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4th of July Facts by Northern App. Co.4th of July Facts

Rated 3.33(3) — Northern App. Co.

Version 2:- Added Clarification to a couple of facts.- Corrected Typo leading to blank entry.Interesting facts about the 4th of July. Perfect for taking a moment to find out things most of us do not know during the 4th of July Holiday weekend!Happy 4th...

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Affiliate Marketing Success by Northern App. Co.Affiliate Marketing Success

Rated 3.67(3) — Northern App. Co.

Affiliate marketing is selling of other people's products and services. In return, you earn up to 75% of the sale in commission. This is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing industries where many of the top players still operate from their own...

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Baseball Trivia by Northern App. Co.Baseball Trivia

Rated 2.92(37) — Northern App. Co.

Baseball Trivia application. Test your knowledge of general facts about America's favorite past time. Think you know about the history of baseball? Put it to the test with this application.* Ability to txt, email, twitter, and facebook various question/an

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Beer Quotes 2010
Beer Quotes 2010 by Northern App. Co.Beer Quotes 2010

Rated 3.50(32) — Northern App. Co.

Version 4:- Total application rewrite.- New, improved interface.- New Favorites feature.- Share with Facebook, twitter, txt & emailHumorous and funny Beer Quotes when you need them! Great for parties, games, or just for a quick laugh! These famous quotes.

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Birthday Quotes by Northern App. Co.Birthday Quotes

Rated 3.00(33) — Northern App. Co.

Inspiring, humorous, and entertaining Quotes for Birthdays!Know someone who is about to get a bit older? Find the perfect quote here to include in a card, email, or whatever you wish!

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Buddha Quotes - Ultimate! by Northern App. Co.Buddha Quotes - Ultimate!

Rated 4.50(2) — Northern App. Co.

This is the Ad Free version.The ultimate collection of quotes from Buddha. This easy to read, easy to navigate UI allows you to read, save as favorite, and share each quote.

Business Motivation - Ultimate by Northern App. Co.Business Motivation - Ultimate

Rated 0.00(0) — Northern App. Co.

Quotes and inspiration for finding success in business. Share quotes with friends and family. Also, save your favorite quotes for viewing later. This is an Ad Free version.

Cat Lover Quotes by Northern App. Co.Cat Lover Quotes

Rated 3.69(51) — Northern App. Co.

Do you love cats? This is a collection of adorable and sometimes comical quotes about cats and their owners!If you love your cat, take the time to learn to express it to the world! Find quotes that will help you in this easy to use application.

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Confucius 2010 by Northern App. Co.Confucius 2010

Rated 3.62(21) — Northern App. Co.

Confucius Sayings.Mostly serious quotes with a few humorous ones thrown in for a bit of humor to mix it up. After all, we can't be too serious!Now with the ability to TXT (SMS) saying to your friends.

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Dog Lover Quotes by Northern App. Co.Dog Lover Quotes

Rated 4.18(33) — Northern App. Co.

Version 2:- New Quotes- Improved UI- Facebook, Twitter compatible- SMS (Text)- EmailInteresting and often funny quotes from dog lovers about their beloved pets.Read up on famous quotes focusing on man's best friend.

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4th of July Quotes by Northern App. Co.4th of July Quotes

Rated 4.50(8) — Northern App. Co.

** Now with the ability to Email Quotes to friends and family.Patriotic and humorous quotes having to do with Independence Day (July 4th).

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Bar Jokes by Northern App. Co.Bar Jokes

Rated 2.63(8) — Northern App. Co.

Think you've heard them all? Think again! Here is a list of some of the classics with new ones sprinkled around. Never be without a handy "Bar Joke" when with the friends or having a beer.Now with the ability to email the jokes to friends and family.

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Beer Facts 2010 by Northern App. Co.Beer Facts 2010

Rated 3.60(42) — Northern App. Co.

Version 2:- Now with Facebook, Twitter connectivity.- Text & EmailLittle known facts about the history of beer. Think you know beer? Put it to the test! Great for when sitting around bored or as a challenge to your friends!Now with built in TXT messaging.

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Bible Quotes for Grief by Northern App. Co.Bible Quotes for Grief

Rated 3.25(24) — Northern App. Co.

Quotes from the Bible related to dealing with Grief. This is perfect if you are looking for biblical guidance when dealing with loss in your life.

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Breakup Lines by Northern App. Co.Breakup Lines

Rated 3.62(21) — Northern App. Co.

v2:-- Added new lines-- Facebook, Twitter, TXT, more.Need a perfect line to end that relationship? Find some inspiration here using these sometime humorous, sometimes serious lines.Includes the ability to text via SMS individual lines to friends.

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Buddha Quotes 2012 by Northern App. Co.Buddha Quotes 2012

Rated 4.31(112) — Northern App. Co.

New interface! New Favorite Feature!A comprehensive collection of enlightened quotes to help you find your path as directed by Buddha.Your thoughts are who you become.Now with the ability to share inspiration with friends and family via FaceBook, Twitter.

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Business Motivation Quotes by Northern App. Co.Business Motivation Quotes

Rated 4.08(193) — Northern App. Co.

Looking for a good motivational quote for your business needs? A presentation perhaps? Make a point? Motivate those around you?

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Computer Jokes by Northern App. Co.Computer Jokes

Rated 1.00(3) — Northern App. Co.

Jokes and humorous notes about Computers and the industry of computers. These jokes are great for people in the industry.

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Congressman Weiner Jokes by Northern App. Co.Congressman Weiner Jokes

Rated 5.00(2) — Northern App. Co.

Jokes about the "Growing" Weiner scandal involving Congressman (Rep.) Anthony Weiner and his recent behavior. This application is a collection of jokes related to the alleged actions of the congressman sending lewd photos to various social network recipie

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Email Marketing Tips & Tricks by Northern App. Co.Email Marketing Tips & Tricks

Rated 5.00(2) — Northern App. Co.

It doesn't matter if you have an idea, a product, a service, or work for someone who does, if you cannot market the concept, it will not sell. Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools to solve this problem. However, it is also the most misunderst

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