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Brain Test - Maths game Free by Parallel Galaxy GamesBrain Test - Maths game Free

Rated 4.33(12) — Parallel Galaxy Games

Teach your kids the ultra fast way to be the smartest kids on planet with ultra fast maths reflexes ! Start off slow and move to ultra big maths equations and so on !! game speed is fast to make you and your kids to give the challenge of testing your...

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Elemental Ninja - Slash & burn by Parallel Galaxy GamesElemental Ninja - Slash & burn

Rated 3.64(274) — Parallel Galaxy Games

Its mummies vs Ninja , the ultimate Elemental Ninja is here to save mankind and fight the injustice among gods ! He is the most powerful super human superhero ,more powerful then batman,superman etc and many other super villains who threatens the humanity

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Falling Star Ninja Rush by Parallel Galaxy GamesFalling Star Ninja Rush

Rated 4.80(5) — Parallel Galaxy Games

One of the Hardest game you will ever play ! Dark sky is game with mission, mission to tingle with your senses , it aims to perfect your hand and eye co-ordination,but until you can't do it, you can not beat this game ! Warning- This could be hardest...

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Handy Piano Keyboard by Parallel Galaxy GamesHandy Piano Keyboard

Rated 4.15(8,618) — Parallel Galaxy Games

Your best Piano Keyboard you will ever Need to get started on Piano Learning Lessons !Amazing Multi Touch Support to Perfect Your Tunes !! Don't Just play the songs existed ,Create your Own , Record and share with the world Yourself ! Have Complete contro

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Lazer Traps by Parallel Galaxy GamesLazer Traps

Rated 4.42(12) — Parallel Galaxy Games

Ultimate Lasers are going on and off ! you have to jump through it at exact time or you are fried !Laser switch is insanely addictive game so beware of time and space ! ** Jump on wooden logs before it falls down** Don't Hit the lasers** it's a race...

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Mathmetrics - Kids IQ Puzzle by Parallel Galaxy GamesMathmetrics - Kids IQ Puzzle

Rated 5.00(12) — Parallel Galaxy Games

This is a perfect Brain Exercise For every Age from Kids to adults or anyone willing to Improve their maths skills , it can boost your calculating Speed a lot ,improving your IQ level to genius intellect ! Kids absolutely Love this Maths game as they...

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Quad bikes Thunder Wheels by Parallel Galaxy GamesQuad bikes Thunder Wheels

Rated 4.79(14) — Parallel Galaxy Games

Thunder wheels takes you on a trip to cold Island with awesome Hill racing mountains, scary old broken platforms !You choose your best Atv BIkes and take it on a ride of a lifetime at full speed ,shoot every Monster trucks coming your Way ! Awesome Worlds

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Red Strike Ninja Bros. by Parallel Galaxy GamesRed Strike Ninja Bros.

Rated 4.33(12) — Parallel Galaxy Games

Extreme Thug adventure takes you on a post apocalyptic adventure with threats beyond tough , Face the obstacles of brain eater zombies, armed soldiers,! mario,super,bros,shooter.rambo,actionAwesome platform adventure game with amazing game mechanics...

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Shadow Gunfire - Strike Team by Parallel Galaxy GamesShadow Gunfire - Strike Team

Rated 3.72(18) — Parallel Galaxy Games

Ultimate battle for injustice begins, amazing action game with best FPS game play !Fight your enemies ,defeat the waves of unknown enemies ! No remorse,no rewards, endless enemies.Aim and Shoot! Leave no strike team member behind in this action oriented..

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Cheating Boyfriend on Dart by Parallel Galaxy GamesCheating Boyfriend on Dart

Rated 4.29(14) — Parallel Galaxy Games

Some one broke your Heart? , someone Left you without any emotional message? Feeling Heartbroken and stressed and frustrated?? well look no further this is perfect game for you ! take your revenge on your Ex-boyfriend or play with your Bf in game of...

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Escape Ninja Monster Trucks 3D by Parallel Galaxy GamesEscape Ninja Monster Trucks 3D

Rated 4.50(14) — Parallel Galaxy Games

Extreme Cop chase with time limit to escape the Crime scene and town without being Spotted !Show Off your Insane Driving skills in this Ultra Police vs thief Story that takes place in small Desert Town with Ancient history ! You are chased by cops as...

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Fruits Splash Blaster by Parallel Galaxy GamesFruits Splash Blaster

Rated 4.73(15) — Parallel Galaxy Games

Fruits Treat island is newest Match - 3 adventure puzzle game with over 400 different brain testing levels that you can not just clear without scratching your head for while !Take your baby on an amazing Fruits Island Adventure journey and clear all...

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Iron Bat Gravity - Maze Run by Parallel Galaxy GamesIron Bat Gravity - Maze Run

Rated 3.96(102) — Parallel Galaxy Games

Get the Iron bat suit and rock the Gravity with your Super powers ! In a world full of super villains you need a super suit to survive the assault of ultimate evil bad guys ! in a newly plotted joker attack you are trapped in a maze and only way to escape

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Mafia Cars Rally by Parallel Galaxy GamesMafia Cars Rally

Rated 5.00(4) — Parallel Galaxy Games

An escape won't be that easy ! You have classic mafia cars ,lots of jewels to steal but you have to beat the ever changing landscape of exotic location!One of the coolest Isometric and most addictive games ,with lots of cars,one touch control and incredib

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Motorbike Sprint - Speed Rally by Parallel Galaxy GamesMotorbike Sprint - Speed Rally

Rated 4.83(6) — Parallel Galaxy Games

How to play :- - Tap on screen to jump and avoid obstacle,falling bridges and road blocks ! Sprint your bike through ultra Speedy Isometric road with impossible obstacles, High speed Game and On-coming Traffic Bikes . Features :- - Isometric graphics...

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Real Snakes & Ladders Ultimate by Parallel Galaxy GamesReal Snakes & Ladders Ultimate

Rated 3.92(77) — Parallel Galaxy Games

Super Snakes & ladders is classing Board game with amazing obstacles,snakes and long Game play to keep you entertained and getting rid of your Boredom !You can play against other players on your phone,challenge them, perfect game for cousin's day out...

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Robot Machine Gunner by Parallel Galaxy GamesRobot Machine Gunner

Rated 4.40(15) — Parallel Galaxy Games

Ultimate Battle field Game with intense endless and fast paced action with robots ,drones and weird machines in an ultra amazing First person view shooter !!You are in a middle of battle field in Arabian desert city and drones machines are marching toward

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