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Count Expert - Blackjack by Supreme appsCount Expert - Blackjack

Rated 4.38(8) — Supreme apps

Are you tired of losing money at the casinos? Do you want to make money and beat the house? Now is your chance this is the first android app that trains you to count cards in a game like format. Practice the count over and over until you master the art...

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Hang Over - Prevent Hangovers by Supreme appsHang Over - Prevent Hangovers

Rated 3.05(63) — Supreme apps

Hang Over is a revolutionary app which can help you cure and prevent hangovers. The app is stunning in its simplicity, keeping track of your drinks throughout the night, then helping you rate your hangover in the morning!This is the PERFECT app for colleg

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PhoneSpy: Secret Camera by Supreme appsPhoneSpy: Secret Camera

Rated 3.59(879) — Supreme apps

Do you have a nosy mom, dad or significant other that you suspect is looking at your phone and reading your messages?Well now you can catch them in the act without them knowing! PhoneSpy uses the front facing camera to take a picture of the intruder...

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The Q - Live Trivia Game Show by Supreme appsThe Q - Live Trivia Game Show

Rated 2.13(582) — Supreme apps

The Q is a live trivia game where contestants tune into the game when the game is live and answer real trivia questions with a live host over a certain number of rounds.

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Front Flash by Supreme appsFront Flash

Rated 3.09(9,325) — Supreme apps

Introducing Front Flash - the best way to take photos in low light using your front-facing camera. Front Flash is a simple yet innovative idea - it gives you the ability to take illuminated photos from your front-facing camera, even in low light. The...

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InstaKeep: Instagram Pic Save by Supreme appsInstaKeep: Instagram Pic Save

Rated 3.84(1,760) — Supreme apps

Save, Share, and Regram Instagram photos faster then ever before!Have you ever seen and Instagram you loved and wanted to save it yourself?Did you ever want to take that celebrities Instagram and post it as your own?InstaKeep allows you to download or...

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Photo Downloader for Facebook by Supreme appsPhoto Downloader for Facebook

Rated 3.74(1,055) — Supreme apps

Save photos from Facebook with one click! The most powerful Facebook image downloader plugin!Facebook on the android does not get the attention it deserves and android users cannot save their photos directly. Now Photo Downloader for Facebook allows...

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YES - The button 4 everything by Supreme appsYES - The button 4 everything

Rated 4.29(7) — Supreme apps

YES is the button for everything. Day in an day out people constantly ask you the same question over and over. Did you do your homework? Did you clean your room? Did you mow the lawn? Did you write clean code? Each and every time the answer is YES. So...

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