NelMondoDiMassimo published 6 applications on Google Play, 283 people rated these apps with an average rating of 3.94!

Algebra by NelMondoDiMassimoAlgebra

Rated 3.60(5) — NelMondoDiMassimo

Brainy Math is a simple but very addictive mathematical game with a very simple goal, determine if the operation you are facing is right or wrong.Two types of match:- Infinite mode, answer always correctly as many mathematical operations as you can withou

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Little Cars by NelMondoDiMassimoLittle Cars

Rated 4.25(4) — NelMondoDiMassimo

Little Cars is a super simple and intuitive racing game with minimalistic graphics.The goal is simple: avoid every obstacle and try to survive as long as you can.In every match you will find yourself behind the wheel of a different car.Controls are super.

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Shapes by NelMondoDiMassimoShapes

Rated 3.67(3) — NelMondoDiMassimo

Shapes is an interesting puzzle game which requires both a fast brain and fast fingers very colorful and with a simple graphic.Created using the Unity3D engine, the game has a very simple goal: connect identical shapes which are colored in the same way...

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Indovinelli 2.0 by NelMondoDiMassimoIndovinelli 2.0

Rated 4.10(268) — NelMondoDiMassimo

Indovinelli 2.0 è il successore della famosa app Indovinelli, rilasciata sul Play Store più di un anno fa e scaricata più di 150.000 volte!In questa nuova versione troviamo notevoli miglioramenti e funzionalità nuovissime basate sui consigli dati...

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Next by NelMondoDiMassimoNext

Rated 3.00(2) — NelMondoDiMassimo

Next is a simple sequential game in which you are asked to press, one after another, all the buttons on the screen, following the sequence of numbers, or letters, given to you by the game.The target (number or letter) to press is always reported in the...

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Touch Of The Sky by NelMondoDiMassimoTouch Of The Sky

Rated 5.00(1) — NelMondoDiMassimo

Touch Of The Sky is a very addictive 2D game with extremely simple graphics.The purpose of the game is to survive as long as you can avoiding the obstacles that you will encounter during the progress of the level.- Extremely simple and minimal controls...

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