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Air Siren Sound by promadesignAir Siren Sound

Rated 3.53(38) — promadesign

This is an Air raid siren sound player which is used in the days of war when enemy airplanes were spotted.Trick people that they are COMING!!Prank friends and family with this realistic Air Siren sound!- hold your finger to the screen to start the air...

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Balloon Pop Animal by promadesignBalloon Pop Animal

Rated 0.00(0) — promadesign

Learn by having fun.Let your babies or toddlers pop the balloons. They will love it.The balloons have animals inside which are falling down once the balloons are popped with a magical effect.No bright colors are used so its perfectly save for babies...

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Bicycle Bell by promadesignBicycle Bell

Rated 0.00(0) — promadesign

Prank people with this Bicycle Bell app.Prank your family and friends that there is a bike coming.

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Chainsaw Prank Sound by promadesignChainsaw Prank Sound

Rated 3.00(2) — promadesign

This funny Chainsaw Prank Sound app changes your phone into a chainsaw.The Chainsaw sound comes from a real chainsaw.Prank your sleeping friends or family members like your holding a real chainsaw.How to use:- Press "on" to start the chainsaw- Then press.

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Fart Sounds Button by promadesignFart Sounds Button

Rated 3.35(52) — promadesign

Fart Sounds Button have fun and prank people with this Extreme realistic Fart soundboard generator.Change the meter to adjust to the type of fart sounds you want to be generated.Prank people thinking you are actually farting!The fart sound types are...

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Mosquito Sound Prank by promadesignMosquito Sound Prank

Rated 3.67(3) — promadesign

Turn your phone in a very realistic annoying mosquito sound generator.Prank your family and friends with this Mosquito Sound app.Hold the phone next to the ear of your victim and play the very realistic mosquito sound effect.How to play the sound:- press.

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PowerHammer Whack by promadesignPowerHammer Whack

Rated 2.07(15) — promadesign

Use your phone as a PowerHammer by swinging your phone.Try it with friends or family to see who can swing the hammer the hardest.Challenge everyone to try it out!Take care of your phone and hold it VERY tight when swinging because it might SLIP out of...

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Realistic Candle by promadesignRealistic Candle

Rated 1.00(4) — promadesign

Realistic Candle THE candle simulator for dark places.This app gives you light in the dark. Your friend in the dark when you are in need of a relaxing candle light.Dont burn your surroundings anymore with real candles instead use this candle simulator.Thi

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Realistic Shotgun Sounds by promadesignRealistic Shotgun Sounds

Rated 3.51(47) — promadesign

Change your phone in a real SHOTGUN.Realistic shotgun sounds is THE app for your shotgun sounds on your mobile phone to prank people or just as a shotgun sound simulator.All the high quality very realistic reloading and shooting sounds are from the real..

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TestApp (Unreleased) by promadesignTestApp (Unreleased)

Rated 0.00(0) — promadesign

Promadesign test app

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Applause Sound Generator by promadesignApplause Sound Generator

Rated 3.00(4) — promadesign

This applause sound generator app will give you the power to generate an amazing applause.Slide the slider to the left to have a less enthusiastic applause and to the right to have a very enthusiastic applause.Features- multiple applause sounds- multiple.

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Battery Level Notifications by promadesignBattery Level Notifications

Rated 2.33(3) — promadesign

Battery Level Sound Notifications Utility plays sounds with given battery levels.Play it as a notification for yourself so that u know when your battery level is quickly decreasing or increasing.Or as a notifier when your battery is below a certain percen

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Broken Screen Prank by promadesignBroken Screen Prank

Rated 3.91(23) — promadesign

Break your phone screen and simulate a very realistic broken phone screen with an extreme high quality crack.This app is very funny to prank your friends with. Display a transparant glass broken crack on top of a game or your wallpaper on your phone...

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Dentist Drill Sound by promadesignDentist Drill Sound

Rated 0.00(0) — promadesign

This Dentist Drill Sound will drive people insane!Use the dentist drill sound to prank family and friends.Play the sound next to the ear of the victim to scare them.The sound of this dentist drill app comes from a REAL dentist drillHow to use:Press the...

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Loud Air Horn by promadesignLoud Air Horn

Rated 3.75(523) — promadesign

Turn your phone in The Loudest best quality Air horn prank.Impress or prank your friends and family with this very loud sound. Don't let them sleep and use the loud air horn and play the sound as long as possible.Scare of animals when needed, they will...

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Nein by promadesignNein

Rated 3.86(35) — promadesign

Nein Nein Nein funny sound if you just.... DISAGREE.Who does not know the funny compilation videos.Now we give you the power to disagree in german.- press the play button to hear the sound- press again to pause- change the pitch by moving the sliderNEIN..

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Punching Meter Boxing Machine by promadesignPunching Meter Boxing Machine

Rated 2.64(134) — promadesign

How hard can u punch?Play this game with your friends and see who can hit the hardest.Throw in a coin and challenge your friends with this arcade punch boxing machine.This machine allows you to see who has the strongest punch.How to use:- Press the button

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Realistic Hair Clipper by promadesignRealistic Hair Clipper

Rated 3.90(39) — promadesign

Turn your smartphone into a very realistic hair clipper / trimmer / razor!This is one of the most realistic apps of all apps available, perfect for jokes, pranks and entertainment for children and adults of all ages simulating real life hair trimmer...

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Realistic stun gun by promadesignRealistic stun gun

Rated 3.85(2,250) — promadesign

This app simulates a very realistic electric stun gun / taser. The image AND sound used in this app comes from actual existing stun gun / taser shock device.Have fun and prank people think you actually have a stun gun.- Fool your friends into thinking...

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Toothbrush Simulator by promadesignToothbrush Simulator

Rated 4.00(18) — promadesign

This app simulates a toothbrush by shaking your phone.Have fun letting people think you are actually brushing your teeth.Automatic switches high quality sounds per shake.- fool your friend by using this phone toothbrush- shake the device for a nice toothb

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