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Asylum (Horror game) by TabomSoftAsylum (Horror game)

Rated 4.24(10,514) — TabomSoft

[Notice!!!]You can got Tabomsoft game news from Facebook and Twitter!Facebook:[Story]The child who cured from closed ward, 'Uzur' had a dream about murdered patient in the ruined...

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DeepSeaGirl [Story of Ari] by TabomSoftDeepSeaGirl [Story of Ari]

Rated 4.52(149) — TabomSoft

A little girl that lost her mother in the aquarium…Strange things are happening in the aquariumThe story that will be revealed from hidden messages and hints.More variety of puzzles as well as increased difficultyMemories' becoming increasingly more...

HideAndSeek2 [Story of Demian] by TabomSoftHideAndSeek2 [Story of Demian]

Rated 4.25(3,207) — TabomSoft

- Summary -Main character, Gwyn Demian heard news that there is treasure, which he looked for, in residence that became waste place with firing few years ago and went there. But there was the shadow of death, But the more he tried to live, the more drasti

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Salary Warrior by TabomSoftSalary Warrior

Rated 4.18(4,612) — TabomSoft

★ Game description ★For whatever reason, the breeding power of the monster continues to grow in the kingdom!The kingdom is looking for contractors to solve this.Become a salary warrior from the kingdom!If you work hard, you can also earn high salary...

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深海少女「本格ホラー・ツクール」 by TabomSoft深海少女「本格ホラー・ツクール」

Rated 4.29(41) — TabomSoft


隠れん坊(Story of Dorothy) by TabomSoft隠れん坊(Story of Dorothy)

Rated 4.15(970) — TabomSoft


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결론은치킨 by TabomSoft결론은치킨

Rated 4.01(3,706) — TabomSoft

[알림!!!]Tabomsoft 게임 소식을 카카오톡 옐로아이디 검색 tabomsoft를 통해서 가장빠르게 받아 보실 수 있습니다.!☆병맛 개그 쯔꾸르★초반에 좀 무서운 척 하지만 절대로...

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숨바꼭질 [Story of Dorothy] by TabomSoft숨바꼭질 [Story of Dorothy]

Rated 4.33(14,410) — TabomSoft

[알림!!!]Tabomsoft 게임 소식을 카카오톡 옐로아이디 검색 tabomsoft를 통해서 가장빠르게 받아 보실 수 있습니다.!누군가와 숨바꼭질을 하다가 옷장에서 잠이 든 도로시잠에서...

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심해소녀 [본격 호러 쯔꾸르] by TabomSoft심해소녀 [본격 호러 쯔꾸르]

Rated 4.27(6,694) — TabomSoft

[알림!!!]Tabomsoft 게임 소식을 카카오톡 옐로아이디 검색 tabomsoft를 통해서 가장빠르게 받아 보실 수 있습니다.!엄마와 함께 아쿠아리움에 온 아리는 엄마를 잃고 미아가...

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연봉전사 [ 대난투 시대 ] by TabomSoft연봉전사 [ 대난투 시대 ]

Rated 4.39(6,160) — TabomSoft

★ 게임설명 ★어째선지 왕국에 몬스터가 늘어났어요!왕국에서는 이를 해결해줄 계약직들을 찾고있어요.왕국에 귀속되어 샐러리 히어로가 되어주세요!열심히 하다보면 연봉협상도 많이해서...

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Cube Escape by TabomSoftCube Escape

Rated 4.18(5,192) — TabomSoft

Escape the previous room to release a new lock cube.- various cute characters- easy joy stick controls- memorize type brain development- increase agility- extremely fun and addictiveHow to play- check the map when the game starts- check 'my location'...

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Free Lancer by TabomSoftFree Lancer

Rated 3.79(1,794) — TabomSoft

-> Defeat a monster.-> Please acquired equipment and vehicles .-> Please upgrade your equipment.-> Please seek the kingdom in peril to much stronger equipment.※Warning: the data will not be saved if you delete the game

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HideAndSeek[Story of Dorothy] by TabomSoftHideAndSeek[Story of Dorothy]

Rated 4.55(23,551) — TabomSoft

Dorothy, who fell asleep in the closet while playing Hide and SeekComing out of the closet after waking up, she couldn't remember why she was there in the first place.In order to solve this mystery, Dorothy started to explore the house.▼ A well-made...

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The Exorcist[Story of School] by TabomSoftThe Exorcist[Story of School]

Rated 4.17(2,663) — TabomSoft

Woohee, the exorcist girl, came to the school to solve the mysteryShocking truths are waiting for her…Upgraded visual effects and creepier soundsVarious Hanbok costumes to catch your eyeMultiple endings![Notice!!!]Facebook:

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退魔高 [The Exorcist] by TabomSoft退魔高 [The Exorcist]

Rated 3.85(46) — TabomSoft


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隠れん坊2 [ 異邦人 ] by TabomSoft隠れん坊2 [ 異邦人 ]

Rated 3.61(100) — TabomSoft


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봉쥬르김선달 [자수성가 대작전] by TabomSoft봉쥬르김선달 [자수성가 대작전]

Rated 3.54(810) — TabomSoft

▼ 봉이 김선달을 모델로 만들어진 본격 장사 육성 시뮬레이션!!▼ 김선달의 장사능력을 최대한 활용하여 최대한 사재기와 판매를 하여라! ▼ 업그레이드 될수록 강해지는 능력이여 오라오라오라오라~!...

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숨바꼭질2 [이방인] by TabomSoft숨바꼭질2 [이방인]

Rated 4.47(4,148) — TabomSoft

[알림!!!]Tabomsoft 게임 소식을 카카오톡 옐로아이디 검색 tabomsoft 를 통해서 가장빠르게 받아 보실 수 있습니다.!주인공 그웬 데미안은 자신이 그토록 찾아 헤매던 보물이...

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여름방학에 생긴일 by TabomSoft여름방학에 생긴일

Rated 4.09(4,335) — TabomSoft

[알림!!!]Tabomsoft 게임 소식을 카카오톡 옐로아이디 검색 tabomsoft를 통해서 가장빠르게 받아 보실 수 있습니다.!여름방학에 할머니댁에 놀러간 소녀 농사도 짓고 낚시도...

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탭삼국 by TabomSoft탭삼국

Rated 4.51(1,780) — TabomSoft

[줄거리]머리가 좋은 남자를 좋아하는 초선의 마음을 얻으려는 여포의 기도는최고의 두뇌 제갈량과 여포의 몸을 바꿔놓는다.하지만 갑자기 원치않던 근육질 몸에 나쁜머리를얻게된 제갈량에게는...

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