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Sky Patrol published 11 applications on Google Play, 902 people rated these apps with an average rating of 3.60!

4x4 Offroad Rally Mad Extreme Hill Climb Buggy by Sky Patrol4x4 Offroad Rally Mad Extreme Hill Climb Buggy

Rated 3.74(19) — Sky Patrol

Get ready, this you have not seen! This is a super extreme 4x4 race on off-road! But not simple off-road. You have to fight with nature itself. Who will be the winner? Man or nature with spontaneous forces?To find out the answer to this question, sit...

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Beast Wrestling of Gangsters Stickman Fighting by Sky PatrolBeast Wrestling of Gangsters Stickman Fighting

Rated 3.98(122) — Sky Patrol

Stickman gangs decided to sort out among themselves and find out which gang is steeper than the rest of the gangs. Stickman decided to make funny and ridiculous beast combative wrestling fights.Become a participant in funny fights without rules. Be ready.

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Halloween Zombie Pet Simulator - My Talking Jack by Sky PatrolHalloween Zombie Pet Simulator - My Talking Jack

Rated 3.00(2) — Sky Patrol

Are you ready for Halloween yet? If not, the pet Jack will tell you everything about this holiday. Meet the pumpkinhead Jack, he is very friendly and loves to play! Celebrate Halloween with him!Pet Jack is very mobile, loves to dance, walk in nature...

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Laser Light Sword Star Simulator by Sky PatrolLaser Light Sword Star Simulator

Rated 2.67(3) — Sky Patrol

With our application "Laser Light Sword Star Simulator" you will become a real star knight the warrior of light or darkness. Choose on which side you want to be.Turn your phone into a real laser light sword! Activate the saber with realistic effects...

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Last Survival Sniper Vs Zombie Dino on Island by Sky PatrolLast Survival Sniper Vs Zombie Dino on Island

Rated 3.55(11) — Sky Patrol

Do you like games about survival? You can't live a day without shooting zombies? Are you attracted by adventures on the island and are you crazy about dinosaurs? Now you can enjoy all this in our new game.Survival on the island of zombies and dinosaurs...

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VRCHAT Ugandan Knuckles Russian Attack by Sky PatrolVRCHAT Ugandan Knuckles Russian Attack

Rated 4.07(121) — Sky Patrol

Go on your way to Uganda! That is, find the way to Russia! Ugandan Knuckles wants to find a way. In general, find the way anywhere with your Russian tank. But do you know the way? Ugandan Knuckles does not want to get lost.Nothing, as you go, you'll...

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Battle Royale Christmas Rules Survival by Sky PatrolBattle Royale Christmas Rules Survival

Rated 3.00(4) — Sky Patrol

You are waiting for a truly festive Royal Battle. Before the Christmas, Santa Clauses decided to find out which of them is the best and who is worthy to deliver presents. All the Santa Clauses converge in one Christmas Battle Royale. And you will have...

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Deadly Standing - A Survival Game by Sky PatrolDeadly Standing - A Survival Game

Rated 4.86(7) — Sky Patrol

You can finally try playing the great genius Kojumbo. Everyone knows Kojumbo genius. Therefore, the game is brilliant. There was a global catastrophe. The big explosion changed the familiar world and the water began to go away. All marine animals are...

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Infinity Battle - the War of Heroes by Sky PatrolInfinity Battle - the War of Heroes

Rated 3.55(11) — Sky Patrol

Dark times have come for humanity. Into the world invaded the evil invaders. The battle of infinity began. A real war broke out in the world. The most powerful villain wants to collect ancient artifacts of infinity. Only superheroes can save the earth...

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Last Grand Battle Royale Survivor Unknown by Sky PatrolLast Grand Battle Royale Survivor Unknown

Rated 3.14(14) — Sky Patrol

An unknown organization prepared the most massive battle royale. Become a member of the grand royal battle. You and the other members of the battle royale will be landed on a large uninhabited island, which will serve you as a great battleground.Every...

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VRCHAT Ugandan Knuckles - Gang Fights by Sky PatrolVRCHAT Ugandan Knuckles - Gang Fights

Rated 4.02(588) — Sky Patrol

Meet with Ugandan Knuckles. This is a cool VRCHAT character. He needs to find a way home to find his princess. Therefore, he asks everyone "Do you know the way?".And yet you know the way? To overcome this way, Uganda Knuckles must fight in battle without.

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