiled on him...Join Mr. Bunny on his amazing adventure across the world and help him collect all the...

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L'impiccato by MacaqueL'impiccato

Rated 3.85(18,273) — Macaque

L'impiccato è quel meraviglioso gioco della nostra infanzia che tutti noi ricordiamo. Una volta per giocare avevi bisogno di un foglio o di una lavagna, ma ora puoi giocare direttamente sul tuo smartphone o sul tuo tablet!Indovina la frase nascosta...

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Missiles! by MacaqueMissiles!

Rated 4.34(47,411) — Macaque

Steer the plane to collect stars and avoid missiles!- control the plane with joystick, whole screen or left/right buttons- collect points to unlock new planes- normal and fast game modes- shield and speed boost power-ups- compete with others on Google...

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Pendu: Qui sera pendu? by MacaquePendu: Qui sera pendu?

Rated 3.93(3,283) — Macaque

Le jeu du pendu est un jeu merveilleux, que tu te souviens probablement de l’enfance. Autrefois, on avait besoin d’une simple feuille de papier ou d’un tableau noir et d’un crayon, actuellement tu peux y jouer sur ton portable ou sur ta tablette...

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Wisielec 2: Online by MacaqueWisielec 2: Online

Rated 4.24(14,631) — Macaque

Nowa odsłona znanej i lubianej gry słownej. Wisielec 2 nie tylko posiada wszystkie zalety poprzedniej wersji - „Wisielec: Kto zostanie powieszony?” - ale pozwala również grać z przyjaciółmi online. Teraz nie trzeba siedzieć tuż obok siebie...

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Виселица: Кого же повесят? by MacaqueВиселица: Кого же повесят?

Rated 4.18(26,563) — Macaque

Виселица – замечательная игра, которую, наверное, ты помнишь с детства. Когда-то нужен был листок бумаги или доска, а сейчас ты можешь играть...

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Ahorcado 2: Online by MacaqueAhorcado 2: Online

Rated 3.99(762) — Macaque

Versión nueva del juego de palabras conocido y apreciado. Ahorcado 2 no sólo tiene las cualidades de la versión anterior – “Ahorcado. ¿Quién va a ser ahorcado?” – sino permite también jugar con los amigos online. Ahora no hay que sentarse...

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Fours by MacaqueFours

Rated 4.39(267) — Macaque

Challenge yourself and use the “Fours”!“Fours” is a very simple, yet addictive game with nice and clean graphics.The main and only rule is to match shapes from appearing quarters.The more complete the shape is, the more points you score.But remember...

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Hangman: Who's going to hang? by MacaqueHangman: Who's going to hang?

Rated 3.91(211) — Macaque

Hangman (gallows) is a wonderful game, which you probably remember from your childhood. Earlier you needed a piece of paper or a blackboard- now you can play it on your phone or tablet!Guess the hidden phrases by selecting letters. Each incorrect letter..

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Henker: Wer wird gehängt? by MacaqueHenker: Wer wird gehängt?

Rated 3.86(413) — Macaque

Der Henker (Galgenmännchen) ist eine wunderbare Unterhaltung, die jedem an seine eigne Kindheit erinnern kann. Damals brauchte man ein Blatt Papier oder einen Tafel, jetzt kann man einfach auf Handy oder Tablet spielen! Um den versteckten Begriff zu...

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Jogo da Forca 2: Online by MacaqueJogo da Forca 2: Online

Rated 3.66(142) — Macaque

A nova versão de um jogo de palavras conhecido e popular. Agora em Português! O “Jogo da forca” não somente tem todas as vantagens da versão anterior, “Hangman: Who's going to hang?”, mas também permite jogar com amigos online. Agora já...

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L'im­p­i­c­cato 2: Online by MacaqueL'im­p­i­c­cato 2: Online

Rated 3.95(1,781) — Macaque

Una nuova versione del gioco di parole tanto noto ed amato. L’impiccato 2, oltre ad avere tutti i pregi della versione precedente “L’impiccato. Chi sarà impiccato?”, permette di giocare con gli amici online. Non è più necessario trovarsi nella...

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Pendu 2: en Ligne by MacaquePendu 2: en Ligne

Rated 3.66(276) — Macaque

Une nouvelle édition du jeu de mots bien connu et populaire. Le Pendu 2 non seulement possède tous les avantages de la version précédante - „Le Pendu. Qui sera pendu?” - mais il permet également de jouer avec des amis en ligne. Maintenant on...

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Wisielec by MacaqueWisielec

Rated 4.22(35,460) — Macaque

Wisielec (szubienica), to wspaniała gra, którą pewnie pamiętasz z dzieciństwa. Kiedyś potrzebna była kartka lub tablica, teraz możesz w nią grać na telefonie lub tablecie!Odgadnij ukryte hasło wybierając literki. Każda błędna literka...

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Виселица 2: Онлайн by MacaqueВиселица 2: Онлайн

Rated 4.05(1,936) — Macaque

Новое место действия известной полюбившейся словесной игры. Висельник 2 не только обладает всеми преимуществами предыдущей версии - "Виселица:...

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