XLsoft published 20 applications on Google Play, 74,148 people rated these apps with an average rating of 4.17!

2048 Wood Mania by XLsoft2048 Wood Mania

Rated 4.67(33) — XLsoft

"2048 Wood Mania" is a very simple and addictive puzzle game.Do you love playing a board / puzzle game?If you love it, we recommend this game to you.Even no need hearts!HOW TO PLAY• Easy to play and simple rules.• Just swipe your finger and merge...

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Bouncy Blast by XLsoftBouncy Blast

Rated 3.43(7) — XLsoft

Bouncy Blast is a same-matching puzzle and shooting game!Try to break as many bricks as possible before they move down to the bottom.HOW TO PLAY• Tap two or more blocks of the same color.• Swipe your finger down to throw balls.• Use angle to break...

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Castle! by XLsoftCastle!

Rated 3.50(2) — XLsoft

Let's enjoy simple and fun game!You just need one finger to tap the screen.But be careful! If you do not build up the castle accurately, the rest part of it will collapse!Enjoy the challenge!FEATURES• One-tap gameplay• Various Background&CharcterNOTES•...

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Draw Line: Branch by XLsoftDraw Line: Branch

Rated 4.28(8,457) — XLsoft

"Draw Line: Branch" is a simple logic puzzle involving finding paths to connect dots in a grid.HOW TO PLAY• Pair up all the matching dots on the grid with single continuous lines.• DOTs have to fall at the end of each line.• LINEs can BRANCH off...

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FreeCell Solitaire! by XLsoftFreeCell Solitaire!

Rated 0.00(0) — XLsoft

Enjoy Traditional Freecell card game with Tidy and Trendy design!"FreeCell Solitaire!" is one of the most popular Windows games in the world. Enjoy freecell games for FREE! • To build up the four foundations in ascending suit sequence from Ace to King...

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Jigsaw Block! by XLsoftJigsaw Block!

Rated 4.57(7) — XLsoft

Enjoy Traditional Freecell card game with Tidy and Trendy design!"Jigsaw Block!" is a entertaining jigsaw puzzle game for all ages.Simply drag a piece and drop into the grid to complete the puzzle!Start playing Jigsaw Block!FEATURES• Simple rules and...

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Maze Amazing by XLsoftMaze Amazing

Rated 4.65(164) — XLsoft

Find the only way out in tons of mazes!Classic maze puzzle game to past time!FEATURES• Offline play with no wifi• OPTIMIZED for ANDROID & GOOGLE PLAY GAMES - Designed for tablets & phones. - Support both ARM & x86 DEVICES.NOTES• This app requires...

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Monster Plus by XLsoftMonster Plus

Rated 4.53(17) — XLsoft

Enjoy NEW game with cute & highly individual characters!FEATURES• Get useful items from a Giftbox per 15 min. • You can compare your scores with friends and other players.• Challenge to get the highest score of the world!SUPPORT• You can compare...

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Unblock Free by XLsoftUnblock Free

Rated 4.52(46) — XLsoft

"Unblock Free" is a simple and addictive sliding block puzzle game.Enjoy puzzle games for FREE!• Rules- Get the gold bar out the exit gate.- Just move obstructing blocks out of the way.- Achieve three stars! Get the gold bar within limited turns.Enjoy...

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Valley Climb by XLsoftValley Climb

Rated 5.00(1) — XLsoft

Valley Climb is a new obstacle avoidance flying game. It is an addictive one touch gameplay.Enjoy most exciting and action flying game!HOW TO PLAY• Tap the screen to make the Star climbs.• But be careful! Just don't let me hit the obstacles!• Keep...

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Bombrix by XLsoftBombrix

Rated 5.00(3) — XLsoft

Bombrix is a tile-matching puzzle game!The objective is to drop bricks to the right places they belong to break all of the block pieces apart! 3 same blocks attached together means KABOOM!HOW TO PLAY• Drop the bricks over the other with the same color.•..

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Break The Ice: Snow World by XLsoftBreak The Ice: Snow World

Rated 4.24(3,408) — XLsoft

Break The Ice: Snow World is a tile-matching puzzle game.The objective of this game is to move one ice to blank space or swap with adjacent other ice to form a horizontal or vertical chain of three or more ices.HOW TO PLAY• You can break ices if you...

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Don't step on the white block by XLsoftDon't step on the white block

Rated 4.04(50,690) — XLsoft

Can you distinguish Black and White?then, Test your reflexes and accuracy!That is what it takes to Survive!Game rules are very simple - Don't step on the white block!This Game offers three MODEs• Classic- Long Run, Time Attack, Zen• Arcade- Survival...

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Draw Line: Jump by XLsoftDraw Line: Jump

Rated 4.20(2,526) — XLsoft

"Draw Line: Jump" is a simple logic puzzle involving finding paths to connect dots in a grid. HOW TO PLAY• Pair up all the matching dots on the grid with single continuous lines.• DOTs have to fall at the end of each line.• LINEs can JUMP over...

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Fruits Mania : Farm Story by XLsoftFruits Mania : Farm Story

Rated 4.64(3,606) — XLsoft

Enjoy connecting delicate fruits as you score through, totally for FREE!“Fruits Mania : Farm Story” is a match 3 type game the key of which is to link over 3 same fruits to clear, without limits!As a fruit farmer, collect as many fruits with the...

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Jigsaw Puzzle Party by XLsoftJigsaw Puzzle Party

Rated 4.47(68) — XLsoft

"Jigsaw Puzzle Party" is great for puzzlers of all ages!Simply drag a piece to drop it and try to complete the puzzle!Jigsaw Puzzle Party provides hours of entertainment for you and your whole family.* You'll never need to buy a $10~$30 jigsaw puzzle...

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Monster Blast! by XLsoftMonster Blast!

Rated 4.44(9) — XLsoft

Monster Blast is an action-puzzle gameYummy! A sticky and curious jelly-monster!But beware of these monsters! Blasting all the monsters is not just an easy task!Find out your own right patterns of bursting all the monsters.With bursting monsters to trigge

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Roll the Ball™ - plus puzzle by XLsoftRoll the Ball™ - plus puzzle

Rated 4.36(2,350) — XLsoft

Here comes new BRAIN TEASERS from the maker of Roll the Ball™ - slide puzzle more than 30 M downloads worldwide.Roll The Ball™ - plus puzzle is a simple addictive number puzzle game, keep you playing it!Do you like the game genres as below? Great...

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Unblock Red Block! by XLsoftUnblock Red Block!

Rated 4.46(2,698) — XLsoft

Do you like to challenge yourself? Do you love free puzzle games?Unblock Red Block! is a simple, yet a very entertaining and addictive puzzle game.Move disruptive blocks and pull out the RED block.Easy! Let’s go!FEATURES• Helpful for brain-training•...

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Word Search Bible + christian by XLsoftWord Search Bible + christian

Rated 4.39(56) — XLsoft

Let's start the adventure at world of words!Search "hidden words" that arranged horizontally, vertically or diagonally.If you want to learn more Biblical words, then try this fun word search game! HOW TO PLAY• Words can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal..

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