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Climb Craft 3D by ProdigyDevClimb Craft 3D

Rated 3.32(28,533) — ProdigyDev

After falling into the trap of trying to get you to apply their skills on the climbing walls. On your way there are deadly traps, you have every chance. The game is easy and difficult levels, over the last you'll have to work hard to pass them.

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Mine Jump 3D by ProdigyDevMine Jump 3D

Rated 3.13(1,407) — ProdigyDev

Jump on the columns to move forward. Your goal - not to fall into the lava. Collect the emeralds to buy skins. Compete with your friends, setting new records. Perform achievement to get points.

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Parallel texts by ProdigyDevParallel texts

Rated 4.45(47) — ProdigyDev

The application implements a method of learning the English language - reading parallel texts. This text, which are divided into two columns. The first column is the English text, in the second - the text in Russian. Russian text previously hidden.The...

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Craft Ahead 3D by ProdigyDevCraft Ahead 3D

Rated 3.29(4,309) — ProdigyDev

Exploring the places where no man has gone before, Phil is trapped. He will get out of this trouble. On the way he will come across a lot of traps that are not so easy to pass. Lava, lasers, moving platforms - this is a small part of what awaits him...

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Mine Maze 3D by ProdigyDevMine Maze 3D

Rated 3.74(40,708) — ProdigyDev

Cubic labyrinth nobody has managed to get to the end, if you can do it? The game is a classic maze, but in a cubic style. The game has over 20 levels of varying difficulty.Features:● Unique Levels● Easy operation● Easy and challenging levels

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