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Mad Quail published 36 applications on Google Play, 3,957 people rated these apps with an average rating of 3.75!

Adventure Pig Game: Battle Run by Mad QuailAdventure Pig Game: Battle Run

Rated 3.71(80) — Mad Quail

Are you ready for an irresistible fast-paced running game for Android phones and tablets? Run, jump, dodge obstacles, collect acorns and lead your adventure pig through this victory dash! Adventure Pig Game – Battle Run is a "running game for free...

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Bugsy Dash Bunny the Runner by Mad QuailBugsy Dash Bunny the Runner

Rated 3.61(192) — Mad Quail

Run, jump, dash and slide into new actions and adventures with our Looney Bunny in our brand new 2015 running game “Bugsy Dash Bunny the Runner”! Kid-friendly interface, crisp touch controls, unpredictable obstacles and cute hand-drawn cartoon characters.

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Crazy Jumping Jam, Jump Game by Mad QuailCrazy Jumping Jam, Jump Game

Rated 3.95(21) — Mad Quail

Play Crazy Jumping Jam, Jump Game and get into happy mega jumping from one platform to another! Download this awesome 2D platform jumping game and instantly get hooked on one of the top “addicting games” in 2015! Our monster friend Mignon has caught...

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Dog Jump Game Brain Challenge by Mad QuailDog Jump Game Brain Challenge

Rated 4.30(27) — Mad Quail

A cute pet dog for sale – available now: download free Dog Jump Game Brain Challenge and play with this "cute puppy" day and night! If you like to play "dog games" with "small dogs", you'll enjoy in fun adventures of our "jumping dog"! What are your...

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Fun Jump Game & IQ Quest by Mad QuailFun Jump Game & IQ Quest

Rated 3.78(23) — Mad Quail

The "gravity project" starts now! Get ready for some brain exercise and test your logical thinking: fight gravity, find the fastest path to get food and feed your hungry bear! "Download free" Fun Jump Game & IQ Quest and train your brain with this awesome

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Gravity Cat FREE IQ Game by Mad QuailGravity Cat FREE IQ Game

Rated 4.14(21) — Mad Quail

Get your own pet cat and help it grab its food in this "adventure game"! Gravity Cat FREE IQ Game is an exciting and addicting platform jumping game with a "cute cat" jumping on platforms and collecting food. This "jumping cat" game is set in a Jumpland..

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Jump Bunny Jump Best Free Game by Mad QuailJump Bunny Jump Best Free Game

Rated 4.12(59) — Mad Quail

Jump Bunny Jump Best Free Game is a brand new and yet unseen 2015 "free jumping game" & a "brain booster" for kids! Brain games are fun games that train your mind – strenghten your brain by playing this jumping "adventure game" for Android! One of...

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Jumping in Space–Dog Astronaut by Mad QuailJumping in Space–Dog Astronaut

Rated 3.50(18) — Mad Quail

Download “Jumping in Space-Dog Astronaut” and get a playful puppy who loves to jump on platforms and it's always ready to join a crazy adventure: this joyride to the top is its favorite discipline! Can you endure bouncing and leaping for 64 days...

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Jungle Bear Ninja Jump Game by Mad QuailJungle Bear Ninja Jump Game

Rated 3.62(47) — Mad Quail

Tap to jump in this crazy "jungle adventure" and watch your jumping ninja dash to the top! "Jungle Bear Ninja Jump Game" is a brand new vertically challenging "jumping game" – your task is to jump from one platform to another! Just jump up till you...

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Kitty in Candyland-Jump & Tilt by Mad QuailKitty in Candyland-Jump & Tilt

Rated 3.98(46) — Mad Quail

Say hello to our cute kitty friend who has a sweet tooth and help her jump around to collect ice cream and candy treats! Download this crazy action-packed arcade jumping game and jump & grab sweets to feed the hungry cat jumper! Get on an extremely fun...

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Angry Bear - Jump, Dash, Tilt by Mad QuailAngry Bear - Jump, Dash, Tilt

Rated 3.80(15) — Mad Quail

Welcome to a “FUN RUN” game!Bear survival run starts now!Download ANGRY BEAR – JUMP, DASH, TILT and blast off on a fast-paced action adventure game full of running and jumping on walls!⇨ Endless “running and jumping” on moving platforms in...

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Bunny Hop Game, Jump Up Rabbit by Mad QuailBunny Hop Game, Jump Up Rabbit

Rated 3.59(34) — Mad Quail

Start your crazy jumping adventure with this little cute rabbit and enjoy the amazing joyride of jumping up without falling down! Here comes your lift – hop on it now, jump for your life! Bunny Hop Game,Jump Up Rabbit is a "platform jumping game" for...

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Crazy Piglet Jumping & Flying by Mad QuailCrazy Piglet Jumping & Flying

Rated 3.81(160) — Mad Quail

Are you ready to blast off on a wild jumping adventure with your cute piggy? Download Crazy Piglet Jumping & Flying and navigate your little jumping animal through the forest! Jump from one platform to another but do it carefully in order not to fall...

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Dog Racing Game by Mad QuailDog Racing Game

Rated 3.64(481) — Mad Quail

Like to play free racing games?Speed runners are your favorite game characters?If so, you should get ready for our new puppy runner - Dog Racing Game: tap left & right, dodge the obstacles and collect all the bones! This cute “puppy dog” is a hero...

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Funny Bunny Jump: Jumping Hare by Mad QuailFunny Bunny Jump: Jumping Hare

Rated 3.54(107) — Mad Quail

Are you ready for some crazy jumping action? Download Funny Bunny Jump: Jumping Hare, one of the most addicting games in 2015, and prepare your fingers for some serious platform jumping adventure! Jump to collect the fruits and vegetables that are falling

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Jetpack Dog in Space Jam: Jump by Mad QuailJetpack Dog in Space Jam: Jump

Rated 3.41(39) — Mad Quail

Welcome to the puppy land – the cutest dog island in the outer space – jump, tilt your phone and make sure your cute “space dog” explorer grabs its doggy food and other collectible items! Jetpack Dog in Space Jam: Jump is a vertical jumping craze...

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Jumping Adventure Brain Teaser by Mad QuailJumping Adventure Brain Teaser

Rated 4.13(52) — Mad Quail

Train your brain with a fun casual game with levels "Jumping Adventure Brain Teaser"! Download this "free jump game" and employ your brain cells: a cute pig jumper is trapped in Graviland – the land of strong gravitational force; The pig is hungry...

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Jumpy the Bunny – Fly & Jump by Mad QuailJumpy the Bunny – Fly & Jump

Rated 3.73(81) — Mad Quail

Embark on a top fun action game Jumpy the Bunny – Fly & Jump and enjoy navigating your cute little bunny throughout this endless rabbit jump adventure game! Watch out not to jump too high and risk hitting your head because that will kill you, just...

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Kitten Jump Game:JUMP UP Kitty by Mad QuailKitten Jump Game:JUMP UP Kitty

Rated 3.65(37) — Mad Quail

"Funny cat game" may begin – try out your "jumping cat" and help it to reach every next candy platform! Kitten Jump Game: JUMP UP Kitty is the cutest among cute cats games on the market! This adorable pretty kitty needs your help to jump sky-high and...

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Loony Jumpy Cat: Jump & Fly UP by Mad QuailLoony Jumpy Cat: Jump & Fly UP

Rated 4.01(170) — Mad Quail

Hello, dear friends, let us take you to the magic Candy land, the place where our flappy kitty likes to run and jump freely! Download Loony Jumpy Cat: Jump & Fly Up, and this hyper cool mega jumping and running adventure game will fill your days with...

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