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30DAYS by OwenTech30DAYS

Rated 4.24(499) — OwenTech

30DAYS - Fitness App 30DAYS gives you 30 day training programmes to follow. 30DAYS tailors the workouts to your fitness level. On day 1 you do as many / long of the exercise as you can, then 30DAYS works out a training plan for you. At any point you...

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DevDrawer by OwenTechDevDrawer

Rated 4.82(362) — OwenTech

DevDrawer is a widget based app for developers who are constantly installing / uninstalling / clearing data on their projects.I find myself searching through the appdrawer everytime I re-install an application. With this widget you provide a package...

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Feedy Baby by OwenTechFeedy Baby

Rated 2.33(3) — OwenTech

Keep a record of how much and how often your baby is taking his / her formula.Quickly add and store each feed, and view a full history with this app.

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Gif Locker (Unreleased) by OwenTechGif Locker (Unreleased)

Rated 0.00(0) — OwenTech

Store, tag, and search your favourite gifs

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Running Calculator by OwenTechRunning Calculator

Rated 4.50(4) — OwenTech

This app will help you calculate how fast you have to run to achieve your targets.Calculations:Pace from Time & DistanceTime from Pace & DistanceDistance from Pace & TimeThe app is simple to use and developed by runners.

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Sleepy Sounds (Baby + Adults) by OwenTechSleepy Sounds (Baby + Adults)

Rated 4.23(9,089) — OwenTech

This app can be used to help your child / baby sleep. It can also be used by adults suffering with insomnia / sleep disorders.There are 4 different options to choose from:LULLABIES: The app will play a selection of lullabies to get your baby to sleepWHITE

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Toddler Games (No Adverts) by OwenTechToddler Games (No Adverts)

Rated 3.83(24) — OwenTech

Toddler Games is a selection of games designed to help keep your child entertained and learn.Flash Cards: Helps your child learn numbers, letters, animals and colorsMemory Game: Turn cards to match a pairTile Game: Move tiles around to make a pictureShape

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Dermace Pigment Guide by OwenTechDermace Pigment Guide

Rated 4.43(7) — OwenTech

Welcome to Google Play's first Semi-Permanent Makeup companion application - The Dermace Pigment Guide. We have tried to make the guide as informative as possible, and we've included features such as: * Select your pigment by procedure type: Eyeliners...

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Epileptic Gibbon Podcast HD by OwenTechEpileptic Gibbon Podcast HD

Rated 0.00(0) — OwenTech

The Epileptic Gibbon PodcastDiscover new music with the Epileptic Gibbon Podcast App developed for Android 3.0 Honeycomb!!It's about music that doesn't fit easily into boxes, or in the cases where it does, the boxes are oddly shaped and strangely coloured

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Gif Locker by OwenTechGif Locker

Rated 5.00(1) — OwenTech

Gif Locker... find GIFs online, store them in Gif Locker to share later.Ever seen a Gif that made you laugh, but you had no use for it there and then? Then you have a use and you can't find it?Gif Locker to the rescue. Simply share the Gif to Gif Locker..

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Potty Baby by OwenTechPotty Baby

Rated 3.55(457) — OwenTech

Potty Baby is designed to help parents potty train their child.It will alert you at intervals (defined by yourself) when you child should use the potty. You can also log accidents and naps in the app.The app keeps a record of all potty activity, accidents

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Sleepy Sounds by OwenTechSleepy Sounds

Rated 4.27(37) — OwenTech

## PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS SLEEPY BABY, NAME CHANGED FOR LEGAL REASONS ##This app turns your Android phone into a baby mobile / noise maker.Choose to play Lullabies, White Noise, or Nature Sounds to sooth your baby to sleep. The app lets select how long...

The Epileptic Gibbon Podcast by OwenTechThe Epileptic Gibbon Podcast

Rated 3.00(2) — OwenTech

Discover new music with the Epileptic Gibbon Podcast App.It's about music that doesn't fit easily into boxes, or in the cases where it does, the boxes are oddly shaped and strangely coloured. If you like the strange, the beautiful, the weird, and the...

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Tweetification by OwenTechTweetification

Rated 4.35(106) — OwenTech

## This app needs SMS permissions to intercept Twitter SMS notifications ##Important: From Android 4.4 onwards Tweetification cannot delete the SMS from Twitter. You will need to block the number from inside Hangouts.Tweetification is a small app that...

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