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All Math Formula by Tech-tweetsAll Math Formula

Rated 4.17(13,448) — Tech-tweets

All essential Math Formula for all android users. Offline content. You don't need internet to read formulas. In this app, you will get 1000+ math formulas and equations. With formula, you will get proper diagram, so that you will understand formula easily

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Basic Economics by Tech-tweetsBasic Economics

Rated 4.06(351) — Tech-tweets

Basic Economics is small and nice app for Students who study Economics. This app contain many basic information about Economics: # What Is Economics ?# Microeconomics Versus Macroeconomics# Economics as the "Dismal Science?"# Positive Versus Normative...

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Basic Statistics by Tech-tweetsBasic Statistics

Rated 4.11(338) — Tech-tweets

Basic Statistics is nice app for Statistics students. It contain basic information from Statistics Lectures. One kind of hand note for Statistics study. This app included many short description. It will help to increase your exam score. Try it. If you...

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Chemistry Terms by Tech-tweetsChemistry Terms

Rated 3.90(10) — Tech-tweets

From this app, you will able to learn definitions and terms of: Introduction to chemistryMeasurementMatterAtoms, elements, and ionsSimple compoundsChemical changeThe mole conceptGasesEnergy and chemical changeThe quantum theoryElectrons in atomsThe period

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GRE Math Prep by Tech-tweetsGRE Math Prep

Rated 3.92(59) — Tech-tweets

GRE Quantitative Preparation and GRE Math Formulas with useful info. You will able to study math from this app for your GRE Math Preparation. Topics Included: # Interest# Work Rates# Sets# Distance, Rate, and Time# Circles# Squares# Rectangles# Trapezoids

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Inspirational Speech in Bangla by Tech-tweetsInspirational Speech in Bangla

Rated 4.46(756) — Tech-tweets

উৎসাহ মূলক বা অনুপ্রেরণা মূলক লেখার সংগ্রহ।

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Junior Physics by Tech-tweetsJunior Physics

Rated 5.00(2) — Tech-tweets

Junior Physics quick study guide. Shot notes on these topics for junior physics students:# Energy# Mass, Density & Flotation# Force, Work & Power# Mechanics and Motion# Speed, Velocity & Acceleration# Measurements & Units# Moments & Centre of Gravity#...

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Leanr Excel - Tutorial by Tech-tweetsLeanr Excel - Tutorial

Rated 4.08(1,658) — Tech-tweets

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft. You can install and use MS Excel in Windows, macOS, Android and iOS Operating System. It features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming. This app include all of Microsof

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Moner Janala by Tech-tweetsMoner Janala

Rated 4.32(22) — Tech-tweets

প্রথম আলোতে প্রকাশিত ঢাকা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের এডুকেশন অ্যান্ড কাউন্সেলিং সাইকোলজি বিভাগের অধ্যাপক...

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Periodic Table of Elements by Tech-tweetsPeriodic Table of Elements

Rated 4.48(44) — Tech-tweets

Periodic Table of Elements of chemistry with all essential information. Try it, really good for Chemistry Students. You will get all info of Elements like this:Element: HydrogenSymbol: HAtomic Number: 1Mass Number: 1Atomic Mass: 1.0079 g/molDensity:...

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Basic Accounting by Tech-tweetsBasic Accounting

Rated 3.99(2,303) — Tech-tweets

A lot of information about Accounting Basics. The Accounting EquationThe Balance SheetDouble Entry BookkeepingProfit and Loss accountReporting Period & Conversion PeriodAccounting & Financial FormulaFormula of Operating cycleFormula of LiquidityFormula...

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Basic of Management by Tech-tweetsBasic of Management

Rated 4.23(143) — Tech-tweets

Information added:Introduction to Management and OrganizationsManagement Yesterday and TodayOrganization Culture and Environment: The ConstraintsManaging in a Global EnvironmentSocial Responsibility and Managerial EthicsDecision Making: The Essence of...

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Chemistry Cheat Sheet by Tech-tweetsChemistry Cheat Sheet

Rated 4.17(66) — Tech-tweets

You will able to check summery of:SI Fundamental UnitsIonic Solubility ChartStrong Acids and BasesActivity SeriesFlame ColorsPhase ChangesSolution ColorsThermodynamic LawsThermodynamic FormulasConstantsQuantum Mechanical FormulasLaws of Quantum MechanicsQ

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Golpo by Tech-tweetsGolpo

Rated 4.37(59) — Tech-tweets

Choto Golpo Collectiion of Jakir Hossainজাকির হোসাইনের লেখা গল্প গুলোর সংগ্রহ।

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Gunijan - গুণীজন by Tech-tweetsGunijan - গুণীজন

Rated 3.70(10) — Tech-tweets

বাংলাদেশের সফল মানুষের তথ্য এবং সংক্ষিপ্ত জীবনী। যে যে ক্ষেত্র সমূহের সফলদের জীবনী এবং কর্ম সংযুক্ত...

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Junior Biology by Tech-tweetsJunior Biology

Rated 4.00(1) — Tech-tweets

Junior Biology study guide. Notes of various biology topics and biology terms. Topics included:# Living Things# Cells# Food# Digestion and Enzymes# The Circulatory System# Respiration & Breathing# Excretion# Human Reproduction# Skeletal & Muscular Systems

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Keyboard Shortcut for Windows by Tech-tweetsKeyboard Shortcut for Windows

Rated 4.01(105) — Tech-tweets

Keyboard Shortcut for Windows is a little app for read all keyboard shortcut for windows operating system. Keyboard shortcuts can boost your productivity if you are using Windows OS. You can search keyboard shortcut from this app. There are two way you...

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Learn English from BBC Janala by Tech-tweetsLearn English from BBC Janala

Rated 4.53(193) — Tech-tweets

BBC Janala have nice content for Learn English in Bangle Language. From this app, you will able to learn English. This app have quiz system. So you can check your progress by taking quiz.# ইংরেজি শিখুন # ইংলিশ স্পিকিং#...

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Namaz - নামাজ by Tech-tweetsNamaz - নামাজ

Rated 4.41(233) — Tech-tweets

From this app, you will able to read about:নামাজের ফরজ সমূহনামাযের ওয়াজিব সমূহনামাজের সুন্নাতে মুয়াক্কাদানামাযের সুন্নত...

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Photography for Beginners by Tech-tweetsPhotography for Beginners

Rated 3.98(372) — Tech-tweets

DSLR Digital Photography for Beginners included:The Basics of ExposureThe Exposure TriangleISO Settings in Digital PhotographyShutter Speed in Digital PhotographyAperture in Digital PhotographyLearning to Use Digital Camera Settings and FeaturesAperture..

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