Nitrome published 26 applications on Google Play, 382,985 people rated these apps with an average rating of 4.20!

8bit Doves by Nitrome8bit Doves

Rated 4.51(313) — Nitrome

Trapped in a VR world powered by an ancient handheld device, you are forced to endlessly dream in a pixel world of just 4 colours! Doves have taken roost in your prison and though you don’t know it they are the key to your survival. The Doves subconscious

Cooped Up by NitromeCooped Up

Rated 4.04(11,752) — Nitrome

You are the latest addition in the exotic bird sanctuary. The other older birds have been Cooped Up a little too long and are a branch short of a perch! Ahhemmm... they is a bit crazy!Fling yourself up up and away but watch out, there's more than just...

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Endless Doves by NitromeEndless Doves

Rated 3.89(10,546) — Nitrome

Endless Doves – Collect Doves, Don't Crash!He dreams of flying...Who is he? Why does he crash? How does he fly? That doesn't matter! What does matter is obsessive bird collecting!!Collect those birds and beat the scores of friends and people you don't...

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Gopogo by NitromeGopogo

Rated 4.02(1,439) — Nitrome

Join the Pogo gang!In a grim sci-fi future where pogoing is outlawed, this gang of misfits breaks all the rules.Pogo over the police and their dogs, avoid hazards, and make it to the top!And once you complete the final level, try to reach a highscore...

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Gunbrick by NitromeGunbrick

Rated 4.48(454) — Nitrome

In a future where cars are obsolete, the Gunbrick has become a worldwide sensation!The Gunbrick - A gun one side... a shield on the other. Encounter wasteland mutants, crazed nerds, law enforcement and all manner of cube based adversaries. Roll your...

Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage by NitromeIcebreaker: A Viking Voyage

Rated 4.33(3,535) — Nitrome

WINNER! Overall Game of the year - Pocket Gamer Award 2014WINNER! Best casual/puzzle - Pocket Gamer Award 2014Metacritic top 20 – all platforms 2013“Nitrome couldn’t have done a better job bringing the series to mobile devices. A Viking Voyage...

Magic Mansion by NitromeMagic Mansion

Rated 3.37(1,126) — Nitrome

Tap to jump and avoid traps while climbing the challenging levels of the Magic Mansion, in this retro pocket-sized platform game by Nitrome and Sets And Settings. Features:• A multitude of traps and enemies• One-touch gameplay• Pure 1-bit retro...

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Platform Panic by NitromePlatform Panic

Rated 4.13(8,516) — Nitrome

"Pixel pushing perfection" - 9/10 Pocket GamerPlatform game heroes through the ages have been abducted! Pit them against each other in order to settle, once and for all, which one is the best!• Can you unlock them all and become king of the leaderboard?•.

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Roller Polar by NitromeRoller Polar

Rated 3.70(15,363) — Nitrome

Take control of your Polar Bear and ride the snowball down the mountain. Watch out for the boulders, trees and wildlife!Day and night the ball keeps rolling, faster and faster it goes, what's the highest score? Nobody knows!Features:• Addictive one...

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Silly Sausage in Meat Land by NitromeSilly Sausage in Meat Land

Rated 4.41(37,446) — Nitrome

Meet our stretchy pooch : Silly Sausage in his adventure through Meat Land.Swipe based controls will allow you to stretch through the air changing direction as you go. Latch onto a surface and your dachshund will retract to that spot.Having an infinitely.

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Beneath The Lighthouse by NitromeBeneath The Lighthouse

Rated 3.85(8,318) — Nitrome

"I stare at the horizon every night before I sleep hoping to catch a glimpse of the lighthouse.The light reminds me of Grandpa and my summer visits playing on the cliffs. That warm life saving beacon not only saves ships, it keeps me safe too. Grandpa’s..

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Drop Wizard Tower by NitromeDrop Wizard Tower

Rated 4.04(508) — Nitrome

The Shadow Order have captured all the Wizards in the land and they have the ancient egg too. What is a lone Wizard to do? Break free, defeat the evil shadow order and find that egg of course ...Hmmm I wonder what's inside?Bring back the joy of arcades...

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Flat Pack by NitromeFlat Pack

Rated 4.30(364) — Nitrome

Flat Pack. A 2D and 3D platform mix-up!Features:• Cool traps and enemies that escape the confines of the level.• Take to the skies and explore 30+ levels each with there own unique twist.• Wrap your brain around this 2D and 3D hybrid!• One handed...

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Green Ninja: Year of the Frog by NitromeGreen Ninja: Year of the Frog

Rated 4.28(16,270) — Nitrome

It's the year of the frog, the celebrations are in full swing and you are on the menu!You escape the clutches of the evil ninjas. Now you must take revenge using your unstoppable kick.THIS FROG FIGHTS BACK!•Unique Kung Fu turn based action puzzler.•...

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Hop Swap by NitromeHop Swap

Rated 4.35(1,351) — Nitrome

Is the sky blue and the ground yellow? Or is the ground blue and the sky yellow?Hop and then swap - to jump through the ground which now becomes the sky! Journey through two worlds at the same time and swap between them to solve puzzles.• Addictive...

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Leap Day by NitromeLeap Day

Rated 4.37(20,302) — Nitrome

Leap Day is a fast paced action platformer with a brand new level every day! really EVERY DAY! until the END OF TIME!Features:• A brand new level you can finish every day!• Set in a different location every day!• Everyone will have...

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Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire by NitromeMagic Touch: Wizard for Hire

Rated 4.44(160,352) — Nitrome

Wanted,Wizard required for defence duties. Must be proficient in spell casting to pop varying balloon types that may be utilised by intruders. Must be confident working alone and comfortable facing aggressive hordes.Advanced magic techniques desirable...

Redungeon by NitromeRedungeon

Rated 4.51(34,199) — Nitrome

The wall in front of me starts to shake and hurtles towards me….I’m dead!Spike holes are underfoot it’s already too late …I’m dead! I take my last breath as the slime creature engulfs me….I’m dead!Like always I’m brought back to try again….is...

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Rust Bucket by NitromeRust Bucket

Rated 4.39(8,999) — Nitrome

Rust Bucket is a turn based dungeon crawler that is built with mobile in mind. Game play is fast and death is never far away so it’s perfect for your daily commute.Swipe to take a step, swipe into enemies to attack. It’s as simple as that, but don’t...

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Silly Sausage: Doggy Dessert by NitromeSilly Sausage: Doggy Dessert

Rated 4.60(4,000) — Nitrome

Our beloved stretchy dog is back in a brand new adventure in dessert land!Features:• A brand new adventure with tons of dessert traps and enemies!• A unique stretch based mechanic.• Simple swipe to stretch controls (game-play with a single finger)•...

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