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Border Police Sniper Battle by SMG - Super Megatron GamesBorder Police Sniper Battle

Rated 3.92(53) — SMG - Super Megatron Games

In the border town of your country where there is a lot of crime and criminals use the border to move illegal arms, ammunition and life threatening drugs in your country. You have been a trained Police Sniper in your career of over 20 years and have...

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City Gangster Clown Robbery by SMG - Super Megatron GamesCity Gangster Clown Robbery

Rated 3.79(165) — SMG - Super Megatron Games

Clowns are rather funny and entertaining but what lies underneath that facade, mask and a crazy yet creepy laughter is something only the one who is wearing the mask would know. A dreaded fatality to a loved one has pushed you into the abysmal state...

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City Sniper Assassin by SMG - Super Megatron GamesCity Sniper Assassin

Rated 3.60(35) — SMG - Super Megatron Games

City Sniper Assassin lets you shoot & kill terrorists in your city as a trained master city sniper assassin who have taken civilians as hostage. City Sniper Assassin is a mission based 3D game that gives you the power to shoot kill and assassinate the...

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Counter Terrorist Sniper by SMG - Super Megatron GamesCounter Terrorist Sniper

Rated 5.00(3) — SMG - Super Megatron Games

Protect your army base from terrorists in the game Counter Terrorist Sniper. Your army unit is posted in this troubled area army base, terrorists are roaming freely around and about the area destroying the property. Counter Terrorist Sniper would give...

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Criminal Theft & Escape by SMG - Super Megatron GamesCriminal Theft & Escape

Rated 4.40(50) — SMG - Super Megatron Games

Criminal Theft & Escape is the game to play to work as different kinds of thieves who have stealth and hand to hand combat as their style of attack. City's biggest mafia crime boss has asked two of his best men to steal for him from the museum and they...

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Downtown Hero Mafia Revenge by SMG - Super Megatron GamesDowntown Hero Mafia Revenge

Rated 4.19(79) — SMG - Super Megatron Games

Be the Mafia hero fighting killer of modern crime games in Downtown Hero Mafia Revenge mission and gather your crime family of Mafia and take revenge from rivals ganglands. After spending hard time prison in slammer of Las Vegas county, Ghetto Crooked...

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Evil Dinosaur Survival by SMG - Super Megatron GamesEvil Dinosaur Survival

Rated 4.07(29) — SMG - Super Megatron Games

A New Evil Dinosaur Survival game of 2017 is Launched for you!! Enjoy the real thrill of Dino shooter with Amazing 3D graphics and prehistoric Jurassic jungle shooting park environment for free hunting game players. The wilderness is filled with deadly...

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F16 Fighter Flight Air Attack by SMG - Super Megatron GamesF16 Fighter Flight Air Attack

Rated 3.33(60) — SMG - Super Megatron Games

F16 Fighter Flight Air Attack lets you demonstrate your aircraft and plane flying skills and abilities by targeting ships, anti aircraft guns and other enemy flying aircraft and plane which are all shooting at you. F16 Fighter Flight Air Attack is the...

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Fidget Shadow Gangster by SMG - Super Megatron GamesFidget Shadow Gangster

Rated 4.38(13) — SMG - Super Megatron Games

Play as Fidget Shadow gangster & be a boss of town by killing rival ganglands & Criminals with super hero powers of fidget spinner. Use your fidget spinner & fighting skills to kill city police, criminals & mafia boss. Do crimes in the city & escape...

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Flying Fighter Robot : Transform Games 2017 by SMG - Super Megatron GamesFlying Fighter Robot : Transform Games 2017

Rated 4.67(27) — SMG - Super Megatron Games

The bad guys are planning a grand city destruction this time. The scared citizens are in real danger. They are harassed on the name of adventure and fun by the crime squad. The grand city destruction plan involves killing, fighting and attacking by the...

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Christmas Eve Robot Attack by SMG - Super Megatron GamesChristmas Eve Robot Attack

Rated 3.88(186) — SMG - Super Megatron Games

It’s Christmas eve and you are sitting at home in your hometown thinking about your life story that comprised of criminal escape, assassinate agent spy, being the underworld gang boss, leading the gangwar in New York city until you won. Firing those...

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City Metro Train Driving Simulator 2017 by SMG - Super Megatron GamesCity Metro Train Driving Simulator 2017

Rated 4.19(58) — SMG - Super Megatron Games

City Metro Train Driving Simulator 2017 is a train game in which you will drive a euro train through amazing tracks of metro cities in London & New York . Pick & Drop passengers from subway stations by driving train on railway tracks and explore uphill...

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Commanders Call Snow Sniper by SMG - Super Megatron GamesCommanders Call Snow Sniper

Rated 3.81(47) — SMG - Super Megatron Games

Commander Call Snow Sniper shooter uses the snow fall and snow based terrain to let you kill and assassinate enemies while they guard their fortress on snow mountains. Commander Call Snow Sniper engages you to perfect your aim in snow conditions by giving

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Criminal Sniper City Warrior by SMG - Super Megatron GamesCriminal Sniper City Warrior

Rated 5.00(3) — SMG - Super Megatron Games

You have long been tasked with missions where you had to pull the trigger to save the country from unwanted terrorists and fail their plans of destroying the peace and harmony. Killing civilians and bombing public places is the norm for a terrorist mob...

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Deer Hunting African Savanna by SMG - Super Megatron GamesDeer Hunting African Savanna

Rated 3.94(210) — SMG - Super Megatron Games

Deer Hunting African Savanna takes you back to your favourite hobby that is also your ultimate passion, hunting. Deer Hunting African Savanna offers you a lush green african savanna to spend your leisure time hunting. The deer hunting trophies are a...

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Elite Sniper Assassin by SMG - Super Megatron GamesElite Sniper Assassin

Rated 3.78(4,470) — SMG - Super Megatron Games

Elite Sniper Assassin lets you do your best as a trained master elite sniper assassin to kill enemies who have taken civilians as hostage. Elite Sniper Assassin is a mission based 3D game that lets you kill enemies, shoot & kill their retaliating shooters

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Extreme Flying Car Simulator by SMG - Super Megatron GamesExtreme Flying Car Simulator

Rated 3.57(97) — SMG - Super Megatron Games

Who doesn't want to fly a flying car? As kids we have all seen cartoons with futuristic flying cars to go from one place to the other? With Extreme Flying Car Simulator all your futuristic flying car dreams come true. Extreme Flying Car Simulator is...

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Fatal Ninja Warrior by SMG - Super Megatron GamesFatal Ninja Warrior

Rated 4.37(70) — SMG - Super Megatron Games

Fatal Ninja Warrior is set in the old oriental town in a remote Japanese village where rebel war fighting ninja warriors are divided into groups and have marked their territories . Two groups of war fighting ninja warriors have agreements and pacts of...

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Flying Army Tank Simulator by SMG - Super Megatron GamesFlying Army Tank Simulator

Rated 3.72(29) — SMG - Super Megatron Games

One of the most eye-catching combat scenes in movies are when the tanks are approaching fast, despite a rugged terrain, tanks march like a strongly built elephant thats in its full swing and focused on the target. Flying Army Tank Simulator allows you...

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Flying Grand Truck Simulator by SMG - Super Megatron GamesFlying Grand Truck Simulator

Rated 4.00(8) — SMG - Super Megatron Games

You must have seen those amazing, colorful, powerful yet so interesting trucks on the highway. Those trucks are one of the best rides in the world. Who doesn't want to drive these amazing trucks? With Flying Grand Truck Simulator you can't just drive...

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