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Automatic Image Rotation by Syed Farooq AliAutomatic Image Rotation

Rated 3.40(5) — Syed Farooq Ali

Image rotation is an app where you can rotate your multiple images in vertical orientation (face or a person is in upright position that is easily view-able by the user without changing the device/mobile orientation). This application will facilitate...

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Fun Math by Syed Farooq AliFun Math

Rated 5.00(3) — Syed Farooq Ali

The basic aim of the project was to develop an gaming app that would entertain students as well as the people of other categories who want to prepare different types of math related test. This app would contribute in their learning. The idea was developed

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Guess the Islamic Questions by Syed Farooq AliGuess the Islamic Questions

Rated 4.50(6) — Syed Farooq Ali

The purpose of making this app was to improve the skills of people regarding history of Islam, history of our beloved Prophet and also the history of caliphates. This app is perfect for people who wants to learn more , See how well you know facts about...

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Know-Islam by Syed Farooq AliKnow-Islam

Rated 0.00(0) — Syed Farooq Ali

know Islam is designed to get Islamic related information. Anyone can easily know about by just exploring this app.

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Flocking Birds by Syed Farooq AliFlocking Birds

Rated 4.71(7) — Syed Farooq Ali

This game will challenge your attention and response time. This is a simple game, where you will be shown a flock of birds. You will be asked to swipe according to the direction of middle bird. In this game you have to swipe in one of the four directions.

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Guess the Computer Parts by Syed Farooq AliGuess the Computer Parts

Rated 3.59(37) — Syed Farooq Ali

In this game, users have to guess computer parts. This app will facilitate the user’s learning in the form of a game to become aware of computer parts. The game is also helpful in learning for those who don't have enough knowledge about computer parts...

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Guess the Jumbled Words by Syed Farooq AliGuess the Jumbled Words

Rated 3.50(2) — Syed Farooq Ali

This game starts easy but gets very challenging quickly. You have to solve Jumbled words in this game. Each level will have six jumbles and you have to solve the first five jumbles to unlock the final jumble. Each jumble has some score, the final jumble..

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