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bb by Startech Industriesbb

Rated 3.07(638) — Startech Industries

Tap & Collect fires.Timing most important for this.Designed by completely LineTek.Creators not responsible about any charge for copyrights.

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İletio by Startech Industriesİletio

Rated 5.00(7) — Startech Industries

İletio,BETA AŞAMASINDA olan bir haber özetleme uygulamasıdır.Haberleri,yapay zeka kullarak en önemli yerleriyle alarak özetler.Ve size sunar.Sürükleme seçenekleri ve hoş arayüzü ile dikkat çekeceğini düşündüğümüz uygulamayı beğenmeniz...

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Legends of Soccer Online by Startech IndustriesLegends of Soccer Online

Rated 0.00(0) — Startech Industries

Legends of Soccer(LoS) is a multi player soccer game.Features as follows:-Create your team-Change your draft-Train your players-Match with other real players online-Sell and buy items-Be the #1 in the league!Keywords:soccer,football,online soccer

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Modern Warfare Anonym Call by Startech IndustriesModern Warfare Anonym Call

Rated 4.28(85) — Startech Industries

In 21.century hundreds of scientist works with a program,an artifical intellegence defance system.Named Anonym.When they done and be succeed,they realised that machine didnt trained as well for the real war.In this case,they created a war simulation...

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ReklamGöz Bileşenler by Startech IndustriesReklamGöz Bileşenler

Rated 2.60(5) — Startech Industries

ReklamGöz uygulamasının üye kayıt bileşenlerinin cihazınıza yüklenmesi için gerekli bileşendir. Member registration is required to download the application to your device components ReklamGöz component.

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The Snow - Text Adventure Game by Startech IndustriesThe Snow - Text Adventure Game

Rated 3.40(5) — Startech Industries

Humanity is facing with a secondary ice age.You play with a ordinary guy who named Alex.Story gets more and more interesting.Story is so natural,game can feel its own fictinal universe.The story of snow is continuesly groving.Reading can make you addictiv

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Hangman Online by Startech IndustriesHangman Online

Rated 2.73(276) — Startech Industries

Advantage of being online,everyday we will add new words to hangman.Which means,you will never bored from same words.

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Lava by Startech IndustriesLava

Rated 4.00(6) — Startech Industries

You can measure your speed and attention skill.Paste your score's to beat others!

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Life Simulator 2017 by Startech IndustriesLife Simulator 2017

Rated 3.60(132) — Startech Industries

You will start with lowest conditions in the life and try earn more and more money.Game will finishes when you became the richest person.Rich simulator can be played with tapping the jobs,earning game money and be able to buy the most expensive stuff...

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Nine:Block Puzzle by Startech IndustriesNine:Block Puzzle

Rated 5.00(1) — Startech Industries

In this addictive game,the purpose is different and original than other block puzzles.You'll try to build 3x3 same color cube for destroyin cubes from the game table.When you do that 3x3 block cube will be disappeared except the middle one and game will..

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Tanks Online by Startech IndustriesTanks Online

Rated 0.00(0) — Startech Industries

Tanks Online is so simple game that you can play multiplayer Pvp matches online.Your goal is destroying your opponent's base,So you win the game and earn game coin that you can buy better tank skins and fear your enemies once in for all!

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