nekosuko published 7 applications on Google Play, 9,976 people rated these apps with an average rating of 3.90!

Defense BOMB by nekosukoDefense BOMB

Rated 3.32(22) — nekosuko

The artillery barrage action game by which a screen touches and scatters bombs* The monsters are swept away by a bomb.* When it's a pinch, You'll come through by 3 kinds of special bomb.* The bomb is strengthened at a shop.[The game outline] The action...

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DungeonRPG Craftsmen adventure by nekosukoDungeonRPG Craftsmen adventure

Rated 3.99(8,474) — nekosuko

Hack and Slash system dungeon RPG* Everyone likes very much, turn system battle* Characters are made from job which has 8 kinds and team is organized.* Player operates and searches dungeon.* Convenient for plain 2D dungeon, automatic map function* It's...

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Meteor Strike 2 by nekosukoMeteor Strike 2

Rated 3.53(15) — nekosuko

Meteor Strike 2 is a free action game which increases a score, avoiding a falling object. Although it was coming and going in the previous work, moving forward intently this time is a target.If the right half of a screen is touched, it will go to the...

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Rated 4.04(24) — nekosuko

"THE THING" exist in the maze. Please destroy "THE THING".To touching "THE THING" is GAME OVER."THE THING" are moving in the maze."THE THING" will not be visible.The distance between "THE THING" will know at the speed of sound.You can shoot 3 times.It...

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Defense RPG 2 by nekosukoDefense RPG 2

Rated 4.08(1,136) — nekosuko

To build a facility on the site to develop the city, and then training to make the team in the guild. All today beast come to regularly raid in the boss character class, it will become more and more powerful.Misfortune in order to fight off the beast...

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Enteric Guys -3D Dungeon RPG- by nekosukoEnteric Guys -3D Dungeon RPG-

Rated 4.21(63) — nekosuko

◆ Dungeon RPG ◆ There is no billing app. Download and just play Once you have installed.◆ It will increase the fellow ◆ Bacteria encountered in the dungeon can be a companion. You can even stronger bacteria blended with bacteria. Let's make the...

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Tactics RPG – Craftsman hero battle by nekosukoTactics RPG – Craftsman hero battle

Rated 4.14(242) — nekosuko

●Equip your hero and join the 3D Dungeon RPG mobile game world!●• Tactics RPG is a role-playing game that you can enjoy fun and completely free of charge.Let's adventure fields and dungeons with roguelike turn system.The fighting hero is not a...

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