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60 seconds! Kanji quiz by transcosmos inc.60 seconds! Kanji quiz

Rated 3.36(33) — transcosmos inc.

"Can you read elementary school level of Kanji?Is your Kanji level an elementary school level or junior high school level?This is a kanji quiz app which can check your kanji level with.Click a correct phonetic symbol for the Kanji quiz within 60 seconds.T

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Arrow Navi by transcosmos inc.Arrow Navi

Rated 3.57(70) — transcosmos inc.

"Arrow Navi" is simple navigation application to show the direction of the destination with an arrow. I know the direction of the arrow destination, or a fine way to care, without having to stare at the map and advance towards the destination intuitive.No

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BEGIN's Uta San-Shin by transcosmos inc.BEGIN's Uta San-Shin

Rated 3.73(37) — transcosmos inc.

Japanese local 3 stringed melody maker, the San-shin"BEGIN's Uta San-Shin," is an application for everyone to enjoy easily playing songs with the Okinawan band, BEGIN, on the Okinawan instrument, the San-Shin.Because the San-Shin is fretless, if the...

Bread factory by transcosmos inc.Bread factory

Rated 3.89(545) — transcosmos inc.

"The new game app, ""Eagle Talon"" is about Yoshida's terrible hard work in the bread factory?■The story■Yoshida thought, ""I'd like to have cultural meals,"" and he decides to look for a part time job. Then, he finally found a part time job in...

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Champon dog! by transcosmos inc.Champon dog!

Rated 3.40(5) — transcosmos inc.

"A cucumber with honey tastes like a melon? A mixture of mugi tea and orange juice tastes like an apple juice? A broccoli with ketchup tastes like a Takoyaki?Are these true or not?After mixing two ingredients makes a similar flavor to something!Tis app...

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Clean Your Room, Panpaka by transcosmos inc.Clean Your Room, Panpaka

Rated 3.91(274) — transcosmos inc.

Everybody's favorite underpants-wearing piglet is back in another cute, fun-for-all-ages game!Help Panpaka clean his room by matching the underpants on the floor to the ones he's pointing out. All you have to do is tap the right ones and make a match...

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Doggie Revolution by transcosmos inc.Doggie Revolution

Rated 3.94(16) — transcosmos inc.

▼・ェ・▼Take good care of your cute doggie!▼・ェ・▼This is a caring game, which many kinds of doggie can be seen!The way you take care decides how the doggie evolves!!▼The features of this game▼・What you give the doggie for meal...

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Eagle Talon's Minesweeper by transcosmos inc.Eagle Talon's Minesweeper

Rated 3.68(137) — transcosmos inc.

"The new game of the popular anime, ""Eagle Talon ""appears! The name of game is ""Eagle Talon, Minesweeper.""■The story■The principle character's name of this anime is called Yoshida.One day, Yoshida started a new part time job.His job is to harvest...

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Farm Harvest by transcosmos inc.Farm Harvest

Rated 3.51(107) — transcosmos inc.

"Both children and adults can enjoy!The popular character, Lulu and Lolo will help in the farm. Distinguish vegetables and fruits in the farm by classification, and harvest them in those pertinent baskets. ■The easy way for playing When it is time...

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Fugitive Dog by transcosmos inc.Fugitive Dog

Rated 3.65(17) — transcosmos inc.

"Difficult puzzle games with all 100 stages! We recommend the app for people who like puzzle games! Challenge to clear all stages!■Features・There is no time limit. You can play the app any time for free!・You can play the app for your brain training...

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9 Ball Billiard Pro by transcosmos inc.9 Ball Billiard Pro

Rated 3.77(56) — transcosmos inc.

"Unmissable for people who loves billiard!You can enjoy this high quality nine ball game like playing in real.You can play this game against the computer.Also, you can compete with your friends in ""対戦モード"".■Fun point of 9 Ball Billiard Pro...

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Beat Box OrchestAR by transcosmos inc.Beat Box OrchestAR

Rated 3.50(4) — transcosmos inc.

Daichi pops up from instrument cards!Combine them and create your "Beat Box Tune"!You can make your Beat Boxing group with Daichi from today! Daichi makes various sounds! Combine them and create amazing tunes!'Beat Box OrchestAR', the completely new...

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Bokotora Attack by transcosmos inc.Bokotora Attack

Rated 3.50(12) — transcosmos inc.

"【Introduction】They came to earth and started attacking us without any notices.A multitude of creatures landed.They were like walking on the shiny road from space.Who are they? They are ""Bokotora"".48 Tapazdra explorers had discovered a fossil of...

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BurningShot by transcosmos inc.BurningShot

Rated 3.49(67) — transcosmos inc.

"Space Shooter game! Move the fighter plane by tapping, and shoot bullets, and defeat the enemies. BURNINGSHOT is a free arcade top-down, scrollable shooter game in the space environment. ~More enjoyable items~It fires the bullets, and also appears...

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Chicken Quest by transcosmos inc.Chicken Quest

Rated 4.50(2) — transcosmos inc.

"Go out the lodge and collect jewels as many as you can!But out side of the lodge, there's lots of fierce tigers so be careful!Navigate the chicken with the joystick.Collect many treasures and go back to the lodge before you're caught by the tiger. How...

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Depositting Tiger by transcosmos inc.Depositting Tiger

Rated 3.36(47) — transcosmos inc.

"Hold the button ""ためる""Release your finger at the best timing!This game is about a tiger that finds a lot of 500yen-coin underground during his job time.Keep on digging and get 500yen-coin as much as you can! ■神モード(god mode)■The...

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Doggie Run! by transcosmos inc.Doggie Run!

Rated 3.35(107) — transcosmos inc.

"A cute dog runs around the town.This run game is for free.Raise the dog up and let her run through the town!Protect the dog from many barriers. The way to protect the dog is to jump & sliding. The physical strength decreases when the dog hits a barrier.A

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Escape from the Death Forest by transcosmos inc.Escape from the Death Forest

Rated 3.20(219) — transcosmos inc.

Who reads books on your smart phone.Who likes horror movies such like, THE JUON, The Ring, REC etc. Who wants to do escape game with some mystery stories.         ■How to Play■           1.Search somewhere in the...

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Fishing an old guy by transcosmos inc.Fishing an old guy

Rated 2.70(10) — transcosmos inc.

■□Throwing an old man to catch a bigger old man!□■This is a new kind of caring game; fishing an old guy with an old man.An old man hung in the darkness alone…A bigger old man appeares quietly to get him….. ■features of this game■Very...

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Ghost Rush -never give up- by transcosmos inc.Ghost Rush -never give up-

Rated 3.25(16) — transcosmos inc.

This app is a kind of raising game.100 years ago, a girl was held in detention by her parents.But the girl was forgotten for months,and she had finally died from starve.These days, it is said that the girl's evil spiritstill lives in the ruined castle...

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