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Noodlepancake Studio published 5 applications on Google Play, 688 people rated these apps with an average rating of 3.88!

Airplane Fighters by Noodlepancake StudioAirplane Fighters

Rated 3.88(69) — Noodlepancake Studio

In Airplane Fighters you need to defeat endless waves of enemies and try to stay alive doing so! Earn awesome achievements and beat your friends with your highscore. And it will get even better in the future, as we keep adding more epic content to this...

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Cookie Clicker Pixel by Noodlepancake StudioCookie Clicker Pixel

Rated 3.52(562) — Noodlepancake Studio

Create, bake and produce your own cookies with this very addicting Cookie Clicker Game! In Cookie Clicker Pixel it is all about the cookies, how much can you make? And will you stay ahead of your friends? In Cookie Clicker Pixel you have lots of upgrades.

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Snake: Classic by Noodlepancake StudioSnake: Classic

Rated 3.92(24) — Noodlepancake Studio

A retro styled snake game! In Snake: Classic you need to feed the snake so that it can grow, you control the snake by using the arrow keys on the screen. Snake: Classic feels and looks just like the old, retro snake that we all used to play on our phones.

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Best Police Prank Siren by Noodlepancake StudioBest Police Prank Siren

Rated 3.21(24) — Noodlepancake Studio

The best prank police siren and light!This realistic police siren simulates real police siren sounds! The app works really well in the dark! Use it to scare your friendsFeatures:- Police Sounds and Light -- Always free! -- Can be used as flashlight -...

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Flappy Golfball by Noodlepancake StudioFlappy Golfball

Rated 4.89(9) — Noodlepancake Studio

Avoid the green pipes while you get a new highscore on Flappy Golfball! Be warned because this game is very addictive and you won't be able to stop playing Flappy Golfball! Just as it is with golf is Flappy golfball difficult but very enjoyable. We have..

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