Rosamosi published 4 applications on Google Play, 168 people rated these apps with an average rating of 4.40!

Mussila by RosamosiMussila

Rated 4.77(126) — Rosamosi

We are set out to revolutionise music education.It is better to give than to receive, so boy are we happy these days since Mussila is now free to play for everyone!Mussila: Helps Kids Learn Music 20,2% faster.Mussila is designed to teach kids the principl

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Neon Planets Ft. Dadi Freyr by RosamosiNeon Planets Ft. Dadi Freyr

Rated 3.79(19) — Rosamosi

In Neon Planets the player joins the Icelandic musician Dadi Freyr on a mission through neon themed planets to catch the melody to complete each song while avoiding the bad notes and beating a high score. The game includes three new songs by the musician.

Mussila Planets by RosamosiMussila Planets

Rated 4.75(16) — Rosamosi

Mussila PlanetsThe latest game from the Mussila team is Mussila Planets - an adventurous tilt and tap game that takes the player on a journey between exotic planets all the way from space down to the deep mysterious sea. Along the way the player is faced.

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Orðagull by RosamosiOrðagull

Rated 4.29(7) — Rosamosi

The app Orðagull aims to strengthen vocabulary, memory, auditory understanding and speech of those who study icelandic. This app is suitable for kids about to finish kindergarten and all ages up. It is very suitable for those who are studying Icelandic...

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