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A Puzzle Journey : The Beginning (Unreleased) by Monster BrainA Puzzle Journey : The Beginning (Unreleased)

Rated 0.00(0) — Monster Brain

The journey of Life through the puzzles of abyss begins here.What will you find at the end of your journey?A Puzzle Platformer Adventure Game.

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Chemistry Lab : Compounds Game by Monster BrainChemistry Lab : Compounds Game

Rated 4.41(17) — Monster Brain

Chemistry Lab game offers a fun way to learn about chemical compounds and chemical formulas.Learn the various compounds and its elements through this Exciting Fun Chemistry Lab Game.- Learn about elements making the common compounds like common salt...

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Easy Jigsaw Puzzle Kids by Monster BrainEasy Jigsaw Puzzle Kids

Rated 4.80(5) — Monster Brain

Simple and Easier Jigsaw Puzzle Game, specially crafted for kids.Features- 6 Colorful Fun pictures to Solve (More to come)- Smooth & Frustration less Gameplay- Hidden Stars to collect as an Extra RewardAn Enjoyable & Fun Puzzle Experience for Kids

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High Speed Road Cross by Monster BrainHigh Speed Road Cross

Rated 4.13(45) — Monster Brain

The Roads are dangerous. The Cars are Furious. Only way to cross it, is to Cross it FAST.**** New Update ****Google Play Achievements & LeaderboardFeaturing- Various Road crossing Puzzle Levels and more adding soon.- Pumping action soundtrack by Stratkat.

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Lonely life by Monster BrainLonely life

Rated 3.77(56) — Monster Brain

Short symbolic experimental puzzle adventure based on life experiencesA relaxing, atmospheric & ambient puzzle experience.(Inspired from Limbo, NightSky)Music from

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Math Blaster by Monster BrainMath Blaster

Rated 4.87(15) — Monster Brain

Are you a Math Puzzle Lover ? Math Blaster will provide you with a new kind of puzzle experience with its easy to pick up gameplay and tricky clever levels to solve through using your wits.Clear the Number blocks with simple mathematical operations (addit

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Simple Toys For Kids by Monster BrainSimple Toys For Kids

Rated 4.78(9) — Monster Brain

Want some toys for your kids to play with ?Simple Kids Toys Games provides several physics toys which are fun to play with. Kids have fun throwing around toys, interacting with them, behaving like real physical toys.Have Fun with the Kids Toys.Credits...

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ABC Runner kid by Monster BrainABC Runner kid

Rated 4.09(11) — Monster Brain

Play as Nino, the curious kid who runs and jumps across the colorful world to collect the ABCD's scattered across the world, while learning about the world of words and alphabets.Nino says to kids: "Hi there. I see that you are curious, just like me...

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Cut it by Monster BrainCut it

Rated 4.44(61) — Monster Brain

Cut it, Slice it, Slash it – & drop the Power-Cube to extract energy from the ground.Cut-it is a physics puzzle game that will have you thinking in creative ways to figure out each uniquely crafted puzzle and obstacle across various distinct modes...

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Funny Idioms and Phrases Quiz by Monster BrainFunny Idioms and Phrases Quiz

Rated 4.33(6) — Monster Brain

Want to learn some English Idioms quickly.Funny Idioms Quiz Game provides a fun and quick way to learn the confusing meanings of English Idioms in a Fun way.Features- Popular English Idioms presented in Fun Pictures- Colorful Comic illustrations- Kid...

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Idiom Game Quiz by Monster BrainIdiom Game Quiz

Rated 4.46(24) — Monster Brain

Fun way to learn idioms along with hand-drawn literal illustrationsSimple to play, Easy to understand and Fun to learn for both kids and adults alikeMake your language rich through idioms and increase your IGQ (Idiomatic Grammatical Quotient).IGQ is...

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Match and Learn : Science Memory Match Cards Game by Monster BrainMatch and Learn : Science Memory Match Cards Game

Rated 5.00(6) — Monster Brain

A simple Science Learning games through memory match cards.Match each card according to the scientific relation between them. For eg. Chemical Compound formulas to the things which contain them, values of constants, areas of geometrical figures etc.**...

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minimal games - minga by Monster Brainminimal games - minga

Rated 0.00(0) — Monster Brain

Just a lot of minimal games.- minimal graphics- minimal game play- minimal frustration- minimal boredom- minimal brain usagefeat- minimal snake- minimal basketball- minimal simon says- more minimal awesome games to be added

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Spell it by Monster BrainSpell it

Rated 3.72(304) — Monster Brain

Tap the letters. Fix the words. Have fun.**** 2017 New Year Update *****New Hint System2 more Knowledge word packs added**** 2015 Year End Update *****Relaxed Mode added.New Color themes.2 more complex words packs with 40 extra wordsSide effects include:•

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