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bdapps by Robi Axiata Ltdbdapps

Rated 4.30(71) — Robi Axiata Ltd

BD Apps is Bangladesh’s leading mobile app store, bringing to you a wide range of apps for all your needs. You can login to BD Apps through your Robi Mobile and directly subscribe/download applications instantly.Types of mobile applications available•...

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My Airtel Prepaid by Robi Axiata LtdMy Airtel Prepaid

Rated 3.90(51) — Robi Axiata Ltd

My airtel My Apps is a mobile based application which provides airtel customers with the power they require right in their hands. The application has been devised to cater customers with 360 degree mobile solutions. The application comes with 6 options...

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My Sports - Airtel by Robi Axiata LtdMy Sports - Airtel

Rated 4.25(4) — Robi Axiata Ltd

Airtel My Sports for all sports entertainment from Cricket, Football, Tennis etc

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Robi Blood Finder by Robi Axiata LtdRobi Blood Finder

Rated 4.65(34) — Robi Axiata Ltd

Every one posses an inner desire to be a part of any noble cause, but most of the time, we cannot make it happen. Robi is delighted to make you a part of such a great contribution for our country. Robi Blood Finder app is made in such a way, that wherever

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Robi ERL by Robi Axiata LtdRobi ERL

Rated 5.00(2) — Robi Axiata Ltd

Robi’s Enterprise Resource Locator is a solution to help the organizations manage the field team optimally. The solution uses day-to-day work elements of organization viz. mobile phone with GPS, a desktop/laptop with internet and empowers the managers...

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Robi Islamic Poth by Robi Axiata LtdRobi Islamic Poth

Rated 4.93(15) — Robi Axiata Ltd

Robi Islamic Poth is an app for the Bangladeshi Muslim community. The app is designed for all ROBI subscribers only to provide information related to the Islamic lifestyle in Bangla and English. Through this Muslim special application, you will easily...

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Robi r-hive by Robi Axiata LtdRobi r-hive

Rated 4.33(30) — Robi Axiata Ltd

The business environment in which we work today is dramatically different and competitive that it ever was in the past. Today the employees of an organization are by far the most important resource, simply because of the diminishing advantage innovative..

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Robi Store Locator by Robi Axiata LtdRobi Store Locator

Rated 4.09(419) — Robi Axiata Ltd

Lost your SIM, but don’t know where the nearest Robi Sheba points are? Hungry, but you have no idea where the nearest partner outlet is! Say hello to Robi Store Locator and goodbye to these petty problems!Robi Store Locator is Bangladesh’s first...

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Robi Tunes by Robi Axiata LtdRobi Tunes

Rated 4.25(20) — Robi Axiata Ltd

Robi Tunes is a platform for the music talents to showcase their music and sell directly to the customers.

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Robi Vehicle Tracking by Robi Axiata LtdRobi Vehicle Tracking

Rated 0.00(0) — Robi Axiata Ltd

Robi Tracker is the vehicle tracking solution of Robi Axiata Ltd. We have our VTS solution with prepaid & postpaid both. We are offering 3 years warranty for our devise with a very attractive price. It’s a GPS based tracking & monitoring solution to...

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Bijoy Itihash by Robi Axiata LtdBijoy Itihash

Rated 4.39(1,112) — Robi Axiata Ltd

Use this app to scan Bangladeshi notes to know the 7 glorious pillars in the history of Bangladesh.How to use the app:Step 1 - Open the “Bijoy Itihash” App in your mobileStep 2 - Select the year you want to watch from your menuStep 3 - The app will...

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My Robi by Robi Axiata LtdMy Robi

Rated 3.72(3,777) — Robi Axiata Ltd

Robi bring for its users the new and improved My Robi App! This app will redefine the meaning of "mobile self-care". Through this app you can manage your accounts and service portfolio, on your own. You just need to download and install the app and regist

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MyPlan by Robi Axiata LtdMyPlan

Rated 4.01(139) — Robi Axiata Ltd

MyPlan is the fastest and more convenient for Robi customers to manage their all mobile lifestyle need.Now you have the freedom to choose your internet volume, voice & SMS along with the validity and create your own personalized pack.You can also check...

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Robi Cloud by Robi Axiata LtdRobi Cloud

Rated 4.41(286) — Robi Axiata Ltd

Robi Cloud App is meant to facilitate you to securely upload or download all your photos, music, videos, files etc to cloud storage and to enable you to access your files anytime from anywhere! Files you keep in Robi Cloud are safely backed up and you...

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Robi iBuddy by Robi Axiata LtdRobi iBuddy

Rated 3.92(2,555) — Robi Axiata Ltd

Only for Robi Prepaid users!iBuddy is the fastest and easiest way for Robi customers to connect to the internet. You get connected no matter where you are simply by choosing the most suitable internet minutes connection for you. Launch any of your favorit

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Robi Online Radio by Robi Axiata LtdRobi Online Radio

Rated 4.13(54) — Robi Axiata Ltd

Online Radio is a music streaming service that gives you unlimited access to live-streaming and offline play of millions of songs direct from your Android device.Here you will find all the latest new music in addition to all the classics. We also offer...

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Robi SFA by Robi Axiata LtdRobi SFA

Rated 5.00(4) — Robi Axiata Ltd

Robi’s Sales Force Automation is a solution to help the organizations manage the field sales team. The solution uses day to day work elements of organization viz. mobile phone with GPS, a desktop/laptop with internet and empowers the sales managers...

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Robi Traveler by Robi Axiata LtdRobi Traveler

Rated 4.23(77) — Robi Axiata Ltd

Robi Traveller App is the travel app that provides ultimate guide for Robi’s valuable customers before and during the travel. Download Robi Traveller App today, you will get the below features: • You will be able to check your local and roaming usage...

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Robi TV by Robi Axiata LtdRobi TV

Rated 3.92(9,283) — Robi Axiata Ltd

*IMPORTANT*A Robi data connection is required to use Robi TV service. There will be standard data charges applicable while watching ROBI TV.Robi TV is a mobile streaming application with premium Live TV, Loop and VOD content. This Mobile TV app has leadin

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Robi Venture by Robi Axiata LtdRobi Venture

Rated 3.67(3) — Robi Axiata Ltd

Generate ideas, collaborate in the venture and finally capture your learning!All these using this simple app.

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