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Balloons Coloring by shinobiRozsBalloons Coloring

Rated 5.00(1) — shinobiRozs

Apply colors to your balloons as they fly into the sky! - more than 4 surprise balloons to color - more than 30 colors to choose from - endless fun for kids and at kids at heart - smallest balloons coloring game in the house (2 MB)

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Did Somebody Touched My Spaghet?! by shinobiRozsDid Somebody Touched My Spaghet?!

Rated 3.33(12) — shinobiRozs

An interactive game rendition of the popular "Somebody touched my spaghet!" meme.Tags: somebody, touched, my, spaghet, meme review, meme ???? review ????

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Fruit Packing Of New Era - Packtera by shinobiRozsFruit Packing Of New Era - Packtera

Rated 5.00(2) — shinobiRozs

Pack fruits to boxes before shipping to customers! Avoid shipping empty boxes and unpacked fruits.. and poops!!!?Use your packing skills to pack assorted fruits and other things...Once again, endless fun!

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Ugandan Knuckles - Do you know the way? by shinobiRozsUgandan Knuckles - Do you know the way?

Rated 4.54(99) — shinobiRozs

Do you know the way?Do you know the game?!Why are you running!!!?Climb ropes and ladders, collect coins and avoid obstacles and traps in this endless runner one-tap game. - 5 different obstacle types- 3 Hazardous Environments - Seamless Endless Runner...

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Chicken Story - Chicksuke by shinobiRozsChicken Story - Chicksuke

Rated 4.89(35) — shinobiRozs

Prepare your thumbs as you embark on a grand chase to catch Beki in a deep forest full of obstacles!

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Egg Cooking - Eggcelsior by shinobiRozsEgg Cooking - Eggcelsior

Rated 5.00(2) — shinobiRozs

Cooking eggs can be hard sometimes and it seems that elusive perfect boiled egg is almost impossible to achieve.Enter Eggcelsior! An eggciting new app that will help us cook eggs eggcellently each and every time.Features: - Real time cooking and egg...

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Knuck Hunt - Ugandan Knuckles by shinobiRozsKnuck Hunt - Ugandan Knuckles

Rated 3.77(31) — shinobiRozs

Hunt Ugandan Knuckles, old retro arcade game, for hunting games lovers.Shoot down more Ugandan Knuckles possible!A fun game for the whole family, where you are the hunter and the hunt is on!We nevah freeeeze!The original knuckles pixel art graphic was...

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Ugandan Knuckles Go by shinobiRozsUgandan Knuckles Go

Rated 4.20(5) — shinobiRozs

Do you know the way? If yes, then go Ugandan Knuckles Go! Explore vast worlds to an epic adventure in search of the one queen.Search far and wide collecting Basicknuck, Blueknuck, Flatknuck, Artrixknuck, Duckknuck, Happyknuck, Mineknuck, Sirknuck and...

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