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Angry Killer Whale Orca Attack by PlayMechanicsAngry Killer Whale Orca Attack

Rated 3.82(553) — PlayMechanics

Hunt fishes, squids, and humans as a large hungry killer whale! Eat as much as you can to stay alive with Angry Killer Whale Orca Attack!Be a large sea predator – orca, the killer whale! Your orca is always hungry and angry, and it should eat all the...

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Arctic Bear Survival Simulator by PlayMechanicsArctic Bear Survival Simulator

Rated 3.25(12) — PlayMechanics

Be the largest surface predator in the world! Rush across the arctic plains, hunt the pitiful prey, mate with females of your species, raise cubs and destroy other predators as a mighty beast! Feel as a strong and powerful animal with Arctic Bear Survival

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Black Widow Insect Spider Sim by PlayMechanicsBlack Widow Insect Spider Sim

Rated 3.50(4) — PlayMechanics

Ever dreamed to live a life of a little wild predator – black widow spider? Then this exciting animal simulator is made exactly for you! Dip into this fantastic micro world, explore the jungle, find a mate and have fun playing Black Widow Insect Spider...

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Cheetah Survival Simulator 3D by PlayMechanicsCheetah Survival Simulator 3D

Rated 3.49(110) — PlayMechanics

Be the fastest land mammal, explore African savanna, chase a prey and hunt with this great animal game! Use your high speed and hunting skill to catch preys! Meet other wild savanna animals and make friends with them or just hunt to survive! African...

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City Bird Eagle Simulator 3D by PlayMechanicsCity Bird Eagle Simulator 3D

Rated 3.84(2,952) — PlayMechanics

Spread your wings and take flight just like a real eagle bird nesting at the big city! Search for food, hunt for pests, avoid city predators – we mean cats, you know – mate with other eagles, raise up nestlings and fly over the city streets!Live...

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City Insect Wasp Simulator 3D by PlayMechanicsCity Insect Wasp Simulator 3D

Rated 3.80(3,832) — PlayMechanics

Meet absolutely new City Insect Wasp Simulator 3D – game for all the animal and insect simulator lovers! Become a pretty wild insect — forest Wasp – visiting the big city! Plunge into the town streets, blocks and enjoy the beautiful urban microworld...

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Crazy Bull Simulator 3D by PlayMechanicsCrazy Bull Simulator 3D

Rated 4.00(41) — PlayMechanics

Play as the wild bull gone crazy – crash stuff, wreck and destroy everything to have rampaging fun! This crazy bull is tired of fighting with matador and escaped from bullfighting arena! Plunge city into a total mess crashing and wrecking everything...

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Crazy Mutant Cow Simulator 3D by PlayMechanicsCrazy Mutant Cow Simulator 3D

Rated 3.71(17) — PlayMechanics

Enjoy the views of the post-apocalyptic wasteland, run through the scarred lands as a mutated cow, eat organic waste, fight against other mutants and have fun! Say “MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” to the cruel world!No one knows, why that war started, but...

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Crocodile Survival Simulator by PlayMechanicsCrocodile Survival Simulator

Rated 3.51(1,269) — PlayMechanics

Try Crocodile Survival Simulator in 3D!Feel as a wild crocodile, hunt swamp animals such as zebra, hippo or rhino, swim and go fishing with this survival simulator! Swim the swamp exploring underwater and have fun being an animal!Welcome to swamp world...

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Dragon Rampage Simulator 3D by PlayMechanicsDragon Rampage Simulator 3D

Rated 3.50(999) — PlayMechanics

Fly the sky being a dragon with this ultimate survival simulator in 3D!Live the life of a mythical beast – dragon! Explore the sky, terrorize medieval castles and citizens, hunt to find a meal or start your own dragon’s family! Gain amazing flight...

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Ant Survival Simulator 3D by PlayMechanicsAnt Survival Simulator 3D

Rated 3.72(955) — PlayMechanics

Live a life of small lonely red ant! Survive at all costs, quarry resources and feed Fire Soldier – giant ant, last ant warrior of your colony! Feel as a small insect with Ant Survival Simulator 3D!Something terrible occurred with your anthill when...

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Arctic Penguin Simulator 3D by PlayMechanicsArctic Penguin Simulator 3D

Rated 3.72(1,276) — PlayMechanics

Explore the arctic plains, hunt the pitiful prey (we mean fish, you know), mate with females of your species, raise nestlings and fight for your life against predators with Arctic Penguin Simulator 3D!Feel the freedom being a wild sea animal, but don’t...

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Cats Clan 3D by PlayMechanicsCats Clan 3D

Rated 3.44(738) — PlayMechanics

Ancient powers of Evil returned to the Magic World! The Darkness arose, and flows through the forests and plain, corrupting everything on it way. But magic lions always were protectors of these lands! It’s time to gather in prides and battle the Evil!The.

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City Bird Crow Simulator 3D by PlayMechanicsCity Bird Crow Simulator 3D

Rated 3.45(375) — PlayMechanics

Spread your black feathered wings and take flight just like a real crow – not a raven, never more! Search for food, avoid city predators – like cats or even worse things – mate with other crows, raise up nestlings and fly over the city streets...

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City Bird Pigeon Simulator 3D by PlayMechanicsCity Bird Pigeon Simulator 3D

Rated 3.74(9,336) — PlayMechanics

Spread your wings and take flight just like a real pigeon bird! Search for food, avoid city predators – we mean cats, you know – mate with other pigeons, raise up nestlings and fly over the city streets!Live the life of ordinary city pigeon! Follow...

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City Snake: Anaconda Simulator by PlayMechanicsCity Snake: Anaconda Simulator

Rated 4.18(329) — PlayMechanics

What could be more entertaining that being a poisonous snake? Being a giant carnivorous poisonous snake, of course! Start a hunt in the big city with City Snake: Anaconda Simulator!Become the fear of these streets – chase humans, cats, and dogs, avoid...

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Crazy Dino Simulator 3D by PlayMechanicsCrazy Dino Simulator 3D

Rated 3.80(179) — PlayMechanics

There was a time when whole world was inhabited by dinosaurs - crazy powerful monsters crashing everything on their way! Go back to the Jurassic age with this dino simulator in 3D! Explore modern city being a crazy dinosaur - make mess, wreck stuff...

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Crocodile Attack Simulator 3D by PlayMechanicsCrocodile Attack Simulator 3D

Rated 4.11(35) — PlayMechanics

Be a wild saltwater crocodile (also known as marine crocodile or just saltie), hunt animals to survive, explore your bay swimming around and meet other animals with this survival simulator! Hunt fishes, goats, antelopes, and, of course, humans as a large.

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Dinosaur: T-Rex Simulator 3D by PlayMechanicsDinosaur: T-Rex Simulator 3D

Rated 3.65(262) — PlayMechanics

Explore jurassic jungles being a Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex) one of the biggest dinos! Try new Dinosaur: T-Rex Simulator 3D game! Walk in the jungles, hunt for dinos and enjoy being a dinosaur! Amazing dino simulator for all ages! Be a dinosaur, hunt other...

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Eagle Bird Survival Sim 3D by PlayMechanicsEagle Bird Survival Sim 3D

Rated 2.85(188) — PlayMechanics

Explore the sky as bird with Eagle Bird Survival Sim 3D! Be a wild eagle, hunt for animals and explore wilderness flying around your territory!Live a life of wild eagle - a large bird of prey! Fly over the sky hunting animals and trying to survive with...

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