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Pixel Island published 54 applications on Google Play, 54,892 people rated these apps with an average rating of 3.73!

Pixelmon Monsters Go by Pixel IslandPixelmon Monsters Go

Rated 3.65(85) — Pixel Island

Go, go Pixel Monsters! Run across the streets of your own city catching this funny Pixelmons – unusual pixel creatures invaded the world!Enjoy Augmented Reality! Catch tricky pets using geo-locations, reach the point on map and use the mechanical cube...

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Sandwich Chef: Cooking Sim 3D by Pixel IslandSandwich Chef: Cooking Sim 3D

Rated 4.50(8) — Pixel Island

What snack is the most popular and the easiest one? Of course, it’s a sandwich! Learn how to cook the most delicious sandwiches ever with Sandwich Chef: Cooking Simulator 3D! Join the pixel café management and become the best sandwich and fries maker...

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Smoothie Cocktail Cooking Chef by Pixel IslandSmoothie Cocktail Cooking Chef

Rated 3.00(5) — Pixel Island

Healthy drinks are captivating! How about a smoothie? Here’s your chance to become the most successful cocktails guru ever – just mix fruits and vegetables and let the vitamins do their job! Check Smoothie Cocktail Cooking Chef simulation for all...

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Street Food Cooking Chef Sim by Pixel IslandStreet Food Cooking Chef Sim

Rated 4.86(7) — Pixel Island

Become the best cooking chef of this colorful pixel city! Learn more about delicious street food and do your best to cook it really perfect! Mix fantastically fresh ingredients, memorize all the cooking steps in the right order and remember: every mistake

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Sweet Donut Maker Cooking Chef by Pixel IslandSweet Donut Maker Cooking Chef

Rated 3.88(1,176) — Pixel Island

Ever dreamed about being a cooking chef and making various sweets such as donuts or cakes? Then this fantastic pixel game is made exactly for you! Try Sweet Donut Maker Cooking Chef and have fun running your own donut bakery!Manage your own café and...

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Volcano Island Survival 3D by Pixel IslandVolcano Island Survival 3D

Rated 3.76(21) — Pixel Island

Be the last alive member of the expedition lost in the wilderness near the root of a volcano! Dive into the atmosphere of a pre-eruption island! Fight for your life against predators, hunt animals, collect resources to build shelters and craft weapons...

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Wolf Craft Survival Simulator by Pixel IslandWolf Craft Survival Simulator

Rated 3.24(298) — Pixel Island

Explore pixel winter forests and fields full of dangers, feel like a real (but pixel and funny) predator hunting his prey to get meal and battle against other pixel desert predators! Feel as a real apex pixel predator with this animal survival simulator..

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Salad Kitchen Cooking Chef Sim by Pixel IslandSalad Kitchen Cooking Chef Sim

Rated 4.50(2) — Pixel Island

It’s not so easy – to manage your own small cafe! Every customer is really hungry, the recipes are difficult, the cooking steps shouldn’t be mixed… But you can do it all right, we are absolutely sure! Download our new Salad Kitchen Cooking Chef...

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School Lunch Food Cooking Chef by Pixel IslandSchool Lunch Food Cooking Chef

Rated 5.00(5) — Pixel Island

Roll up your sleeves, ‘cause the time to cook amazingly delicious school lunches has come! Memorize all the cooking steps, use only fresh ingredients and win the hearts of the most detrimental school children playing School Lunch Food Cooking Chef...

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Space Craft Survival Simulator by Pixel IslandSpace Craft Survival Simulator

Rated 3.33(197) — Pixel Island

To save your game progress tap «save» button in the pause menuBecome an astronaut and explore unknown planets surviving on the space station!Explore the infinity space being a scientist, it’s your time to work on far space station somewhere at the...

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Sushi Chef: Cooking Simulator by Pixel IslandSushi Chef: Cooking Simulator

Rated 3.88(248) — Pixel Island

Are you a passionate lover of Japanese culture, traditions and food? Then this fantastic sushi making game is made exactly for you! Become the sushi chef of your own little pixel bar and become the most famous cooker in the neighborhood! Take orders...

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Taco Cooking Food Court Chef by Pixel IslandTaco Cooking Food Court Chef

Rated 5.00(1) — Pixel Island

It’s time to cook again! Tired of ordinary sandwiches and burgers? Mexican food is the answer! Try this new fantastic shape of usual “bread and butter” – a taco! Learn the recipe and do your best to create the most delicious taco ever playing...

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Winter Craft Survival Sim 3D by Pixel IslandWinter Craft Survival Sim 3D

Rated 3.88(1,493) — Pixel Island

To save your game progress tap «save» button in the pause menuSurvive the cold winter playing our winter survival simulator! Explore harsh Siberian badlands – snow-cowered taiga, high hills and mountains and total emptiness around. Try to make this...

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Zombie Combat Road by Pixel IslandZombie Combat Road

Rated 4.11(19) — Pixel Island

It’s time to chase and shoot pixel walking dead, dude! Mount the mighty gun on the roof of your car, invest the spiked ram, check the level of fuel and start the death race! Save your life and exterminate undead hordes with Zombie Combat Road game!Drive..

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