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Relax Healing Sounds-Sleep by TranquilityRelax Healing Sounds-Sleep

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Heeling sounds consists of Sounds of Nature White Noise for Mindfulness Meditation and Relaxation. No other senses have the impact of sound. What you hear can change your life, the way you sleep, wake up and think. Change what you listen to and notice...

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Relax Ocean Sounds-Calm Sleep by TranquilityRelax Ocean Sounds-Calm Sleep

Rated 4.50(2) — Tranquility

1- wallpaers2- sounds3- timer4- wallpaer sounds.

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Relaxing Night ~ Sleep Sounds by TranquilityRelaxing Night ~ Sleep Sounds

Rated 4.07(14) — Tranquility

"Relax Night"have"Sleep sounds" meditate with the natural sounds of the "night". Help to fall asleep faster and sleep better! "Relaxing Night" ,"Sleep sounds" brings together a variety of different night "calm" views to choose according to your mood...

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Sunset Beach: Sleep, Meditate by TranquilitySunset Beach: Sleep, Meditate

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Sunset Beach creates a calm effect on your surrounding by the water waves sounds and blesses you with the inner peace. Sunset Beach simulates sea water that falls on the screen of your mobile and you can relax with beach sounds, looking at the wave hittin

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Watch Face US Flag by TranquilityWatch Face US Flag

Rated 4.20(5) — Tranquility

Free Features-Support Time Format 24 hours.-Support Time Format 12 hours.-Customize Time Zone.-Date-Support Ambient Mode.

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Waterfall sounds-Relaxing flow by TranquilityWaterfall sounds-Relaxing flow

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Waterfall Sounds application makes it possible to fall asleep easily. Close your eyes and feel nature around you.Design Sounds application while calming, studying, or need some background noise for work.A waterfall is a place where water flows over a...

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Relax Meditation-Atmosphere by TranquilityRelax Meditation-Atmosphere

Rated 5.00(1) — Tranquility

Relax Meditation-Atmosphere is an app that helps you attain and maintain your inner peace while you feel stress or simply need to loosen up. Its core consciousness is to help you attain greater relaxation kingdom to launch all your stress each time you...

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Relax Rain Sounds - City Night by TranquilityRelax Rain Sounds - City Night

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Rain sounds with urban night having relaxing music have beneficial effects on your body and soothing the mind because by covering the external environment noises, promote relaxation and help in different occasions: for fall asleep quick, to concentration.

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Sleep Sounds-Calm,Meditation by TranquilitySleep Sounds-Calm,Meditation

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Sleep Sounds is the best meditation.Relaxing sounds is our life because our heart beats.Probably the most common is, “physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension”. Another popular definition of stress is, “a condition or feeling experienced...

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Thunder Rain-Sleep Sounds by TranquilityThunder Rain-Sleep Sounds

Rated 4.17(6) — Tranquility

A thunderstorm, additionally called an electrical storm, a lightning hurricane, thundershower or without a doubt a hurricane, is a form of turbulent weather characterized through the presence of lightning and its acoustic effect on the planet's ecosystem.

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Waterfall Sounds ~ Water-flow. by TranquilityWaterfall Sounds ~ Water-flow.

Rated 4.55(119) — Tranquility

Need a little more calm in your life? You’ve come to the right app!Waterfall and its combination sounds can help you to meditate, sleep, relax and much more. By downloading this app, you’ll discover how meditation can improve your mood - and your...

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White Noise: Deep, Meditate, Relax, Sleep sounds by TranquilityWhite Noise: Deep, Meditate, Relax, Sleep sounds

Rated 5.00(3) — Tranquility

WHITE NOISE is a good modular sound app that lets you make relax in minutes. Using simple, music with a huge library of sounds. NOISE was developed by Tranquility , and the app’s expressive power can be expanded with modular music also.Do you have...

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