Nu-Kob published 23 applications on Google Play, 34,655 people rated these apps with an average rating of 3.68!

App Lock by Nu-KobApp Lock

Rated 4.43(7) — Nu-Kob

Use App Lock to prevent others from checking your device's photos, videos, messages, facebook, whatsapp, instagram, mail and contacts without you knowing!"App Lock" has an ability to lock any application on your phone. It will ask your PIN or Pattern...

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Auto Connection by Nu-KobAuto Connection

Rated 3.87(15) — Nu-Kob

**** NEED ROOT ACCESS (Super User) FOR ANDROID 5.0+ ****Use this application to turn off mobile data automatically when It's no need to turn on.Benefits- Battery Saver and Long Battery Life. As you know that turning on mobile data drain battery too fast..

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Cat & Dog Sounds by Nu-KobCat & Dog Sounds

Rated 4.12(114) — Nu-Kob

150+ Cat and Dog Sound in one application. Play this sounds to your pets. Your pets will response to this app!Or you can play it with your friends.Cat&Dog Sound Features:- 150+ Sound effects.- Simple UI and Easy to use.- Edit/Swap sound button position...

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Daily Horoscope Fingerprint by Nu-KobDaily Horoscope Fingerprint

Rated 4.06(1,091) — Nu-Kob

Scan your fingerprint to get daily prediction.Features:- Daily horoscope - The horoscope updated daily. (1 prediction per day and for phone's owner only)- Beautiful graphical interface and sound effect.- Simple application and easy reading.- Get your...

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Distance & Area Measure by Nu-KobDistance & Area Measure

Rated 4.80(5) — Nu-Kob

This application can be used to measure area and distance with minimum step.Features- Area and distance measuring- Easy adding and removing points.- GPS Location search by inputting latitude and longitude. You can paste latitude,longitude in our search...

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Flashlight Lollipop Material by Nu-KobFlashlight Lollipop Material

Rated 3.83(12) — Nu-Kob

"Flashlight Lollipop Material Design Application" change your phone to Torch. This application can switch flash of camera on or off by just touching torch icon in this application.Feature : - Easy to open flashlight of camera by just clicking the torch...

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Lower Brightness Screen Filter by Nu-KobLower Brightness Screen Filter

Rated 4.53(12,050) — Nu-Kob

Have you ever set the screen brightness to the lowest but it still so bright?If you feel the screen is so bright and you want to reduce it. You need this application called "Lower Brightness"."Lower Brightness" application helps you reduce brightness...

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Mr.Stick by Nu-KobMr.Stick

Rated 3.73(22) — Nu-Kob

Mr. Sticktouch the screen anywhere to control movement of stick ninja from rolling circle jump to the next circle and keep stars to get high score!

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NeverForget WiFi - AutoConnect by Nu-KobNeverForget WiFi - AutoConnect

Rated 3.78(64) — Nu-Kob

If your phone can't remember WiFi password.If your WiFi password have been lost every time you reboot the phone or turn on/off airplane mode.If your phone doesn't connect remembered WiFi.If you often forget WiFi password or you don't have to remember...

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Real Time Internet Speed Meter by Nu-KobReal Time Internet Speed Meter

Rated 4.31(284) — Nu-Kob

"Real Time Internet Speed Meter" displays/shows internet speed or instance throughput in small dialog on your phone screen. You can see real time download speed and upload speed dialog while using other applications such as browsing a webpage, downloading

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Auto Airplane by Nu-KobAuto Airplane

Rated 4.12(52) — Nu-Kob

**** NEED ROOT ACCESS (Super User) FOR ANDROID 4.2+ ****Use this application to turn on/off airplane mode at specific time automatically.Features.- Turn on airplane mode at specific time.- Turn off airplane mode at specific time.- Has options to turn...

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Blue Light & Brightness Filter by Nu-KobBlue Light & Brightness Filter

Rated 4.39(762) — Nu-Kob

Reduce blue light and brightness to protect your eyes from mobile screen. Reduce eye strain with natural screen color and adjust 0-100% screen brightness.Features- Reduce screen brightness below the system minimum brightness- Reduce blue light from mobile

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Color Lighter by Nu-KobColor Lighter

Rated 4.05(41) — Nu-Kob

Easy and Fun Game for everyone. Training your color perception.Just click lighter color on left or right of the screen.More level ! More score ! Click it as fast as possible.

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Device ID for Android by Nu-KobDevice ID for Android

Rated 4.03(395) — Nu-Kob

Easy to get your Android Device ID and copy it and paste to anywhereSimple app to get your Android Device ID and also :- Android version- SDK Version- IMEI- Wi-Fi Mac Address- Sim Serial- Phone Number (some sim card)- Signal Strength (update every second)

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Flash On Call by Nu-KobFlash On Call

Rated 0.00(0) — Nu-Kob

Flash on call application gives you flash notifications via mobile phone’s back light flash alerts, the back side flashlight will blink giving incoming call alerts. LED call blinking indicator. See the blinking flashlight alert notifications when phone...

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LottoScan by Nu-KobLottoScan

Rated 3.95(2,598) — Nu-Kob

Scan you fingerprint to get 2 digits lucky number. The number will change after date 1 and 16 of the month.How to use:Put your thumb on the fingerprint box and wait until scan finish.

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Lucky Color Fingerprint Scan by Nu-KobLucky Color Fingerprint Scan

Rated 4.02(210) — Nu-Kob

find your lucky color for wearing clothes or accessories.easy to use : just put the thumb on the circle and wait for lucky color.

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Navigation Bar (Back, Home, Recent Button) by Nu-KobNavigation Bar (Back, Home, Recent Button)

Rated 4.43(63) — Nu-Kob

“Navigation Bar” application can replace a failed and broken button for those people who hastrouble using buttons or navigation bar panel is not working properly.This app provides several features and colors to make awesome navigation bar.It is easy...

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Rapid Inventory Management by Nu-KobRapid Inventory Management

Rated 3.00(2) — Nu-Kob

Rapid Inventory management can keep a detailed record of the product information and help to manage the product inventory more effectively, convenient and easily, thus reducing the time taken to find the stocked products. When you want to update and...

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Smart Fingerprint by Nu-KobSmart Fingerprint

Rated 2.73(380) — Nu-Kob

This fingerprint scanner application can tell you "Are you a human or not?"Use this app to tease your friend because when you scan your fingerprint, this app will tell you "Yes,you are a human"But when your friends scan their fingerprint, this app will...

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