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4 Qul of Quran Shareef by ShenLogic4 Qul of Quran Shareef

Rated 4.00(3) — ShenLogic

4 Quls Application main qul sharif shamil kia gy han. Quran Majeed ka Qul sharisf in ko aap jahn chaen recite kr sakty han. 4 Quls ki recitation aap kalima ko both sari affat sa bacha lati hai.Sura Ikhlas ki both sari afadiat han.Quran learn krnyka duran.

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99 Names of Allahاسماء الحسنیٰ by ShenLogic99 Names of Allahاسماء الحسنیٰ

Rated 5.00(5) — ShenLogic

Allah kay 99 names of allah Parhain and Yaad karain with translation & Explanation. Hamari ya application esma-ül hüsna bachon ka muslim names rakhny main ba madadgar sabit ho gy. Kiun ka 99 name of Allah asmaul is main meanings k sath shamil kiay...

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Asaan Namaz by ShenLogicAsaan Namaz

Rated 4.57(35) — ShenLogic

Assan Namaz our Masnoon dua ka sahi tarika boht achi application han. Un bother and sister ka lia ju apni nimaz ka tariqa ka sahi krna chaty han. Mard or auart ka namaz ka taqika main farak hota hai. Salaat main sajdah kesy kia jy raku main kesy jaya...

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Beauty Tips in Urdu by ShenLogicBeauty Tips in Urdu

Rated 4.43(7) — ShenLogic

Beauty tips in urdu eek boht achi application hai. Jis main ap ki Skin glo hair and beauty or hair ka lia home remedy batay gy han. Ju app ko khubsurat or jawan rakhty hn. Hamari iss app main ap eye tricks,fashion tips, hair tips, skin ki sari bemarion...

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Dua e Jameela by ShenLogicDua e Jameela

Rated 4.64(11) — ShenLogic

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem..Assalamu 'Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu'Dua e Jameela is known to be the code of success for life (zindagi). With the help of this free islamic app muslims around the globe can recites it regularly and get blesses...

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Eid ul Azha Recipes by ShenLogicEid ul Azha Recipes

Rated 4.00(4) — ShenLogic

Eid ul Azha is basically occasion of doing Qurbani and Eating Food with Family. Everyone expect delicious food specially on this Eid. We provide you list of awesome and easy recipes of BBQ, Chaanp, Paey, Kaleji, Mutton Karhai and Rice. You can cook amazin

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Funny Jokes in Urdu by ShenLogicFunny Jokes in Urdu

Rated 5.00(3) — ShenLogic

Enjoy Funny Jokes in many categories (Animal Jokes, Doctor Jokes, Family Jokes, Naughty Jokes, Lawyer Jokes, Dirty Jokes, Pathaan Jokes, Urdu Funny Jokes and many more) with our free Funny Jokes Application. Read Funny Jokes and you surly Laugh a Lot...

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Hairstyles for Girl by ShenLogicHairstyles for Girl

Rated 5.00(1) — ShenLogic

Hair styles step by step 2016 is a very nice appkication. Hair style haircut play more important role in women style and life style. Is app main hair tutorials btay gy han bride hair step by step btay gy han. Hair fashion or styling are more important...

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Health Tips دیسی ٹوٹکے by ShenLogicHealth Tips دیسی ٹوٹکے

Rated 3.67(3) — ShenLogic

Health care tips in urdu 2016 boht achi application hai. Iss main shamil health tips aur Healthy recommendations ap ki physical health, mental health, emotional health ko acha banti han or self confidence pada krti han. Mental illness ko khtam krty huy...

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How to Tie a Tie by ShenLogicHow to Tie a Tie

Rated 3.00(1) — ShenLogic

How to Tie the Tie is a very helpful application for those people how learn the tie the tie. So many people not know about the tie knots. This tie guide book makes you gentleman and a Windsor. This tie knot use in bar rescue. This app is very useful...

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6 Kalma of Islam by ShenLogic6 Kalma of Islam

Rated 4.14(14) — ShenLogic

Six kalmy application sa ab kalmas sikhana both asan ho gia hai. Aap jb chahen jahn chahen kalimah ki recitation kr sakty han. First sa la kr fifth , six tak islamic kalma han. These 6 kalmas are part of islami religion pillars and also Shaadi Faith...

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Amazing Meme Generator by ShenLogicAmazing Meme Generator

Rated 3.00(1) — ShenLogic

Amazing Meme Generator is Funny App to create fun text pictures them with your friends. There are many funny pictures users can add text on them by their own choice and save image to gallery. User can share image with friends and enjoy. App Have: Simple..

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Baby Wallpapers HD by ShenLogicBaby Wallpapers HD

Rated 4.50(2) — ShenLogic

Cute baby wallpapers free app is user friendly and offers you to download infinite cute baby wallpapers with HD specifications. Cute baby wallpapers free app is a rare app which has more than 100 HD baby wallpapers. Huge and adorable collection of angel..

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Cool Wallpapers by ShenLogicCool Wallpapers

Rated 4.07(15) — ShenLogic

We warmly welcome you in the beautiful world of Android wear wallpapers in HD. Cool wallpapers HD app offers you to download HD nature wallpapers in all sizes, inclusive of rood-screen sizes, and for any other Android device, like your mobile phone...

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Dua e Qunoot by ShenLogicDua e Qunoot

Rated 3.50(2) — ShenLogic

Dua e Qunoot and Dua e Jamila is a most beautiful application. Dua e Qunoot with urdu give as a chance to understand this dua. Every humankind use Supplications for Forgiveness. Supplication ka baghr har ebadt na mukamil hai. Learn Dua e Qunoot esi app...

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Eye Makeup Step By Step 2016 by ShenLogicEye Makeup Step By Step 2016

Rated 0.00(0) — ShenLogic

Makeup is an art to express who we are, at our best. One should know Makeup Tips and tecniques that how to apply proper lipstick, beauty secrets, makeover, eye care, healthy skin tips etc. Party makeup and smoky eyes are in trend these days and the best..

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Hair Care Tips in Urdu by ShenLogicHair Care Tips in Urdu

Rated 5.00(2) — ShenLogic

Hair fall tips yaa tips aap ko hair loss sa bacha sakti han. Hair growth na hony main Anemia our Thyroid aham han. In du bemarion ki waja sa hair loss ka problem ata hai. Iss app main natural ramedies or home grow hair di gy han. Ya damedies app ko health

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Hairstyles for Men by ShenLogicHairstyles for Men

Rated 3.91(11) — ShenLogic

Man hair styles 2016 is a very useful app for hair styler. Men hairstyles main face shape ko madnazr rakh kr issmain free hair styles shamil kia gy han. Men’s style main short hair our long hair ka fashion hmesha sa raha hai. Male popular new hair...

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Hijab Style Step By Step by ShenLogicHijab Style Step By Step

Rated 3.46(13) — ShenLogic

Hijab style step by step 2016 تسريحات is a awesome application for girls. Who wears the hijab or ababyas for styling. Hijab style 2016 ek fashion directory hai ju ap ko hijab fashion ka batati hai. Iss tutourial main hijab dress or scarf ka different...

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Inspirational Quotes by ShenLogicInspirational Quotes

Rated 0.00(0) — ShenLogic

Motivational Quotes App is the most visional app of Android and the purpose to launch this app is to civilize and motivate the users. Download this app and taste the awesome collection of Motivational Quotes. In this modern era, this is the best platform.

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