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Choices dice (freecode inside) by NoRulesAppsChoices dice (freecode inside)

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Decision-nut for Android is the easiest way to take with you something that will aid in the choices we prefer to leave to chance or that responds to questions to which you know not to answer.Who has never seen or heard of sympathetic dice with their...

Gratta se vinci by NoRulesAppsGratta se vinci

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Conviene acquistare un ticket della lotteria adesso??Oppure sarebbe meglio aspettare una circostanza più propizia?Togliti ogni dubbio con l'applicazione "Gratta solo se Vinci": un generatore casuale che ti farà di certo risparmiare qualche investimento...

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EverythingTheNothingness(book) by NoRulesAppsEverythingTheNothingness(book)

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A preview of the book "Everything the nothingness" by Giuseppe Mossa.You can buy it in various online bookstores (delivery in about 9 days).In particular there is a discount on the publisher's site.

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